How about a hand for Allegri and Enrique, at the start of the season they were laughed at but they surely had the last laugh en route to a potential treble,at least for one of them.All this in their first year in charge.Only Pep can boast of such a feat.

Who knew the Old Lady could pull it off? I did not watch most of their matches but the semis I did watch and I can only describe them in one word- Efficient.To digress a bit,efficiency is given by work output over work input in percentage.Anyone who watched the two games will tell you the Italians work rate was phenomenal.As for the output,numbers don’t lie-check the aggregate.Output being almost same to input we can safely assume Juventus were nearly 100% efficient.

Not even the great Mou could instigate a better defensive plan.The constant pressing and relentless interceptions spoke of a team with a great vision to keep the ball as much as possible from the opposition.Theirs was not to sit back but to push back with the likes of Evra avoiding their usual adventurous forward gallops.

They say a gentleman never leaves his lady and noone exemplifies this mantra better than their captain, goalkeeper extraordinairé,Buffon.Even when he had the option of leaving the Old Lady of Turin after they were relegated,he stuck by them(sorry, by her) and now he is a step away from winning a cup coveted by many but lifted by few.What better place to achieve this than where he won the World Cup title nine years ago.

However, looking to spoil the Italian party is a destructive Barca side.Forget the Nepal earthquake; this Barca side attacks relentlessy-wave after wave-until your defence is just but a pile of debris(Boateng comes to mind… haha).At the crests of these waves are three SouthAmericans whose goal scoring frequency can only be compared to the rate we take meals.

It will be interesting to see how both coaches will approach the match but my bet is it will be a good old fashioned attack versus defence show off, Pacquiao-Mayweather two if you like.With a resurgent Tevez(another SouthAmerican not surprisingly) and an on-form Morata(who tore apart his former employers during the semis) leading the Juve attack, they will have to step up or get stepped on and get melted by the heat that is Barcelona.

So will it be a scintillating final or an overly-cautious Final?It has been called a head-biting final, a deserving title with Suarez and his biting antics returning to face One Giorgio Chiellini. They might just steal the show once again. Berlin is the venue, June 6th is the date!!!

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Alexis Sanchez if I must say is the best thing that has ever happened to Arsenal and nobody can doubt that; not the president of America not the former prime minister of Kenya not Arsene Wenger himself. And it’s a fact that over my whole existence in this world I have not seen such a privileged club that has been such an underperformer.

Let nostalgia grip your body so that you can fall back in a time when you heard the name Arsenal you thought of a thorough whooping, when you heard of Highgbury what came to mind was a jersey of white and red filled with pride and a strong coach behind them and finally when you heard of The Gunners all that came to mind was a squad of pure perfection that made the game as beautiful as a sunflower on a christmas morning; a squad that contained of the worlds Thiery Henry, Peres, Sol Campbell and David Bergkamp.

Wipe that smirk of your face.

We are back to reality where the amount of times Arsenal show superb brilliance in a whole season equals the number of times I shave my head in a year.

When Arsenal bought Alexis Sanchez I thought that this was another one of those stars brought to become suck ups and wash ups with just a few sparks once in a while but I bet Barcelona are quite pissed at themselves for selling such a promising player but this is football the only beautiful game where nothing is predictable at all.

If Arsenal is not careful they might have an Alexis Sanchez injury both physically and mentally and that might be the doom for Arsenal and they know it. Alexis’ back is surely in danger of breaking due to the strain the man suffers of single handedly carrying the team forward. He has definitely over-shadowed even some of the biggest veterans in Arsenal by simple pure majestic displays every single match he per takes.

First, it is completely safe to say that Alexis Sanchez has successfully adapted and blended into the toughest football league in the world. With hard work and discipline, anyone can make their own luck. This brilliant player or maestro if I may say seriously possesses the perfect pairing of tenacity and technique. He forces defenders into mistakes, then has the requisite composure to punish them, as seen in the match against Sunderland in the Stadium of Light where he capitalized on errors made by Wes Brown and Vito Mannone. It is a combination that has made him an instant hit in English football and a team Talisman yet he is just a forward. Arsene Wenger explained to after the match: “He took advantage of the mistakes they made but he’s also got a super quality—he’s quickly on your feet which is why he wins many balls that normal players don’t. He’s very quick in transition from offence to defence and wins the ball back very quickly. We can take advantage of that.”

Arsenal has truly endured a bad start to the season but without the expertise of Alexis Sanchez then it will be far worse. The player for one has proven to be versatile as during the Sunderland game he was deployed in a new position i.e. no.10 and he is also an efficient assist always making the best of the chances he gets no matter how small they are.In the absence of Mesut Ozil, Arsenal need someone to take up the creative baton. On this evidence, Alexis could fit the bill. Floating behind Welbeck, he was a constant menace to the Sunderland defence. His desire and stamina also allow him to chase back and join up with the midfield when required.Alexis has played in the role before. At Udinese, he alternated between the right flank and a central playmaking role. After this man-of-the-match display at Sunderland, he’s likely to be granted more time in the middle.

The truth is, wherever Alexis plays he remains a threat. His desire is quite incredible. It’s rare to see a player so gifted and yet so prepared to graft.

His fusion of guts and guile is reminiscent of Luis Suarez, another South American who became a sensation in the Premier League. Fortunately for Arsenal and Alexis, he doesn’t seem to share the same temper that marred Suarez’s time in English football.

In Alexis, Arsenal have a true star. They just need to make sure he doesn’t burn out under the burden. And if he is to be burden under the pressure then it is only fair that Arsenal be renamed into Alexis Sanchez FC because it is a one man show.

I swear I would have taken about ten pages to tear down this team but I have friends who requested I go slow but next time I wont be so nice.







On the very first edition of WWE SmackDown back in 1999, Triple H, long and luscious locks flowing down to his shoulders, stood toe-to-toe in the main event with The Rock, flamboyant as ever in an extravagantly fabulous, multi-hued and very shiny shirt. The result was a match to remember, a good first step for a program that, despite being forever in Raw’s shadow, has stood the test of time.

More than 15 years, 790 episodes, 148 cities and seven countries later, the two men will meet once again on a special anniversary episode Friday night on SyFy. Looking at the two genetic freaks, you’d think barely a week had passed. Somehow they are more handsome, successful and jacked than ever.

But time has indeed passed since that first episode—oodles of it. Time enough for “smackdown” to take its rightful place in the lexicon, made an official word by Merriam-Webster in 2007. Time enough that it would take two months of your life to watch every episode of the show, now second only to Raw itself in longevity.

Time enough that of the wrestlers on the roster at that time, only a few remain standing. There’s the Big Show. There’s Kane. There’s Chris Jericho. And then there’s Mark Henry.

Signed to a wrestling contract just days after his appearance in the 1996 Olympics, Henry has been a unique presence in the WWE for close to two decades. Standing 6’4″ and weighing more than 400 pounds, Henry is legitimately one of the planet’s strongest men—which has served him well in the world of professional wrestling.

Henry sat down with Bleacher Report this week to talk about being an enormous kid, being an even more enormous man and his phony retirement that rocked the wrestling world.


Bleacher Report: Before we do anything else, I have to fact-check Wikipedia. Because it claims you were 5’5″ and 225 pounds in the fourth grade. I have a kid that age. He’s barely 50 pounds! Were you really Rey Mysterio‘s size in elementary school? 

Mark Henry: I weighed about 125 pounds more than Rey Mysterio. 

B/R: (Laughs). Was it hard to stand out like that as a kid? Did anyone have the gumption to bully you?

MH: I was a big kid my whole life. I grew up among big people. My brother was a big kid. I didn’t really feel like a big kid. Except for the teachers, who pretty much didn’t want me to squish any of the other kids.


B/R: I could see that might be a danger. A valid concern. Of course, you got bigger and bigger. By high school you were setting weightlifting records. Is it true you were so far removed from the drug scene that permeates power lifting that when someone asked you what kind of juice you were on you said, “Orange juice”? Performance-enhancing drugs were never part of your world?

MH: Not at all. I was kind of sheltered. I grew up in Silsbee, Texas, a town of 3,000 people. I didn’t really understand what steroids and anabolics were until I became kind of famous as a kid. They did an article on me in Sports Illustrated. Before that, I had no clue what steroids were.

At the state meet my junior year, this was in 1989, somebody said, “What are you taking? What kind of juice you on?” I guess I was kind of dumb and naive and I did say, “Orange juice.” That’s how sheltered I was.


B/R: Obviously you did great things in that world, despite not having the kind of artificial advantages other people did. The Olympics are a pretty impressive accomplishment no matter the finish. Had you signed with WWE before the games in 1996? Or did that come later?

MH: It was afterwards. They sponsored me as an athlete to do some appearances and stuff like that. And I wore WWF workout gear and stuff like that.

WWF and Foot Locker were my sponsors at the time. I endorsed those two products and, pretty much, those are the only two products I ever endorsed. I stayed away from many things because I wanted to actually use the things I market. A lot of people don’t take honor and pride in that, but I do.

B/R:  There’s a long history of strongmen in wrestling, from George Hackenschmidt to Milo Steinborn to Ken Patera. Now, your trainer, Leo Burke, was a little fella from Canada. He couldn’t show you the big-man style. Who did he have you watch when you were coming up to emulate and learn from?

MH: To be a teacher you don’t have to exemplify the talents you want somebody to portray in the ring.


B/R:  That’s a good point.

MH: Leo Burke was an unbelievable trainer.  Him and Tom Prichard. Tom Prichard was not a big guy. And I learned a lot from him. Dory Funk.

I learned from the people who were around me. Danny Davis, one of The Nightmares, he was only 5’5″ and 160 pounds soaking wet.

Jimmy Cornette and Rip Rogers, who were the other people who trained me, in a way. It wasn’t all physical training. It was a mentality. Jimmy Cornette had really studied and was in favor of understanding the history of our industry from Abraham Lincoln all the way to John Cena’s reign.


B/R: That’s quite a history too.

MH: I know the history of wrestling. I love the fact that you mentioned George Hackenschmidt. Because he was special in a time when wrestling was about little guys. He was one of the guys who started wrestling’s transition to big guys. I love that. That was a good question.


B/R: Hackenschmidt was such a great character. Not only did he set those box-office records with Frank Gotch, but he would go to where the world’s most famous strongmen were performing, challenge them and win. He was the strongest man on the planet in his day—just like you.

MH: And he knew he was the strongest. Just like I knew I was the strongest guy on the planet. It was unfortunate that they allowed people to cheat. Because if they didn’t allow people to cheat, there would have been an unbelievable gap between me and everybody else.


B/R: Wow.

MH: Even though I was still able to win world titles and set records that other people couldn’t do, even with steroids, just imagine how far the gap would have been?


B/R: Everyone was always impressed with what you did athletically. But when you came back and the Arnold Classic that first year in 2002, I think that changed the way people thought about you, especially in the weightlifting community, among your peers.

MH: Most definitely. The reason that whole thing came about was the fact there were a couple of guys, who shall remain nameless, who said I shouldn’t be able to call myself “The World’s Strongest Man” in WWE. Because I didn’t compete in strongman competitions. I just wrestled. That I was in a fictional world.

I got angry. One, because they said the business I was in was fictional. When I pick people up, I really pick people up. Gravity does not all of a sudden stop existing.


B/R:  (Laughs)

MH: I pick them up. They fall. We get hit. It hurts. I’ve had five surgeries that could have ended most people’s careers. But because of the fact that I’m resilient and have a lot of pride, I refused to let myself go out except on my terms. An injury is not going to take me out.

Two, I’m one of those people who believe you better watch what you say. Those guys said I wasn’t the strongest man in the world. I told Vince McMahon, “Listen, I feel offended by this.”

I thought everybody knew I was in wrestling giving light to lifters. I was giving us respect, being away. But that turned into them thinking I was no longer one of the guys.  So I had to go back and show them.


B/R: Coming up on Friday we have the 15th anniversary of SmackDown. What makes you special, Mark—you talk about resilience—is your longevity. Very few people have walked that path the way you have for that entire 15 years. You’ve seen wrestling change a lot in that time. Is it in a better place now, or do you miss those glory years?

MH: I think it’s definitely in a better place. We have more international markets, and the hand of the WWE stretches a lot further around the world. We’re PG so more people can actually watch our programming.

There’s a lot more mandates on safety and health and fitness. That itself is a lot. But the biggest thing, I expect the athletes have gotten better, the business is stronger than its ever been and I can really sit back and appreciate the changes.

B/R: There have been so many great Mark Henry moments over the last 15 years, many of them on SmackDown. You’re one of those guys who I associate with SmackDown, along with Batista and Edge and a few others. 

But the memory that stands out to me, and not just because of your salmon jacket, was your fake retirement last year. I hope you follow the Internet and Twitter and know just how much we all loved that angle and how much we appreciate you.

MH: I did. Afterwards. It was a performance I’d always aspired to. The ultimate compliment was Hulk Hogan saying it was one of the reasons he called Vince to come back to WWE, calling it one of the greatest performances he had ever seen.

If Hulk Hogan thought it was pretty damn good, who am I to argue with him?


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It is completely safe for me to say that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best football player of this generation and possibly the ones that might come after him. Do not get me wrong he is much better as compared to Lionel Messi and I don’t mean small gaps, nope…I mean like way word huge leap between man and monkey difference. Maybe it is because I am a faithful Red Devil fan and Real Madrid fan but that is not the case.

Do not misquote this blog or try to assume that this is a Messi vs. Cristiano post. This in fact is a forum where I will praise Cristiano and take little in fact less or no time at all to prove Messi’s worth.

Where to begin ……hmmmmmmmmmm why not start with the recent season and the amazing form Cristiano is in. I agree with Ancelotti says that this season Cristiano dwarfs Messi in this rounds Ballon D’Or race. Real Madrid’s boss doesn’t believe that the coveted prize is even up for contention on who should take it home and strongly believes that his ruthless assassin has it in the bag. Speaking after Ronaldo scored an incredible third hat trick in four games, Ancelotti appeared doubtless when determining whether Lionel Messi could push his player for the prize, per Eurosport: “This year, I don’t think there is much doubt. I don’t think there’s any point in even talking about it.”

Need I even continue from here… I don’t think so but excuse me for my lust to set doubt in the minds of non-believers is much greater than I expected.

Ancelotti was never going to put Messi up for the award over his own forward, but Ronaldo’s stunning start to the season is exceptional even by his standards. The ladies favorite footballer has so far been impressive as he has scored 22 goals in 16 appearances so far of which it is 17 goals in 9 La Liga appearances whereas his nemesis is rather below the belt for a decorated footballer as he has only managed 9 goals in 13 appearances of which it is 7 goals in 10 La Liga appearances.

Disappointed, right?

Don’t be quick for I haven’t even started going personal on this matter but please so that you feel safe you should understand that I don’t doubt for one second that Messi is a great player but the guy is overhyped even for FIFA games.

In fact I would say when shove comes to push I would admit that Messi is more of a team player while Cristiano is much more of a go getter as the assists tally greatly favour the Argentinean born national. Both players have shrugged off major injury concerns to post some of their best performances in recent times. Ronaldo finished last season with a worrying tendinosis problem in his left knee and struggled through the World Cup as a result. He has suffered ankle and back niggles in recent times, but he appears to have shrugged concerns off to get Madrid firing.

Likewise, Messi entered 2014 with serious pain in his hamstring. He rarely hit top form upon his immediate return, but he utilised the World Cup and pre-season to get back into shape. The 27-year-old has been key to Luis Enrique’s new-look Barca side in the early weeks of transition, in which he looks hungrier to receive the ball and more confident progressing up the pitch than he did at the start of the year. Ronaldo poses great threat to Messi’s 2011-12 record of 50 La Liga goals in a single season. It’s ridiculous that, just two years after this was set, the number could extend itself once more. Madrid’s star currently averages 2.167 goals per game and would reach the 80-goal mark if he maintained this form throughout the entire campaign, per Eurosport. While this is highly unlikely—Ronaldo would need to remain fully fit and at the top of his powers to reach this—he is capable of racking up more than 50 goals. Let’s not forget, Los Blancos have already faced quality teams, including Villarreal and Athletic Bilbao, with Ronaldo scoring four out of seven accumulated against them.

Most sides don’t match up to the quality on offer from the aforementioned opponents (despite Athletic’s poor start), so plenty more braces and triples are likely to follow. Fixtures against Levante and Granada sandwich El Clasico next for Madrid, providing Ronaldo with the perfect opportunity to further outline his Ballon d’Or credentials with significant goals in the title race.

Alfredo Relano of AS describes a player who can score “with both legs, his head, from distance, from close range. And with penalties and free kicks.” He calls Ronaldo’s numbers “from another era,” recalling the days when a supremely fit and able talent was able to bypass the threat of rivals who weren’t in optimum shape.

At times, both Ronaldo and Messi have the ability to make world-class opposition appear unworthy of sharing the same turf.But I would love to report take for instance Victor Wanyama from southampton, if he faces Barcelona he wont tremble not in the lightest but if he goes against Real Madrid don’t u think the very pitch all 22 men shall lay their feet will quake upon Ronaldos fine grace.

Both players are judged on a completely different scale to the majority of football stars. Messi was said to be widely off his game after netting 28 La Liga goals in 31 appearances last season, as approximately one goal per game just isn’t enough. Ronaldo is firmly demolishing such fears right now, but he’ll likely be deemed “out of form” if he fails to net in two consecutive matches, such is the unfair demand.

Even so, he remains the outstanding candidate for this year’s Ballon d’Or. Messi will surely make up some marks for leading Argentina to the World Cup final and landing the tournament’s Golden Ball, but judging across the breadth of the calendar year so far, the 2014 Ballon d’Or is destined to remain in the Spanish capital.

Real Madrid legend Emilio Butragueno has praised Cristiano Ronaldo‘s humble attitude after the Portuguese star’s latest hat-trick. Butragueno, who scored 123 league goals for Real Madrid himself, called Ronaldo’s latest performance “amazing.”He told AS, as translated by Football Espana: “We’re tired of being surprised by him. He’s amazing. He’s scored three goals but could have had six. Ronaldo is a world star but behaves like a rookie with his professionalism and dedication. He’s an example.” It was the 22nd Liga hat-trick of Ronaldo’s career, which equals the league’s record.

Now on a more personal terms.

Messi has just proven his good in only one club and we don’t know if he will crack under pressure if he is brought to the toughest league in the world unlike Cristiano who has now played for three different clubs and made fruit from opportunities handed to him. Messi plays in a central position more involved in attacking yet Ronaldo who plays as a winger scores more goals by far. Then again Messi has been in La Liga for as long as I can remember but Ronaldo has been there since 2010 and has broken a lot of records and it is like he hasn’t even started breaking them…so please you be the judge is he or is he not the….








When Louis Van Gaal(From here on will be referred to as LVG) said he will be going to Manchester United the football scene buzzed more than the world cup itself especially as fans went all crazy. And it was only fair because after the wonderful performance at the world cup we all expected a show off LVG power. I’m so sure that his entrance into the most difficult football league in the world caused nightmares in Wenger’s bed and led to the depreciating sex life of arsenal fans.

Then the Transfer period kicked in and LVG most definitely hyped himself more than even expected after announcements of how he was going to turn the red devils into THE RED DEVILS or is it THE red devils. With announcement of how he only needed a couple of players and the rest could all spark more and more surprising than ever but what could we loyal fans say…its LVG people, let him do his thing.

During this transfer period some of the hugest changes got done such as the expected attention James Rodriguez got after the spectacular performance in the world cup. LVG took to himself to buying defenders, defensive midfielders, strikers and potential wingers as he also let some people go. The coming of great players such as Luke Shaw, Rojo, Herrera and recently Di Maria made even my intestines twist and turn with riverbed energy of a stable backline but we both know karma be one tough BITCH.

Just to be assured God decided to put some friendlies our way and with every match Manchester United fans got crazier and more excited as we even beat a purposed strong Real Madrid side for the first time in football history ever …oh boy these weren’t the only records he was going to break. SMH

Louis Van Gaal check, strong backline check, no mediocre midfield check, blood hungry strikers check, buzzing Kenyan fans check, cold long beer check and let the EPL begin….ta tatatat tatatata tatata teren…prrrrrrrhhhhhh…….Jaw drops squarely to the ground as red devils were humiliated to a 2-1 defeat by Swansea City and there at that moment I just saw shades of David Moyes but we stick it out and wait for the second game….WAPI!!!…then we decided maybe the game against MKD would cheer us up. HELL NO!!! I was so frustrated to the point of being ashamed as we embarrassingly lost 4-0 to a division three team. You must be kidding not division 2 not even KPL (this match would probably be for charity especially if we win) team a whole division three named after food .WOLOLO ama Louis Van Gaal ni Louis Van GIRL!

LVG after the Swansea game he said,”…But also with other players it’s also a question of if they can reach the level. And today we don’t reach that level and then you cannot play as a team so easily.” This is such a shitty statement what the hell do we expect from LVG but making red devils into RED DEVILS. Then the supposed savior continues to say,”…Because we are playing with a big space behind us. That’s always difficult to defend.” Aren’t these the things this guy was bought to fix yet he still decides to field youngsters such as Tyler Blackett in a 3-5-2 formation as if this is an experiment or he thinks this is easy football.

On the subject of showing players the old Trafford exit door: “I don’t think it’s only up to me, it’s up to the players decide because we have given them problems. I shall tell the players what I think and what I want from them but I shall never say they have to go.”

Yes currently the backline is shitty as our key defenders are lost to injury i.e. Rafael, Luke Shaw and Chris Smalling but then LVG also still opts to choose Cleverly who is a continuous disappointed to the football world existing in Red Devil heads. LVG on my verdict unlike the likes of the great Fergie or completely useless Moyes he does not deserve an excuse after sending Spain into a spainful 5-1 throttle in the world cup. So now that we have an Angel in the team it’s only good that I’m looking on up. I also believe this is the kind of blow Louis Van GIRL needed so that he could get of his high horse and face the reality that is EPL so till next time we are not impressed until I see more than 5 goals in one match by one player, both Arsenal and our noisy neighbors are humiliated both home and away and finally after we have qualified and won every cup out there for top tier Barclays Premier League teams. Said like a true supporter of the red red and totally red.