​It was a long fight, dangerous flight,

Of burning midnight oil, everyday a toil,

Books squashing brain, nonsense advice rain,

Four years later.
Of gawking awe, of groupies of we,

We made friends, to infinity, to worlds ends,

We made enemies, ad infinitum our nemesis,

Four years later.
Of aging ideas, and voluptuous ass,

Eyes roaming, testerone roaring,

Rebellion well in the cards, beauties in ads,

Four years later.
Idiotic stumped ties, with broken ties,

Authority priority, commoner’s ferocity,

Death the only appease, forever not at ease,

Four years later.
Of shitting ideologies, of crafted eulogies,

Three years later, plus a year’s letter,

Will make or break,

Four years later.
Four years my friend, eases to an end,

Scribble that exam, till it turns out maim,

Ticket to beauties, in universities,

Four years later.


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