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​At a time like this, long ago,

She was his, everything he could forego,

Guessed what it is, feeding a super ego,

Edifices frozen by love.
Love is powerful, domineering, controlling,

Lustful, consummating, consuming,

Infatuation makes players out of gentlemen,

Edifices frozen by love.
In my thoughts, in my fantasies,

Ghosts of a past life, haunt and daunt,

Forgotten memories were jumping to the present,

Edifices frozen by love.
Yet I try to forget, what we had,

In the past, we were an entity, a god and his goddess,

What we were was a powerful thing,

What we might have been was a wonderful empire,

I tend to think,

Maybe now I fear because I might self-destruct,

Edifices frozen by love.
But when I close my eyes,

I see her, a sweet angel flying beside me,

Moving along me as I torn the chapters of my life,

Guiding, healing, a source of life,

Edifices frozen by love.
Yet I cannot really face the facts,

Maybe you have forgotten and moved on,

Maybe my world is built on pillars,

Of salt and sand,

Edifices frozen by love.
To you I might be history, ancient or archaic,

Forgotten in the ignorance of your own past actions, Insignificant, small, minute, tiny,

But what we had, stopped time,

Edifices frozen by love.
And with time stopping, all processes stop,

But most painful of all is the knowledge,

That you loved, yet weren’t loved,

Insignificant, non-existent, zero, nada,

Lost in the annals of a past,

Edifices frozen by love.



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