I truly felt your betrayal,

You left me and the loneliness left me too,

I don’t think of you now I hope you’ve reached ur waterloo,

Shredding your memories, the pieces fell like snow,

And the naked truth, froze in the coldness,

Look at me now; I am the master of my self,

Whipped the hell out of your affections,

Watched the remains of our relationship die,

I’ve found the elixir of my life,

Fate will bring u to me in chains,

Walking on your knees,

On the broken glass of your love life,

The ghost of your betrayal will haunt you,

To your grave, just like a whiplash to a slave,

No sympathy from me, my heart turned to stone,

The mesmeric suck of the past gets you,

And you turned to a pillar of salt,

Frozen in the past,

Watch me rise to glory,

As u wallow in gory.



Living in this delusion,

Of loving someone,

Vivid emotions rule,

Echelons of my heart,



She is to me,


Prowess hope to my heart,

Of a happy life,

We want to,

Exist in this paradise,

Riding on horses amidst,

Flowers in this unending,

Love life.


Your sun rose in my life,

And dispelled the coldness of loneliness,

Shrinking the darkness of uncertainty,

This is a memory of time,

I hope the clock freezes forever,

Let this feeling warm the cockles,

Of my heart, soon to be yours,

The morose mist of sadness,

Rises and disappears in the heart,

And the steam rises like smoke,

From a mystic rite,

And halo of your sun,

Lights up my way,

Leaving shadows everywhere,

Just like magic,

I get a thousand hugs,

From the sun’s strobes,

I want to exist in this paradise

For an eternity.

I don’t know why

Primary school, she was the apple of my eye,

She was the most beautiful thing on earth,

I loved her teeth the way they sparkled when she smiled,

And she told me she would be my best friend,

I loved her; I tried to tell her,

But I was scared and I don’t know why.


High school, we participated in the games events,

We tried all we knew was that we were nowhere winning,

“It’s Okay”, she kept saying to me,

And her eyes glittered like they always did,

I loved her; I tried to tell her,

But I was scared and I don’t know why.


College, we had a science project,

Awkwardly enough, our project was ranked second,

She smiled as she always did and jumped up and down,

And I enjoyed seeing her happier than ever before,

I loved her; I tried to tell her,

But I was scared and I don’t know why.


Graduation, after picking my certificate,

She ran up to me hugged me and kissed me on the cheek,

“We finally made it”, she said, almost in a whisper,

But she had to go when her parents called her,

I loved her; I tried to tell her,

But I was scared and I don’t know why.


Wedding, it was her big day,

“You came!” she exclaimed when she saw me,

And hugged me on the happiest day of her life,

Then she left for her photo session,

Seeing her run away was so glorious,

I loved her; I tried to tell her,

But I was scared and I don’t know why.


Funeral, there she lay still,

Definitely dead in the coffin at the altar,

The vicar began to read her eulogy,

And he read many parts of her diaries which read,

“I loved him; I tried to tell him,

But I was scared and I don’t know why?”

I would have loved to hear that while she was alive,

“Me too”, was all I could say as I walked out and cried.


Pieces of you, pieces of me,

Blood for blood,

Love for love,

Soul for soul,

Remind us of what we should be,

I gasp at the miles that separate,

And my distortion in the human mirror,

Makes me shrink in horror,

But you remained behind,

In a memory of a time,

I guarantee you,

Fate will bring us,

Me and you,




This prose of thoughts,

So vile written in surrealism,

Empty echoes ring in my mind,

Seeking imprisonment in written word,

Like evanescence they disappear,

And the crescendo turns to diminuendo,

I turn to the rising black sun,

And gasp as the light hastily retreats,

My feet rebel and I feel so numb,

This darkness devours everything in its path,

With avarice it sucks at me,

With mesmeric force of an abyss,

The time is up and candles of life,

Go out,

Death be not proud,

Take the whole of me.

An Allure Of Darkness 🙇

I am demented, 

It is not so easily detected, 

I am a monster, 

A hot bundle of bubbly disaster, 

I am a sinner, 

Damn be sure I aint a beginner, 

I hear voices in my head, 

They keep me calm and steady, 

But I never listen, 

They keep me balanced and safe, 

But all I know is pain, hurt, maim and my impure vixens, 

None the less  they understand, 

And together we stand, 

Deep down I have made peace, 

Peace with my demons, 

After all, 

Aren’t they just a darker reflection of me, 

And now I call them brothers, 

Never forgetting to make peace with myself, 

And now I call them brothers, 

As they call me master, 

But do I trust myself, 

Maybe with others but not myself, 

I am cold and dark, 

Yet blunt and bold, 

But if this is to be my last breath, 

Then I am blessed for it was purposeful.