OH, My brother testify.

Religion is a very sensitive topic nevertheless some light needs to be shed on one of the most controversial topics in the world and though I have wanted to speak out about it for as long as I can remember way further before I even started the blog but I was always afraid that my opinions and line of people may lead to an social exorcism of a young boy’s mind and probably I would be branded a sign of the end of times by some fanatic Christians.

Well I can’t really say I’m very comfortable talking about any of this but if I don’t speak about it may take probably a century or a millennium for another me to come of age but our best bet would be another 28 years for the fruit of my loins to come of age.

Just the other day I was chatting with my homie then as random as ever the topic strides to a point I asked what she was expecting to see in the after life after death and she confidently texted back “Jesus.” My curious nature uncontrolled and undivine sorted to ask why if she was sure and she would go ahead to put her best foot forward and say the power of faith. I would applaud her and so will many Christians some so called and some the real deal but how about I give it a mbogaholic touch.

I am not trying to be controversial so save your judgment for someone who is and neither will I allow a mere mortal human be the decider of my fate yet there truly is a superior being responsible for my existence. You see in my convo with my homie there were certain pointers I was looking for which were all pointing towards surety and confidence that she had as she said Jesus but to back it up with only faith and yet to be so sure that it is the only result after death. I am not against the possibility infact I am so open minded and I have short listed it as among the most expected things to happen after my death but why would anyone be that sure about anything so much so that other forms of religion are branded wrong and lost but all they have at the end of the many questions is faith.

Is it bad to have faith? HELL NO!! I have faith I will live to see my a hundred year but I am not so stone cold sure that I turn my faith into a fact. Faith cannot be summed as facts but rather a shimmer of hope and rather of being stone cold sure rather they hope that it is Jesus who is at the end of this road and life moves on but try saying this amongst Christians who are bred for jihad some self made others delusional but I don’t judge I tend to show tendencies of fanaticism but towards football and gaming intrusions but religion naah. My most affected of the religiosity lot would obviously be Christians.

If yall rely on faith because facts cannot hold in an argument where religion is law then don’t make your faith law either. Christians at time are so side blinded they believe that the only way is Jesus Christ and anything else is going to hell including Muslims and the Buddhists and if go further on some a bit open minded Christians will say that Allah is the same God but does that mean anyone worshipping Buddha or Seth are already sinners but really is that their problem. It is like judging people who grew up knowing Santa Claus exists, is it really their problem that they believe such old folk tales are real? And oftenly in most of those movies it is faith that ensures these fairy tale super heroes are still alive.

I am not saying that Christians are the ones going to hell but how will they feel if they die and find that at the end of the road was Allah or nothing but obsolete space but everyone is quick to say atheists are devil worshippers but in simplicity atheists at times are just people who have found it too hard to rely on baseless facts and ultimate faith as the only clinchers to a particular religion. I think the bible though the Lord said there will be prophets who will spread his word it doesn’t necessarily have to be pastors who give wrong renditions of the bible based on their useless understanding of the word that’s why I rarely attend church so as to hear how people will use the bible to actually condem some behaviour and you wonder how the church will outright give justice to drunkards and prostitutes yet in the bible itself, mind you in the new testament, weren’t prostitutes part of His plans, weren’t thieves there too. The christianity should be a mere interpretation of the bible based on your own knowledge and if you are lost then find more experienced but don’t outright buy what he sells. Some christians are so into their religion and they fail to see when pastors apply simple mind games of the interpretation and soon a whole congregation enjoys in the feasting of snakes and you wonder has it really got to the point that if I do a couple of acted miracles and tell people the Lord wants us to eat sinners you will all follow.

There are only but a few christians who have impressed me in this putrid world one being the living incarnation of the Lord’s angels…Shinina. She doesn’t forcefully spoon feed anyone the words of Christ but she does it in a well mannered form with a bit of reasoning and doesn’t infringe on whatever principles you had then. Her opinions are not radical and she might be among the few people who have me set my eyes into being a fully fledged christian. I for one think that some questions have really gone unanswered and the one major questions is that if the God our Lord is almighty and knows all that will happen even before it does then if He knows everybody who will be heading to hell and heaven why do we have to go through earth why set us to fail He would have just made us as babies and threw us in hell or heaven but again I am only open minded.

I am not saying christianity is bad but rather it has been turned into a fanatic cash cow franchise where everyone wants to be a pastor and there are more churches than mama mboga kiosks and you wonder is it really the decency of the preaching or an investment all in the end. Christians should be careful on whom they follow, how they spread the word and how they deal with other religions cause if I further narrow it down christians have divisions within them where there are catholics, seventh day adventists etc who all have different ways to do things per taking to the church but they will come together to pick upon Muslims. In fact to be honest Islam has made more sense to me in four years I was in school than christianity has my whole life and I am very sure some people are christians for the possibility that if it was ever true then they were at the right place while most religions are actually 90% staunch followers.

I on the other hand believe that there has to be someone responsible for my existance and obviously they are super natural beings who would have made such a perfect man and then I stem arguments on the fact that for every protagonist there is an antagonist and hence there must be another supernatural being who is totally against everything my God preaches. My God may be the Lord of Abraham and Isaac but he surely He was not the God of a Kinuthia, Ochieng or Kipchirchir who believe snake eating is holy. I believe after we die we are reincarnated either as inanimate objects or other humans to live new lives.

Please don’t judge on the basis of religion and to be honest as per the law, freedom of religion, my lawyer informs me that anyone who down looks on another’s religion is viable for a law suit to be filed against them so be careful what your mouth spews, your opinion might be your ticket to becoming penniless.

Ku Mbaya,

BabaMboga speaks.



  1. The soul is the being itself, not something extra or some second nature. Without being you cannot exist. When you see a man you are seeing a living soul when he or she is alive. when you see an animal walking around you are seeing a living soul.

    You say you understand me and that I do not understand you but I have the impression that is not so and that you are still thinking we are trinitarian Christians believing in man made doctrines.

    You also think we consider people who have other faiths wrong or bad which is not so. You also still keep talking about hell as a place of doom though I explained we do not belief in such thing.

    It looks more like you want to attack the sort of Christians you only seem to know without seeing that there are other Christians as well.
    Is “My most affected of the religiosity lot would obviously be Christians.” and calling us “fanatics” not saying a lot and showing lots of your frustration?

    We don’t judge on the basis of religion but we look at the openness of mind and look at the way how people want to relate to others. We respect any believer and un-believer, agnostic or atheist, Buddhist (from whatever group), animalist, druid a.o..

    You continuously give the impression that we down look on another’s religion, what we do not do, but what you seem to do.


    • Yes you down look on other’s religion i may not be referring to you but i know a lot of people some even do it publicly on live tv and in my article i have said there are christians of pure motives where i furthere stated an example of Shinina a friend of mine…well you say we see souls there are people who inteprete the bible and say souls are within this vessels and there are people like me who beliebe that that might just be some load of bullcrap doesnt mean i am preachig againstn souls and hell is a place of doom…i dont see how being riasted in firey pits for sins and purification as some would say is a recreatiinal activity any human being would want to indulge in….you keep mentioning trinitarian christians and the other load of denominations things but to me its just just christians cause christians are followers of christ hence there is no trinitarian christ or whatever else unless u trying to insinuate Christ had multiple personalities then u are as confused as ur pastor and i will majestically place you in the category of judgy christians who think they intellectual thinkig capacity is law…unlese u plan to say something worth while my time because i always stand to be corrected i feel it will save loads of time if we agree to disagree at the end of the day u are not sure ur going to heaven and u dont even know if it exists but HOPE and FAITH thats all that is valid my friend and how u lead ur life as a christian why u continuously seem to judge others even without ur own knowing is quite fascinating.


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  3. Salem amaleikom,

    Dear, you say rightly “Christians should be careful on whom they follow, how they spread the word and how they deal with other religions”. In Christendom we can see too many who follow the teachings of so called theologians instead of keeping themselves to Biblical teachings.

    We also do have the impression you only seem to know trinitarian Chrisitans, who worship three gods instead of keeping to the only One True God, Allah, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah.

    Such way we can understand your feeling about Islam. “In fact to be honest Islam has made more sense to me in four years I was in school than christianity has my whole life” but does that not come because you have heard only the false doctrines of men instead of really listening to the Bible?

    We do hope you shall be looking more at the Holy books, the Bible and the Quran and compare them and that you shall come to insight and shall recognise the false teachings in many denominations (like the ones you mentioned), but that you come to see that there are many other Christian denominations which keep to only One God, the God of Abraham.


    • Well like why are there many denominations of christianity shouldnt there just be christianity like all christians under one doctrine called the bible hence servig the Lord shoukd be in unison…at the end of the dat its a doctrine no different from people who believe in astrology because u guys think christianity is the best way but it is only because u were born into christianity and just like anyone else i am christian because my parents are but if we were to let kids choose their own religions do you think we would all be christians….yes christianity has staunch beliefs but it should be by our own understanding and people masquerading as men of God twisting words and making people fanataics…u my friend are a fanatic and i only wish u would reread my post again….and u think i havent read the holy books…these aree two different religions serving two different Gods and ur just telling urselves its the same as another conspiracy to befriend terrorists per say yet again these are just opinions of a blogger…i am not a fanatic but i am a religious man …let me ask u a question though, if u die and at the end of life u wait for Jesus and find he is not there but instesd u find SETH (Egyptian God) is the real God or Buddha what would you do?

      U misunderstand me, i am not saying anything other than there is no right religion or wrong religion…people cannot go to hell for being Budhists or islams or Juddeaists so i wonder why condemm a faith because it is different from urs


      • Like you could say “should there not be one Christianity” you also could say “should there not be one Islam” or “one Muslim Faith”

        We are pleased to let you know that we can find also people who were brought up as atheist who found God and became a Christian, the same as we may find some or many who became a Muslim.

        Those born in Christendom did not always stayed by the same denomination. We are happy there were and are who also found Christianity and left Christendom’s tri-union denominations to become a believer in only One God and not a three-headed false or pagan god.

        The Bible nowhere claims to worship two different gods. It also nowhere says that Jesus would be God. You perhaps might have been brought up to believe that, but that is not what the Bible says.

        According to the Bible when we die we are death and can not do anything. We shall not feel anything anymore but would deteriorate or decay to become dust.

        Once more your writings seems to denote that you keep on a human doctrine and not a Biblical one concerning death and the soul.

        According to the Bible the hell is sheool or the grave, the sepulchre, something where plants and animals come into when they die. Even Jesus, if you like, was also for three days in hell.

        So Jesus, Jesus’followers, Jews, Muslims, Hindu, believers and unbelievers all end up to face death and landing up in hell.
        (You seem to get stuck with some false human teaching of it being a place of torture, but that is unbiblical.)


        • You assume u understand what im saying but u dont…i getbwhatbu are saying but all these things i knew before i wrote the article so there is no enlightening ur doing my friend…in simple terms if this was an exam u would be seriously failing either way i am saying there is no right religion or wron religion because no one really knows u can base ur articulations onto the bible but to me ur a fanatic who believes only christianity is the way but i assure three headed false or pagan god what makes u think that that god is not the real God because a book tells u its not and buddha btw is a fat guy…at the end of the day the man praising a headless baboon as a god can only rely on his faith so as u…u are no better than him neither is he better than u whatever if u die and what have u dont u fanatics beleieve that all not standing with u will have their souls damned in eternal hell yet u are not sure what u expect after ur departure and would be shocked if u found out ur soul remains a loof and infact worse is that the soul becomes dissipate into the earth and u form new life or u become reincarnated…u hope there will be judgement u dont know apeven ur Bible says have faith it doesnt claim that what is written is a fact it may be the truth if u believe but if i dont believe in it doesnt make me a sinner same way in a campaign i vote for politician A rather than B doesnt mean i am in the wrong or vice versa

          What and if you die and find there was never any soul then what will u cry just dont constrict ur christianity into fanaticism its not healthy and i didnt say anythig about two gods in christianity i said Allah and God and Buddha are three different Gods as prr ur holy scriptures and i mean the budhust holy book the quran and the bible


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