Inspired by the last edition of kung fu panda.

Can a nigga let of his pain, can I spit off my chest , please may you feel my stress

You know the cliché ‘life is a bitch’ well I’m going to marry that ass and sign a pre-nap. Straight up out that dirty shit you cannot clean up. And if you gonna try and gun for me then you gotta aim up. But u see, I’m so alive you niggas gotta kill me twice. I wish ya’ll knew the shit I have been through and so understand I got dreams that only the Lord has means to take away from me. I apologise for taking so much time in finding clarity in who I am but now I did and so when you get to hell you can say you know me. Mboga is back, I aint a begging motherfucker but nigga please, most niggas are pure pussy just gotta get licked clean and do understand I’m being politely blunt. I’m so blunt they gotta smoke my shit like the truth. Don’t we all feel like dieing and so don’t we get high because the lows are damn too painful don’t mean we can’t handle our shit but I speak for one man when I say, I sure damn hell handle my own shit but I need mine.

I got a world series attitude and I thought I wanted a model wife but all I need are papers and a woman I can honestly kill for but don’t get it twisted don’t mean you aint another girl on my hit list. I never judged anyone in a world that I have been consistently judged and so to the people I condone I hope you just miss me a little when I’m gone. After all if one leaves without causing a heart distraught then he wasted his time on earth. Mama said if the rules aint bent then don’t bend them but now I make my own rules and live by my own creed. Some pussy niggas put out on me and my niggas and if it wasn’t for the death penalty we would drop you where you stand but hell… we still too worried about getting our own to worry about ya’ll sorry ass faces. You see I am tired of waiting for my ticket to get out of this motherfucker, I really need to get out of this mediocre shit I still see surrounding me so I dub this the clean up.

Apparently I have seen the two faces of the Ville; one side dreams the other side real, one side schemes while the other side deals. I feel ashamed cause the good Lord done brought all this success to me and all I seem to focus on is all this stress on me, well bless homie we still breathing. I stay focus now and got my mind focused on the target. I chase that paper and I won’t stop cause all that ever drives me are those bitter words said more than a year ago, “He is better than you?”. Painful they were but true none-the-less and now simple example of pain turned motivation. I wake up say my prayers and go do what I got to do. Nigga I’m just stimulated with ideas that could spark up a galaxy so what are you doing worried about what I’m doing but it don’t mean I need to be alone after all human companionship will warm any soul thus don’t act like you don’t need it. I keep my head high and I let my guardian angel carry me, I don’t know freedom but I wish that my dreams will rescue me. I keep my faith strong and if it weren’t for it I would long be dead eaten by this cold world. I ask the Lord to follow me. I’ve been unfaithful but I still don’t know why He calls on me and so this is my canvas and I will paint it how I want it. I like to write alone, be in my zone and think back Kasarani; no perfect home but it is the only thing like a home I’ve ever known.

Don’t worry I will be waiting for thanks from a few cause without me you wouldn’t exist and some of my shit gave you the blueprint so please don’t forget that I am the same person you despise and look down upon now but times never stay the same and its better if u knew I enjoy looking up to you cause it’s the only way to surpass you. I’m a fine young man with an old damn mind and I have been waiting to blow up for a long damn time(Thank you Cole). And when it’s all said and done I will be ahead of them.  After my last bitch my only prerogative has been to hit and never commit and to tell the truth I’m only fucking around with a few niggas but I’m popular enough and so I got a lot of  friends in places who got friends in places so you better watch your step.  I’m happy that most of ya’ll are motivated but most of you still lack the discipline, maturity, patience and resolve to understand that Rome wasn’t build in a day; jumping onto opportunities without thinking twice  because u saw your friend with them new air force ones or was that some Victoria secret thong. Nigga work hard but be smart about it otherwise nothing will come out of disorganised stimulation.

I am far from an overnight achiever cause there is no such thing hence ya’ll there insulting adults and completely writing them off and yet they carry more wisdom than you might probably ever have the chance of obtaining in ur hopefully fruitful existence on earth. I rock my hat to the side like I paint pictures, you should have known this by now I’m an artist. I don’t walk around with guns; I got people who got them and they got me too so don’t worry if I’m not the one shooting as long as you get shot and then I walk my own way and think about me all day so be cheerful I’m not a violent man but if that should change I will have to let you know that the price of death is only a bullet cheap. I don’t care if u hate me but do u respect me? You can say you don’t but I can see you flinching when my name pops up meaning I’m on your radar, too bad u aint on mine cause I’m hunting down bigger fish than u but it aint personal. I’m just a beast probably why I get my ass kissed but I don’t flex myself neither do I control anyone but when I talk they listen and that’s the only satisfaction my soul needs so hold your breathe but don’t lose it cause all I got for you is wisdom and life lessons. And just to clear it up wisdom is the proper application of acquired knowledge and experience.

A Kenyan with an attitude; a new millennium philosopher proudly of the ‘X’ generation as we are about to save our world from total damnation. I love the world and apparently I have had enough sweet times in it to do anything to save it and to stay in it so best believe only my creator can take my heartbeat away but till then I will chew bubble gum and kick ass. I don’t go into a fight aiming to beat you but if you are ready to go don’t worry I will make it my damn responsibility that you respect me. Be sure trying to please everyone is the sure path to failure after all not everyone tries to please you, so why do u want to bend the rules? But as far as I’m concerned karma works alone. All just seated saying Mboga done wrong never bringing the city shine. All he ever doing is painting pictures of crime, telling stories of pain and creating believable lies but if you reading or listening I’m painting pictures of hope, words for the lost and food for the soul. I only write what I deem beautiful and that is the only recognition I need.

Academically gifted but I’m that boy in class embarrassed cause I’m broke; indeed life did a number on me but I have since followed my own rules trying to rebuild. So meet the newest role model who don’t know how to fake this shit I would rather make it then fake it but till then I will only spit it how I live it cause I don’t have a public image to uphold (cute smirk). They talking about me but I aint tryna hit it right now, they watching us but we still gonna have a good time. They hating on me cause my momma apparently raised a nigga with balls enough to stand up and spit it as I see it, after all aint it what is already on everyone’s mind. I’m no scapegoat so learn to own up to your loss or victory but all that bullshit I’m gonna let it ride. All my people ya’ll know I see you and this post is for all my haters cause you all got me feeling like the greatest. My nigga just be you and trust me that’s how it sounds when they tell you u are be_u_tiful and then maybe you could just reach your potential cause I’m here seeing niggas die young and with too much potential and so should this be my last breath, I’m blessed cause it was purposeful. We are born sinners no one was born to be perfect none the less what the mind perceives it shall conceive so only you would know what’s perfect for you. Believe me, perfect exists but universal perfection is a bigger scam than naming a monkey corruption and asking us to love it. I don’t know if this will be the realest shit I ever wrote just know it’s the realest nigga that wrote this shit and if you aint fucking with that, I don’t care.

This writing shit is a gift but God help us make it cause all this business shit is a cliff. They say life is a test but who the hell is my tutor? No one. I accepted it cause I didn’t know any better so don’t judge what u can’t begin to understand. What these rappers be spitting and preachers think they preaching’ I shake my head in despair as most of them are only jacked up hyenas who only have their best interest at heart and slowly art has become a timid replica of what it used to be. Taught by mum to speak like I could see and pops said I should top it up with talking like I had a college degree and cause you don’t understand what I spit don’t change that I am deep. If you knew me then you should understand that my life is like a movie starring me isn’t yours the same too but I’m here busy wondering what made mine open to discussion like it was ever for your consumption. Respect my demons, I shall respect yours too. I do what is only true to me so pardon me if it seems that I am following my dreams you shouldn’t care less unless u were a friend but till then stick in your lane. You don’t see me speeding out of mine. I aint reading from a script they chose for me, in my movie I am the centre of attraction and if you doubt me then let me ask yee of little faith , if you were to die wouldn’t that be the end of the movie that was YOUR LIFE. Though my ego already too high I swear you gotta force obama to send the air force to find it, I still listen but I only take suggestions never demands. Apparently your doomed if u sip from outside the society cup but I will soon be 21 trust me I have had my feel of pain though not as much as them but enough to make right decisions for my life knowing I’m also part of the society but my society.

Living in a YOLO generation that doesn’t realise that you indeed only live once so it is one shot and we can only dream of reincarnation but until we get to that bridge I’ll be God damn if I’m ever gonna stop. I spit the kinda shit that makes a hater say sorry. They say I’m taking long well I say to you patience is a virtue. I think they scared of me and they should be. I will admit I am sorry when I feel I’m sorry but till then keep waiting.  I only fuck with my niggas from day one and that is how I’m gonna leave it. I was loved, I was hated but I was just a nigga with a dream. I’m a liar, I was honest but I was all of these things so when I’m gone let them talk. They discussing who I am when they burry me just know I was nothing but a man. I am slick with words so don’t hate me son, you see what you eat don’t make me shit and who you fuck don’t make me cum and so put a price on my head won’t make me run and if you try to kill me it can’t be done cause apparently my words are gonna live forever so let me smirk.

I only thank the man upstairs that I aint you and you aint me. I aint seen six figures yet but I swear I feel like a million but will I chill? Never! So to sleep at night I tell myself I’m the hottest nigga out there and you better tell the devil that now some of my peeps saying did he just say all that and they regretting that they didn’t call back but I’m just tryna ball till I fall catch myself then ball again. Fall to the floor dust myself then go at it all again. I have never been a bitch nigga and though this may never be the realest shit I ever wrote just know it’s a real nigga who wrote all that.

You can yap all u want but blood, sweat and tears I have had to pay my price so now I have that good game. And this for all my people cause I know you want more and we still hungry. I bet we have all learnt from the hurt along the way and we grown into people who can handle the bullshit better and our parents can have faith in that. So who am I, I am the nigga that’s gonna bring change one day. You see, where I am from if you ever seen what I have seen you would probably understand I can’t any get much better than this. I aint no overnight sensation so I aint about to raise my head and say I got all that but I am fully ready to defend what I live for and so I will put everything I got in this punch and make sure I hit back. To those who will still be there I aint living no man behind. Be afraid cause I’m hungry boy and I’m high without the marijuana, honest, I promise. I didn’t take long though, figured I’m not bailing my nigga and that’s why I’m so hungry for power my nigga. I might play them games but nigga I aint no joke. Son, I aint no one-stroke-nigga.

So who I’m I; I’m I the critic or the saviour, the pupil or the teacher, the philosopher or the joker, the selfless or the selfish, the egotistic winner or the humble loser, the chef or the eater, the preacher or the follower, I’m I the leader or the follower, I’m I the seeker or the renowned mercenary, I’m I the champion or the disappointment son; with time you realise I am all these things thus I can’t be blamed for the picture you paint of me cause we all see different things but best believe there is nothing about my script that says please everybody.
Peace be with you.


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