Pieces of you, pieces of me,

Blood for blood,

Love for love,

Soul for soul,

Remind us of what we should be,

I gasp at the miles that separate,

And my distortion in the human mirror,

Makes me shrink in horror,

But you remained behind,

In a memory of a time,

I guarantee you,

Fate will bring us,

Me and you,




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​At a time like this, long ago,

She was his, everything he could forego,

Guessed what it is, feeding a super ego,

Edifices frozen by love.
Love is powerful, domineering, controlling,

Lustful, consummating, consuming,

Infatuation makes players out of gentlemen,

Edifices frozen by love.
In my thoughts, in my fantasies,

Ghosts of a past life, haunt and daunt,

Forgotten memories were jumping to the present,

Edifices frozen by love.
Yet I try to forget, what we had,

In the past, we were an entity, a god and his goddess,

What we were was a powerful thing,

What we might have been was a wonderful empire,

I tend to think,

Maybe now I fear because I might self-destruct,

Edifices frozen by love.
But when I close my eyes,

I see her, a sweet angel flying beside me,

Moving along me as I torn the chapters of my life,

Guiding, healing, a source of life,

Edifices frozen by love.
Yet I cannot really face the facts,

Maybe you have forgotten and moved on,

Maybe my world is built on pillars,

Of salt and sand,

Edifices frozen by love.
To you I might be history, ancient or archaic,

Forgotten in the ignorance of your own past actions, Insignificant, small, minute, tiny,

But what we had, stopped time,

Edifices frozen by love.
And with time stopping, all processes stop,

But most painful of all is the knowledge,

That you loved, yet weren’t loved,

Insignificant, non-existent, zero, nada,

Lost in the annals of a past,

Edifices frozen by love.



(For this writing the works of renowned artists were used I thank them for guiding my hands on these don’t judge just read.)

Everybody is cramming up my space everyone wanting to know how it went down and hoes availing themselves as I am single now. Yes, I am single now but that’s not the point. I am talking but no one is listening when I say I’m fine. So you’ll want me to bleed out cause ya’ll are telling me that I am so fucked up but when I look around everyone around me is way more fucked up than I am but oh well. I feel no pain, I do not but it seems I have to gorge my heart because yet again only paper will listen. It’s not that I am super human or anything I am simply numb to the pain.

So here goes nothing…

Look at us, never thought it would be you who would have found new, girl we may never know, it is enough knowing that I won’t lose my way but getting here wasn’t easy. We bend, don’t break that’s the story of us but I guess it’s I bend, don’t break that’s the story of me. No give or take, didn’t get me nowhere. I’ve learnt from the hurt along the way and it brought me right to you. I’m taking every road under the sun. Every dead end love brought another one. I should be fuming at all the time we wasted but a million wrongs lead me right to you, right there and it felt right, there. So right, there with you. Got scars, some of them you gave me some of them I caused, that doesn’t matter now. We both know the worst part is over and there is no letting go.

Hearts are like cars just racing on broken pavements going nowhere fast, still we stay on the gas. Love don’t ride easy and it aint always pretty; yeah I know cause I have taken every road. You gonna love me anyway though, that much I have figured out beside Sagittarius men are best equipped at diffusing the atomic bomb Aries. I know you probably never had somebody loving you like I do, somebody that’s there for you; don’t judge you cause I know we only human. I must be stupid babe, letting you slip away but I did what’s best for you cause I am gonna care anyway. You showed me all your flaws, I showed you mine, didn’t I? Yes I did. I claimed your baggage though but you lost mine and that’s the only shit that pisses me of. All those empty promises now cumbered with broken bottles or is the other way round. I mean you can’t tell me this pen writes in blue then all I get is green transcripts but then again it’s just chess right? Pure marketing.

I wish you could see you like I see you. It’s not like your no good, you just misunderstood. Now it is my job to make you a believer and them boys will never like this man they can’t love you like I can but oh well all this will be taken for pride and feeling myself another misplaced conceptions created around the male species but aren’t we already used to it. I mean after all I am a liar, a bastard, a cheater, never to be trusted, dogs of the lowest pedigree, stupid, in over my head, scum of the earth and my favorite not important. I laugh. But I will love her anyway…she asked for thru thick and thin all I’m being Is a darling handing whatever requires but even a computer needs a power supply lol. But I’m like use me baby, anyway you want, I wish you were mine in the broad daylight but unfortunately you only love me when the lights are off, you only love me cause I’m around, you only love me when no one’s around, you only love me when the sun goes down and you only love me cause I put it down and damn its fine by me #grinnin_like_a_hyena.

She is like the wind, she comes and goes and again. All of my friends think I’m a fool, silly them but I’m like use me baby anyway you want I still wish you were mine in the broad daylight. She knows I can take her there afterwards she just don’t care. You a freak and its fine by me; but honestly though doesn’t mean I give at most any fuck, lol.

This is my twisted dark fantasy and I just love it.

You should have stayed another night with me though, a one night stand is all I need, just you and me. Tell me how it feels, when your man don’t please you right then tell me how it feels after we take that ride. Damn it’s soothing knowing I will be in your fantasies. Imma kiss you from your head to your feet, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED because I will never come to tease you always just to please you but oh well in my fantasy wishes are horses and I the beggar will surely ride.

She got me up all night though, constant drinking and love songs, down and out with these love songs; just drowning out with these love songs. This has to be the longest crush ever and if I ever get to fuck that it would be the biggest burst ever. She on a power trip cause she got me where she want a nigga. Love is a drug, like the strongest shit ever and I’m on one. She got me wifin in the club make my homies wanna disown a nigga but for pete’s sake homie pull it together. Just fuck her one time and be through it forever but then she still got me up all night and all I’m singing are stupid love songs, just constant kushing and love songs; faded out cold with these love songs.

My walls are up now, just a little room left for the last beats of a dieing heart. Crashed and ironically still torn. Jumbled up and shriveled but it’s all in precautionary motion after all girl I feel no pain, I’m sorry but this time it aint the same. Aint no playing no silly games, I just wanna do my own thing. My wall isn’t to lock my sentimental part out though, I thank you cause for once I feel good about being sentimental cause it appears to be a human characteristic and I am enjoying . My wall though is just to keep you out from warming my heart again, keep you from coming and changing my mind then leaving me to fend for myself, stop my own mental cacophony from splitting open to you working day in day out to in cooperate a complex human in my simple life. Locking you out is my only option, I have been thru this once before and I know so I’m wiser now. I’m not over drinking, I’m barely thinking about you, yeah I have moments of wallow and grimace but I just piled u up with my other exes like tetris. All I am simply saying is that you are dead to me…in my own fantasy you are crucified upside down and being continuously dipped in hot tar repeatedly as every time after the pain your flesh renews and that’s only a small creavace of what ur hell is. I simply feel no pain; once bitten twice shy I’m just waiting for my next ‘saviour’.

I remember it used to be you wake up, I wake up. I gotta get that paper, you gotta get that cake up. You gotta do ur hair and put on that make up and then we gotta act like we care about this fake stuff. What a waste of our day, right? If we had our way you would roll out of bed say about 2.30 midday hit the blunt then hit me up to come over to your place. I would show up right away, we make love and then we fuck and then I give you ur space. All im trying to say, love is ours to make so we should make it cause everything else can wait anyway and this time is ours to take so we should take it but I have always stood to be corrected and I aint about to change now. We should just wake up, bake up and just heat the vape up. Let’s just get faded and u better call ur contacts and tell em you won’t make it. Aint nobody around, let’s get wasted and maybe we get naked; cause I have been working hard and I know you have been on the same shit. I just wanna ease your mind and make you feel all right, so go ahead and tell ur papi u gonna be with me tonight, right? It may not be love but it’s pretty close; some hot fudge and a little smoke up. Curled up with my head on your chest it’s the best remedy for the pain and the stress but no one knows. If the world doesn’t ever change well then never get dressed. It would have been like one soul – two halves, right?

Piece it up with this peace and love and my peace and love just like the old days.

But now…

Tell me what you say please come again? If you can’t just stay down and out then there is no need to pretend like there is no way out. I should never have let you in cause you got me face down and don’t take this personal but you’re the worst. You know what you’ve done to me and although it hurts u have also made me numb again but only to you I don’t know why it’s different this time. I just can’t keep running away anymore cause I don’t need you but I want you and I don’t mean to but I love you. You said that you would come again, you said that we would remain friends but you know that I depend on nothing or no one. So why would you show up so uninvited then just change my mind like that.

Please don’t take this personal but you aint shit and you weren’t special till I made you. You better act like you know that I have been through worse than you but I just can’t keep running away but I don’t need you and I might never again but I will always want you and it hurts me to admit that I never meant to, oh God knows but I have to love you.

Everybody’s like she no item, please don’t like ’em, she one nights ’em but I never listened though. I should have figured though all that shit you were spittin so unoriginal but it was you so I was with it but then tell you the truth wish we never did it cause I usually stick to the business but you came out the blue and then you just flipped my switch. God damn baby my mind was blown forgetting you live in a different time zone though. Think I know what this is, it’s just the time’s wrong you still immature and yeah I know what you did but baby I’m grown and my love is patient and that kinds shit. It was meant to survive through different types of bullshit if we would have build on it cause it was real but it was only if you the realest wouldn’t be fighting it but I think ur pride is just in the way.

I thought we were a fucking fairy tale, but if you’re careless with something long enough it breaks and that’s how I feel. Broken, completely and utterly broken but I am numb…always remember that I became numb.

Funny how everything changed once you got all that you wanted nothing was ever the same and though I don’t need you I still want you and though I never meant to but I … but I love you.

Goodbye, you were the worst but you were worth it.

“It’s a big bad world full of twists and turns and people have a way of blinking and missing the moment…the moment that could have changed everything.” – HANK MOODY.




Isn’t it fun when you are in love? When the smallest particles and fibers of your being are only in motion because they live for the day when you donate a speck of your soul together with your significant other and in that awesome magical moment poetry becomes obsolete and naked poetry is born. I guess that’s how I view my children even before they are born and this is how I perceive my romantic confrontations with my ever beloved. Love is never simple it may be easy but never simple. Who said complicated can be as easy as A B C.

Usually the mr’s and I don’t get along from time to time due to the difference in opinions and brain patterns on same frequencies as often tend to border different lines on specific situations and they become extremists but that’s exactly how it is and we fit perfectly into each other one with insights of a subject on one extreme end and the other with an equally good opposite reaction of the same subject from the opposite extreme end.

“You are stupid,” she says. ” I find you particularly childish,” I hiss back. This our day to day verbally insulting exchanges with my dear beloved. We know each other so well it is easy for us to tear each other at wounds that can’t be closed, sooo well we know each other no matter what we wear as armor we can find the soft spots blind folded. And so we dig daggers into each other and don’t stop till one of us is too hurt to continue. We leave each other so open and so easy to chop down nobody can say anything and we go on cutting each other till we are tiny branches of what our dignities and egos used to be. It is for lives to move on because of our strong personalities but we pick up the pieces slowly and eagerly.

But I pick her pieces and she picks mine and we glue each other back together from scratch to whole. Piece by piece like artists of two distinct crafts we fix each other entirely and wholly but what is the glue. Usually I kiss her first deeply entirely then slowly and finally deeply slowly then entirely. Inch after inch I recreate what was and she doesn’t hold back either and she reminds me why she is the ultimate goddess. Every lingering touch of hers is an ignited dynamite that brings out the animal in me. Lunge for her neck so deceitfully with small lickerish circles on her neck as I make my way to her lips. Sexual lips they are, they can easily sexually seduce anyone if she wished to but even when she doesn’t she seduces me and turns me into something I love being. A demon of her own making. Down her throat finely on her chin sweetly up her shirt my ever wandering hands go to that sexy lingerie with nothing but my teeth.

Touch for touch intimacy beyond comprehension and we never get tired of brewing this power concoction till we are well gone and lost to the demon inside. No more lines to cross just steps to make and inches of holy grail to cover as I pull off her clothes swiftly but ever so gently and then she fully understands I will take care of her whenever and however. Perky are her breasts, hard is thy member. Hard she gasps intoxicating I flinch and she grabs me tighter than she has ever before and we forget why we were mad and we end up apologizing for nothing at all. We ram it into each other that we are a fucking perfect fairy tale and nothing will ever change but it never ends as fast as it started. Like nature there is a cycle and path to be followed so nature demands our bodies though filled with excruciating lust and passion should hold together and not explode to the tyranny of passion.

But we are animals with an infinite liking for each other and we don’t know how to be patient with each other cause then we feel whole and utterly complete with no cracks nor dents at that one particular moment she turns my hell into a heaven bliss and with every thrush be it slash or stroke we are one but is it sane if I said we are more than one. I can’t explain it and it seems insane but trust me its art when you get there. My tongue flicks back and forth sweet and slow in out and moist becomes norm. An alloy of the same metal shells but still two different constants in the same equation we magnify love into trust, commitment, loyalty and communication. Nothing to hide and everything to prove I let her lead the way and she goes back and forth like a soccer team. Gas full tank never gets drained or insufficient to make me smile moonlit smiles with fucked up utopias at the end of each smile.

I think motorcycles may be her thing and she knows she owns one. Flips from gear to gear like she knows her machine inside and out and as we continue with life she gets used to her new hobby speaking to her new fond machine. We cannot be what we are if we don’t invoke our naked selves to putrid art and become the soul bearers of majestic nature cause after all machines, buildings and everything else of no importance are gone we are left with generations and generations of outcomes resulting to intimacy and sweet sweet love.

Kissing her from both sides up and hands on her sensual behind. Sexy she is, classic she will forever remain trust me I’m a vintage guy. We have set a new high on the bar that marks love and in no way do I see any other couple taking it down. Simply enticing it is, sexually ravishing it will forever remain and crazy stupid love is what it is called. Nobody can really ever understand how to grab her by the neck and infringe her g spot time and time again like a maniac on an overdose of viagra screams I love you or how to infringe on my sexual being and make me look like a deity in the presence of a goddess when she inhales me so deeply and I become the only reason for her high. Is this crazy, oh yes it is; is it in any way stupid, well depends with your definition of stupid but it is truly and truly love of the highest degree in its best form.

It is simply naked poetry; nothing more nothing less.


Love you bae.


I’m not the man I was a few years neither I’m I the man I was a couple months ago but nether I’m I the man I was thirty seconds before starting to sink my fingers into this. As time goes by it is only by mother nature that we exponentially grow either positively or negatively but at the end of the day life is just one big learning curve for me. So I have been dating for six months now it has been totally awesome in fact I would go to say it is easy but it has never been simple maybe because of the parties involved.

Love is easy but relationships are hard and very complicated. But what makes it so complicated? Well, I can tell u for free that it is the rules of engagement set in place for both parties that make life miserable but it is not entirely true. In one big word the rules of engagement are CHANGE because both parties are so okay with the bubble they have lived in for years and are familiar to a particular routine hence how change is embraced by one party or how it is implemented by the other party is what determines whether a relationship will live to see its first year. At times love is strong but true love allows for change and we simply have to make new bubbles that fit well for your significant other because their needs have become a priority to your life and you have to be very tolerating as well.

Among communication, trust and loyalty the next two things that are very crucial to a relationship being the envy of others is tolerance and the ability to be versatile enough to accept change. It is quite simple we are always so willing to accept change when we get new cars, new pets that need delicate care and even what we eat because our health depend on it hence these are comfortably acceptable changes but when it comes to stop hanging out with your friends as much because she wants more of your time or stop partying as hard cause he ain’t cool with it we tend to fringe and we blow the best things we hard and we only figure it out later when we don’t have as much hype as for those particular things they wanted changed.

Though we can say that usually it is the one who needs to change that fails to grasp the importance of it all but it works both ways. Yes we have to accept change but even change needs decorum and a particular acceptable way that is mutually convenient for both parties to accept. There are changes that can be accepted and some that can’t but can the other party also understand that their suggestion is not as welcomed and when for example I become hostile about it because I feel it won’t affect us or I find it hard to change and she forgets about being patience or tolerating enough because change comes from both parties. I have things I want to change about my girlfriend and she has things she would love to exorcise out of me and some of them we have come to realise that they will never change like I will never stop playing FIFA and she will always get her way; same way with all other relationships some things u have to accept because we can’t all become perfect but rather perfected imperfections.

In fact I am so used to her right now if she gave me my way too often I would question her integrity but change has to come one way or another. You have to understand that people are different and we can’t all accept the same changes as well or be okay with the same particular characteristics because that is life. I may like how you fart all over the place and find it cute but the next person u date after me will demand you use the toilet. Though change is a must we should never forget to be mature and I can’t really say what is acceptable or not acceptable but given a whole situation with entire variables both of you can maturely talk and come down to an understanding not everything has to be a demand otherwise even with a spark between you the relationship will end with stupid lies like let us explore the world; well I will tell you for one the world is a scary place and often if we fail to glimpse that one moment of pure awesomeness we get lost in the mass of people where we get all mixed up with people who aren’t for us and many of us would rather walk away than accept change or find a way to talk about it. Loving your spouse is always the best part but building an empire is the most difficult part.

Maybe you feel that your spouse is being too much asking for something and maybe u are being irrational and haven’t thought it true or your spouse has a different view from you because he feels you are being too much with what you want’ it never hurts anybody to sit down and talk, like we are so afraid of what will happen that we choose to live a lie or suffocate; there is a slim line between tolerance and suffocation hence just cause we can’t talk things out because of mediocre fears we end up being suffocated in a love that we badly need. If you really love each other then talking will always lead to an understanding . Don’t be afraid to tell each other what’s wrong, in fact I like it when my girlfriend gives me heat and I give her heat usually we air out our views and fix it in like two days and all is fine though it is usually scary but slowly we have become used to the fact that it is a routine and there is nowhere the other person is going.

All u have to do is trust, be loyal, communicate in a feud, tolerate what you can’t change, accept change if it seems maturely asked but if all hope is lost nobody can ever blame you for leaving either way what you couldn’t love someone else will accept and that’s how we find our ways to the best kind of people(article for another day); I already found mine have you found yours.

Don’t make your relationship complicated.


Have you ever been in love?

First I want to apologise to all my fans that I could not post as frequently but my writer’s block has been very unfulfilling as it has been harder than it could ever been and it is not that ideas haven’t been flowing but I have been a victim of love. How is this possible? Well, I had vowed to myself the next post I would make would strictly be about my mu-cha-cha i.e my wify aka wifi but then every single time I try to write I cannot fathom myself to describe what I feel for her in a blog post as the thoughts run as wild and as far as possible. Her beauty so impeccable you could see the sun brighten from her smile. Yes blind I am, a prisoner of love I agree. So as I try to write and put it on paper I only apologise that I tried to quantify my love for her.


We all need love; face it, no matter who you are or from which country or is it the designation you come from but love is a necessity for every human being and by human being I mean if I shoot you, you will bleed. Two months ago I found myself addicted to a girl and was it addiction? Nope it was not but actually it was good old crazy stupid love. Sweet serene mushy feelings that are as old as Adam and Eve are what beat through this veins and if I am to be called crazy or stupid and if anyone would say that love doesn’t exist I would outright defend love as it should be the best thing for any soul. It may not always be a happy institute as it does have its cons but the most beautiful times are quite art; the simple amazing staring each other deeply, kisses deeper than life itself that only speak further of a love unbeyond, facial expressions that create an ecstatic atmosphere between you so that life can never be the same again and if I was to go on then I would say love is an awesome emotion that should never be controlled or limited. If we love and get hurt then a second love fills these scars and throws away the emptiness. Love feels souls and turns people into new beings refreshing their souls giving us a second chance thus if we love and get hurt should we love again? HELL YEAH!!


Crazy stupid love is what the doctor diagnosed me with last week as I went to report my illness but all I told him indicated that I was entirely being influenced by emotions of an unknown barrier that can never be explained scientifically. Emotions all directed to one person and yet still emanating from one person. A loop-holed sickness was what I was diagnosed with hence I was shocked but deep down I knew it was all true as I examined how my state of mental capacity has changed the minute someone took me as their special someone. If I am to define her beauty then she is among the most hottest women in the world leave alone in mother-land Africa and honestly speaking if her face was to be used as the cover of any product I would buy it with no questions asked (love turns me into a fool). To question her beauty is just tom-foolery and at times I encounter jealous pathetic men who try to downgrade such intense physique but why argue with a blind man on the beauty of the Mona Lisa if he cannot see and only gives pure pathetic excuses.


She is a blessing to this world and it is not the fact that I hurt her unknowingly that sends me in this outburst of pure emotion but I write because I want her to know of all women I have claimed to love what I feel for her sums up as an exposure to gamma radiation that gives me super strength and ultra speed cause it is out of this world to even believe I, Baba_Mboga can sum up such emotion in one vessel and direct it to someone else and though my exes read this in disappointment as to how I would publicly declare they were never the best I had nor is their love as strong as this but as I digress may I thank all of them for if not for the times we spent or the mistakes they made then karma would have never led me to this monstrous beauty, beautiful monster you may call her but black widow is what comes to mind. Mamushka i call her, wingman she is to me but better yet my best friend cut from the same breed of cloth or is it soil I was made from an exact replica of what I am with the sincerest of motives to rule the world, make money and lead a happy life and ever so she is wrongly judged for what she believes in by people whose crime is to think small and expect her to accommodate their senseless behaviour but in all reality I would take her side even if she woke up and killed someone I would cover it up with her an fight off the media. They may seem like empty words but no writer writes without a sense of truthful emotion behind the pen.


The sex, DAMN!!! #No_comment. We simply don’t make love, we make magic. If I say it is great that would be an understatement but picture how two of the greatest magicians in the world or should it be poets worked together i.e Edgar Allan Poe and Shakespeare what they would make wouldn’t it be pure art in its sincerest form hence no comparison. How do I know I love this woman? Many of you would ask how they know they are in love and to be honest a set of lovey dovey feelings towards someone is actually totally different in different people though some of these signs may be a global thing. Well, spending time with her severs my judgment completely and I forget if there is anything else that exists and in all honesty if I could have a way I could spend 6 hours of my time with her everyday then I would opt for it cause I’m usually sad when we have to say goodbye though in reality we will meet again to make memories. Other girls have no impact on me even if they were to strip right in front of me I would walk away, after all how would you compare a riffraff to a Nubian queen, is it possible for a servant and master to eat from the same table? When she is mad at me then I am never at peace even if I act tough and show her I don’t care its always an act to play reverse psychology on her. I know I’m in love because she got me doing one on one on that one on one and I am always fighting for her approval and finding new ways to make her happy and if I had the kind of cash I needed then wouldn’t I give her the world.


When she smiles and she laughs I feel so sensual like my sole purpose on this world is being fulfilled. When she is around and she gets all mushy and as girly as possible I am quite fascinated and proud as to how the toughest girl I ever hard to acquire appreciates my existence and that is the best birthday gift I can get and I would never want her to put her money to the pedal to buy me anything, a simple I LOVE YOU can keep my engine running through Christmas , valentine and birthdays for centuries and centuries to come. She is simply the Katherine to my Hank Moody, cause in all honesty all girls I have dated always left me wishing for my other exes but when I’m with my mamushka damn, I’m like where has she been my whole life, ain’t I in love. So much so I would quickly suit up in armor and be first in line to defend her and at the same time I would wish to be her personal guard and when all systems are breached I would fight to the death to keep anyone away, FOR SPARTA naaah FOR BREEH yes. The past two months with her have been a learning curve for baba mboga and the most shocking parts is that I am sure beyond indiscrete discrepancies that I need not such any more for women who don’t mean shit to me. I am not afraid of the world that lays ahead as long as I’m with her then isn’t it the us against the world and to men who think they can take her away I dare you on the simple grounds that I trust her to the point I would let her go to a road trip with the hottest of men and if they manage to take her away then trust me to pick up a machine gun and shoot all of you down, bruh dont be mad about it this chic ain’t for everybody.


Speechless she leaves me whenever she walks in the room, her kiss drives me crazy and I don’t have to fake shit when I’m with her and I know at times I disappoint her and treat her like shit and for all this I would gladly buy her a whip so she can flog me to an inch of my life. Some of the girls that judge her harshly would be shocked of how she is actually better than them in so many ways but I digress from breaking other women’s feelings but if anyone needs so tread that line then be careful not to spread rumors cause when it comes to her, a sensitive topic, I turn barbaric and uncouth and no chills levels become elevated. Would I take a grenade for her, I completely would, my fellow niggas would of course be ready to be against me and laugh but trust me in a court of law I would go up against all of you and win fair and square. Sometimes we don’t get along cause even with so much similarities we tend to differ which actually makes that love ever the more interesting as we argue about things both with words that hurt each other but we are always quick to apologise and I understand it. I LOVE YOU.


Still ironically it is funny how I can feel a tad bit of hate for the woman I love and is it because I really hate her, NO! It is because with every passing day she changes me. Have you ever loved someone so much that you are willing to lose any fight and put your interests aside so that she could achieve her’s first. When sometimes she makes you so mad and you concede that you were the one on the wrong. When you do her wrong and you feel the world cannot move on until that ripple is settled. She is the cow to my chicken. The simple ‘me’ to my ‘aweso’ cause without her I doubt life would be as awesome and she can be the only reason for it. Too much history we go way back, too much chemistry I feel downright territorial. And again she protects her own making her so territorial and never jealous, jealous is the wrong term and should never be used to describe her insecurities or when she gets mad if I talk to other women cause she has every right and so does every woman. Funny how I preached so long on the indecencies of love for it to have heart struck writing like a fool on weed. Tears weld up my eyes when she is mad at me and the atmosphere so intense and is it because I am no man? Nope, it’s because I simply am human and I have embraced my humanity as men also do feel the hurt and pain and funny how my teachers put me through physical torture with engine belts, whips, bamboo sticks, hockey sticks and slashes and never did a tear drop fall but if only they knew they would only use Bree to teach me a lesson then I would never have been an insolence in that school. If I knew better, I would do better cause no woman deserves to shed tears for any man.


Nothing scares me as the possibility that she would love but if she would love another man then life at that point would lose meaning to me yet gain classic californication tales but to be unique then it is Kenyafornication, how that series explains my life word for word. She means more to me than anything and even fifa is so jealous, she got fifa being suicidal threatening to leave my ass. If I had a wishing well then I would have her here. How words from Chris Brown’s superb singing can’t even quench my soul when she is mad at me and I know she wouldn’t trust me in the sincerest of ways, how would she when there is no reason to but taking up the challenge to go all the way and look for that serene eternity again and I wish I could keep her all to myself and always working it out. Love doesn’t need to be perfect my dear readers, it only needs to be true and how other girls want me so badly yet truth of the matter they would do monkey flips on my dick and they would still feel inadequate. There are times I only wish to hold her and we can laugh to our immaturity till kingdom come.


Dear babe, mamushka, wife, mama watoto, black widow, sexiest woman on earth,


Wouldn’t be awesome that we could run away together and never come back, far far away in a land noone could get us. Babe you know how I feel for you and though I am not as mushy as you would want me and that I use words from Chris Brown love songs I bet you understand that I use them because they are a true reflection of what I feel for you and this babe will always be just for you and you would be shocked at how drunk I am right now, six in the morning and I am barely fighting the urge to drunk-text you and if I tell you I hate you I don’t mean it. I don’t want to be without you. All this people around us I don’t think they know, how could they know and as much as I messed up always give me your best love and sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve you. They going to talk about it going to try to change your mind about it going tell you things you don’t wanna hear but we good so when they talk about it just let them know we already got it. Just tell them that we going to work at it, we good so they shouldn’t worry about it. Don’t listen to what people say they don’t know nothing about you and me(kwanza hako sijui kadirector kako ajue nimemnunulia gun). And till we get it right we gonna pop some more(love more by breezy listen to this my dear). I hate that I love you though (smirk) and I can’t stand you at times and must everything you do make me wanna smile even when I don’t wanna(infant’s protesting voice), can I not like it for a while? but you won’t let me. You upset me girl and then you kiss my lips and all of a sudden I forget that I was upset; can’t remember what you did. But I hate it…you know exactly what to do so that I cant stay mad at you for too long and that’s just wrong(smirk). You know exactly how to touch so that I don’t want to fuss… and fight no more and I despise that I adore you. I just can’t stand how much I need you girl and I hate how much I love you but I just can’t let you go. You completely know the power you have the only one that makes me laugh and it is not fair. How you take advantage of the fact that I love you and it ain’t even remotely fair but tit for tat is a fair game(smirk). One of these days maybe your magic won’t affect me and your kiss won’t make me weak but no one in this world knows me the way you know me so you will probably always have a spell on me.


With love,

Baba Mboga.



(nampenda mpenda nani, msichana mmoja nani, kukula sikuli kwa nini? kulala silali kwa nini? mmmmh naumia wapi?)




Romance is in the eyes of the beholder. Maybe I am wrong and maybe I have this all twisted but if there is anyone who can define romance, it is yourself. As time has gone by the world has fed us with this notion that romance must always be mushy or making us so stereotype that romantic things only include being taken to a lunch date in a beautiful restaurant. Romantic possibly is taking your girl for a picnic and enjoying each other’s company. If you want to believe that romance only goes as far as your favourite soap opera then be my guest and get lost in that reverie of thinking, I won’t even try to stop you.

I will fuck you on the office table and that is just romance. I will smile cockishly when you say something funny and that is just romance. I will totally sit down and watch your favourite series with you even if I don’t like it but that is just romance. I will lick you from your toes all the way to your head and that is just romance. Judge me, but I will spank your ass when it is just me and you and that is just romance. I don’t have to buy you roses so that you know I’m into you but I will call you home for a whole weekend just me and my baby spending quality time and that is just romance.


Romance is me choosing to chill with you the whole day rather than have good time with the guys.

I may not be mushy when you want me to but I will kiss you whenever and wherever and that is just romance. I don’t have to take you out to the most expensive restaurant but I can always cook you my very own ‘kuku le juu’ and that is just romance. If you want to define romance as getting faded with your significant other then that is the way to go. I won’t buy twenty red roses or make love on a bed full of roses with sweet scented candles but if I text you all day everyday then that is just romance. I won’t compliment you every single time cause you always killing it every day but when I say it then I mean it and that is just romance.

I grab your ass and whisper in your ear you’re my woman and you sexy tonight and that is just romance. I will give you the look that makes you weak in your knee and that is just romance. I don’t need to be Alehandro or Martin to be romantic or make you feel special. Romance is the simplest thing in the world but it is not what the world wants you to think about generally but rather what you don’t think about. Romance will always be hidden in the simplest shit we do and it isn’t something that we have to notice or know it is something we want but rather it’s the shit that comes in mind as soon as possible.

Romance makes us better people as it corrects the worst in us. Romance shouldn’t be something that always stands out but rather a simple stance of perfection that only seems to be okay between two people and two people only. Maybe you expect a knight in shining armor who will swoop in and fight for your honour but unfortunately all I am is an ordinary Joe who will stand by you anytime you need him and that is just romance. Maybe you need superman who is made of steel, flys and can take you across the globe site seeing but I am not prepared to wear underpants on top of tights to make your day awesome and that is just romance. In all honesty we won’t always be smiling and having a good time but that is just romance.

I will tolerate you at your worst, laugh at your ass when you do something silly, make you laugh when you mad at me, scorn you when you are wrong but love your ass to sleep anytime I get the chance and that is just romance. Don’t expect this to be a typical Romeo and Juliet thing and just in case that is what you want then you must be with the wrong man but if you want a unique thing that will send everybody jealous then you are in the right place. I may not be able to right to you heart felt poems or make record breaking fetes just to make you smile but I promise that if you stay true to me I will be yours for all days and that is just romance. Maybe you want money that is unlimited if I end up being a rich man then trust me I will give you the world but on top of that I will spruce it up with unquestioned unparalleled loyalty and that is just romance.

Of course I will meet other women and when they say hi I will say hey and that’s all it will be; that is just romance. You will save me on your phone as bestie but I will have you screaming like oooh and that is just romance. Having the time of our lives cause life is too short and you may never get high like this with a guy like this and that is just romance. I can’t promise that every time we will be intimate it will be beautiful or art but at least when I hit it I’m gonna kill it and that is just romance. If you need something extra that goes beyond wild simple and sweet then I’m not the guy for the job but if you just want ‘just romance’ then come aboard the baba mboga chu-chu express and hold on for the ride of a life time.

Yes I will be a jerk maybe a monster or a demon from time to time and of course I will mess up more times than necessary but I will always be true to you and true to myself and offer all I can just for a little bit of romance. I can’t promise expensive dates or beautiful cheerios but you can trust me that I will always have your back even when you are pissed at me because I forgot your birthday.You can wake up in the middle of the night upset about something and all you have to do is wake me up and I will listen and that my dear is just romance. I will care and I will hit anybody who goes beyond your limits cause that is who I am. I don’t know about tomorrow but today I will take care of you and that is just romance.