​10 am my phone ringing you telling me you right around the corner. Flip a smile on my face, spruce up the place and sit patiently waiting for my little girl who turned me into a sex machine that only wants to work for her. She just tell me anything she down for and she know I will be down for cause I know we got some real real real real real real real real shit. She walks in and hug me tight and I let her sink in, gets all warm and cozy. Maybe we just hold on for forty five seconds but at that moment she feels like home. Only thing I got you wearing are freak sheets talking to you like my little freak bitch and be like I be working all night and now I need to hear you say my name, coochie popping as you say name and then we go all the way. I got her on camera that’s, my favourite show. I love the way she talk cause that talk turns into action as soon as I walk in.

She knows I can spend all night camping in. She know I like telling her what to do and still real enough to put her needs as my first priority and I take her inside outside and I think she can see her life in my eyes. She got that smile going, she got that boobs bobbling, she got that ass shaking and so I bring her inside outside. She so clean; I turn her over and eat the pussy cause she so clean and I like it cause you know body language; we don’t speak much. She got her legs going up and when she hop on that shit and turn around I swear I can’t handle that shit.

I know she can feel the passion, I know what she wants without even asking but I still get to see a side of you that they don’t even see or know. So we keep this private and we connect on a soul level. You so good girl I couldn’t one-night-stand you cause you are damn more than that. You see in the day time I will come running, be it in the evening I will pop my sneakers and fly off and if it’s in the middle night I will open my arms and be with her, I mean, if I’m free and aint doing shit I’d rather get lost in her juices and did I tell you she taste like pineapples.

Sometimes she goes hard and she hits me with her lips then her tongue and finally her other lips and add a dice of freaky you get a mboga triple threat delight. Girl if I said I need you, would you care? So many things I could teach you, so many things I could learn. Freak on freak so amazing…vodka and water and a lemon. She something like Rihanna while I’m up in that vagina; a type of chick that only dress in something that designer. She got that kind of dashboard that would make a dog wanna hump her. Now I know we far from perfect but I feel like this shit is worth it, do you disagree with that and if not then holla back. Maybe I should tell you I can see it in your eyes, how you feeling let me know what is on your mind. From 8 to 8 I think about you and maybe we should stop before we go in too deep but I’m so cool with you so I really just want to go in so deep until you feel it true.

I let her go ahead and raise her middle finger to her problems cause if she let them, they going bring her down then we just smoke kick back and blow it in the wind. She let me set her body right with body shots from sun up to sun down. I bet nobody ever did you better. I know you wanna run away with me every night so this one is for you girl, just for you girl. I want to get her tipsy, a little blunted, fucked up and feeling all up on it and so you know what I came to do. I love her smile and the way she moves and I promise I wouldn’t ever waste her time I would show you that I’m a man of my word girl and if u want it I will give it to you.

If they ever tell you to fuck with real niggas then I must be the type you want. You see I hate to get my bed wet but that’s how good your ass is. You would probably make a gay nigga reconsider. What I got you need a lot and same applies I can’t get enough of what you got, good God you hit my spot and I need that and I might not be ready to let go but I don’t forget that the world don’t turn how you wish it sometime so best believe I’m fine. Come around like right now though, you know where I stay. Good God, I will hit your spot cause I met a bad bitch that’ll cut all night and suck all night and hence I just wanna rock you all night long. I wanna go so deep I’m touching your soul and she don’t hold back either.

I just want to make u climax so that you can go back to sleep then I quietly join you cause I’m also less stressed out and that’s what that coochie does for me. She fucks my mind with some sexual healing. She won’t dare stop me, she takes it all in cause momma didn’t raise no punk ass bitch. She all cute and cuddly cause she smell like strawberry sprinkles but trust me she nasty yet she looks so innocent you would buy it but the fact that I know she aint turns me on a lot. And I like bringing that nasty side out smirk.

I’m talking mind sex cause we fuck each other’s mind first before I fuck her crazy. Please scream for me, beg for it, flinch on it, go down low for me and I don’t even need to ask then I turn her around and I return the favour cause I fuck her like I hate her and she fucks me like it’s my fault and though my prerogative is to hit and never commit but as I hit I don’t wanna quit and now my top priority is her ultimate pleasure BSDM reloaded and she up in my chambers, oh damn she is daddy’s little girl. In my mind I’m usually like; baby I know it is late but I’ve been frustrated and today has been a little hard on me so please don’t mind if I go a little hard on you too but I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. So don’t doubt when I say I’m missing you and oh goddamn I’m in the mood. You like when we get emotional and I know we promised we won’t but don’t you just like it when we have some intense sentimental sex like life was never meant to be fair.

She loves my ass and aint nothing wrong with that. I like when she assumes la position, we always about to create some hot new positions but only after we try all existing renditions. She comes knowing tomorrow she has to redo her hair cause with every long slow stroke she sees days of her future past. She has all the right features and knows what to do with them and even the master becomes the pupil and baby I love when you kiss my dimple. She kinda like wrote the book on how to sex me up. I kiss her from her head to her feet and I didn’t come to tease her I just came to please her…satisfaction guaranteed. They way I lick her might just make her go put a tat on it. She gives me flashbacks in flashbacks and that’s just sexy. 

I like when I flip her around and whisper in her ears, “Girl don’t you talk to me, don’t you dare test me, don’t even say a word, don’t even make a sound and I know I can be too much but just hold on tight and don’t lose your grip.” I want you just as you are and once we done in the bathroom, go ahead and race me to the bed then just lay there naked waiting for me and share in our sentimental freakiness. So when you feel like a woman in the sheets, got me licking too deep, splitting  your knees, kissing your feet, romantic slaps on that ass don’t worry that’s just me I’m down there putting my work in thanking you for keeping up with my shit. You just buzzed the front gate, I thank God you came. How many more days could I wait? I know you like it when I put my lust into words and then they would become just pure art. She like it when I get aggressive and she tell me to go slower, go faster, be gentle, and be a monster like controlla.

She is like ice cream; I just want to scoop her up like vanilla, add some strawberry and throw in chocolate sprinkles. I know we both lust for some trust and now we both colour blind cause apparently other sides seem greener. Everyone has an addiction and for now mine seems to be you. I swear I have done shit to you that would have my ex jealous and my pastor very afraid. You should know that my tongue loves writing you letters feeling you get wetter got me wishing I could hit it till the morning after. I like it when I feel your thigh slowly rising as I’m sipping from your water fountain. You going to flood the bed and while I am in your ocean hold my head down. Just take me under so that I can drown in it and I will never come up. We be going up-down, all around, drip drop, don’t stop, no umbrella as I’m playing in your rain so why don’t u come and sit up on my face. Keep filling me up with your juices, keep it right there baby don’t lose it.

My admiration you have earned and your pleasure has become my number one priority and just like Mary Jane you deserve that cause you’re my favourite kind of night. I have already said that pussy knows me better than I know myself and that’s why it is always out to make me remember. Pussy so good if I don’t get it from her then I don’t want it from anyone else. I’m on my way from wherever so get undressed, let us do the things that we say on text I want to get straight to your climax have you coming all day like a speeding bus. I just want to turn you out like pitch black; just wanna watch you do your work while I sit back cause you talk like you got what I need. You talk like you got my juice and the squeeze.

Here is the twist though, I have a girl crush and I hate to admit it but it is one hard crush and it is not slowing down. I got it real bad, I want everything she has; that smile and her midnight laugh that got you so hooked. I want to taste her lips cause they taste like you, I want to drown myself in a bottle of her perfume I sure as hell want her magic touch cause maybe then you would want me just as much. I don’t get no sleep I sure as hell aint in peace thinking about you under her bed sheets. The way that she is whispering, damn the way she is pulling you in. Lord knows I have tried but I can’t get her off my mind and if I sure as hell had a gun she would be the only one I would maim but then that’s just karma and I gotta live with that.

And so now you need to understand that I will be working cause I’m tryna be somebody before I say I need somebody; most of my emotions are well kept inside. I don’t know if I can be your man since the last girl I dated hit me pretty bad and you still have unfinished business to deal with. That pussy I know better than I know myself thus I rip a page off my notebook in anger and let these thoughts linger. We maybe into each other or just in love with the feeling either way I don’t give a fuck. So come here girl, I’m about to take you higher we about to set this bitch on fire, pour a lil gas, spark up your lighter u might not be the one but YOU THE ONE I DESIRE.
Mboga Breathes.


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