The dream…That  was

​I was a most innocent, sagacious gentleman,

Till perverted thoughts and tyrannical behaviour gripped my system,

Evanescence of adolescence they called it,

Mature grip was my statement,

I generally thought I was ladies gift from God,

How I plundered ladies minds, plagued their hearts, swept through their lives,

I was just a hoodlum with creative ideas,

Going for the prize – real classy ladies.
Then I saw a woman who still stupefies me,

In a trancelike mood, ego forgotten,

I contemplated and planned,

Of course! I needed a plan of  action to conquer,

What was then the queen of High school

All I did was by myself, advance my charm, the job was done!

Mine for the taking, her own words those.
It was heaven I tell you, mature romance,

We were perfect, Bonnie and Clyde style,

We enjoyed each other everywhere,

Mentally, physically, romantically.

And I thought of leaving my Don Juan lifestyle,

That was solved in a jiffy,

I still reckon that day is special,

It was a clean breakup, no emotional baggage,

No feelings just that and surprisingly, I did not feel a THING!

Or so I thought till the memories flooded,

But who am I but babamboga, a simple simpleton,

I climaxed once and contrary to critics’ ideas,

I will rule that scene again


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