For all those people with special people u never have just words but they mean more to you than they know

I fucked someone and I liked it and this aint no fairy tale so don’t expect some I met someone bullshit or we lived happily ever after crap I aint about to be a rip off from a vampires diary but I could tell that sometimes I think I’m still lost in a comma where I created the perfect fuck. Is she beautiful…she beyond beauty, is she a freak…I wouldn’t be hooked if she wasn’t that ni’girl…I mean that real lady who got her own well handled.  She got that pussy that gives you flashbacks within flashbacks so I’m always down for whatever she down for…we got fine taste in music so I wouldn’t question what she wants. Is this love that much I don’t really give a fuck about but I could tell you we got some really really really deep shit and maybe just maybe I don’t show it but if you knew how much I’m craving her right now like a fat kid craving cake .
You could walk in on us and find the only thing I have her wearing are them freaky sheets talking to her like she my lil freak bitch cause that’s our little secret so I aint gon tell nobody but I hope she just misses me a little when I’m gone. I swear I can’t handle when she lick it, I swear nobody has licked it the way she does… I mean she sucks the soul out of me and kisses it right back in. She knows the way she serves it I can camp in cause she so clean. I turn her over and eat that pussy cause she so clean and I like the fact that she knows body language cause we don’t speak much; I know she can feel the passion, I know what she wants without even asking but I still do and I get to see a side of you that they don’t even see or know so we keep this private and end up connecting on a soul level. You can call it sex but I call it sexual healing
She a good little girl, so good I couldn’t one night stand her cause she is more than that. In the day time I will come running and if it’s in the evening I will pop my vintage shoes and fly off. In the middle of the night I will open up my arms and be with her I mean if I’m free and aint doing shit I’d rather get lost in her juices and did I tell you she taste like pineapples. GODDAMNIT she tastes like pineapples. Sometimes she goes hard and she hits me with her lips then her tongue then her other lips I call that a tripple double; a nasty combo. Pussy got me telling her I need her and I know I do and if she hasn’t seen that by now she either blind or lost in her own pussy in that case I understand cause I know how much of a wild place it can get sexy grin. So many things I could teach her so many things I could learn. So horny a nigga I become.
Freak on freak so damn amazing all we have left out is the vodka and water and a lemon cause she something like Rihanna while I’m up in that vagina cause she type of chic that only dress in something that’s designer. She got that kind of dashboard that makes a dog wanna hump her. Now I know this shit be far from perfect cause we way past ‘more than damaged’ but I feel like it is worth it, would she disagree with that and cause she don’t, I always holla back. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you that I see the demons in her eyes and she lets me know what’s on her mind but for a few hours of the day I think about her and maybe we should stop before we go in too deep but I’m so cool with her all I ever want to do is go in deep until she feels every inch is true cause I put up and back it up.
So we stay lit and raise our middle fingers to our problems cause if we let them they going to bring us down and we wrap it all up by a blow in the wind before she blow me in the wind with her strong tongue game probably stronger than my fifa game cause damn she give head so good u can see yourself in the Bahamas sipping mohitos on a hot summer eve. She the kind of bitch who suck and got u running to the jewellery store buying her a ring cause you just gotta put a ring on it. I could set her up with body shots from sun up to sun down. This one is for you girl just for you girl cause I bet nobody ever did you better and I got you wanting to run away with me on some nights and that is all the comfort I need cause I’m the kinda nigga who fuck your whole life up once I get into that pussy and she turning me into a stalker cause her instagram is pure temptation. I like getting her tipsy, a little blunted just fucked up feeling all up on it and you know what I came to do. I can get a little mushy and say I love her smile and I wanna fuck her eyes her eyes are goddamit sex itself but then I also enjoy the way she moves damn I’m sure if I did my research well her name would mean pure temptation. She is pure temptation. I promise I won’t ever waste her time and with time she will realise I’m a man of my word.
You see I hate getting my bed wet but that’s just how good her ass is and she would probably make a gay nigga reconsider. I don’t know about her but what she got I need a lot, oh my God she hit my spot and I can’t get enough of what she got. Met a bad bitch who can go all night and its kinda funny cause I wanna rock her all night even though it aint that simple. I wanna go so deep I’m touching her soul and I know she don’t hold back either. I just want to make her climax so that she can go back to sleep then I quickly join her cause I’m also less stressed out and her pussy just does that for me. She fucks my mind with some sexual healing so good on finer days you would get me licking my fingers right after sex.
She never dares stop me as she takes it all in cause momma didn’t raise no punk ass bitch. She cute and cuddly cause she smell like strawberry sprinkles and she look so innocent in her undies and what turns me on is that I know she aint even a tad bit innocent. I’m talking mind sex cause we fuck each other’s mind first before I fuck her crazy. Maybe you never had your little man polished by a beautiful broad with ‘saitan’ eyes and all you read from them is please scream for me, beg for it , flinch on it go down low on me and I don’t even need to ask for shit then I turn her around and I return the favour plus a cherry on the top then let her ass drop. You see I fuck her like I hate her and she fucks me like it’s my fault and though my prerogative is to hit and never commit as I hit I never wanna quit and now my top priority is her ultimate pleasure; bsdm reloaded and whenever she in my chambers I don’t care about noone else cause she is THE little girl and right now it’s funny how the thought of her can ease my mind.
So we both don’t mind when we call and text each other telling each other how we miss each other cause its goddamn true. All the things I do to her once we get in the room so I hope she is in the mood to  be at the tip of my tongue whenever and though we don’t get emotional we have some intense sentimental sex like life was never meant to be fair. She loves my ass and there aint nothing wrong with that. I love when she gets into position and we form new la positions after we try all existing renditions of the old sex gods and she always comes knowing she will have to redo her hair cause with every long slow stroke she sees the days of her future past.
She has all the right gadgets and she knows what to do with them and even the master becomes the pupil and I just love it when she fucking kiss’s my dimple. I love diving so deep in her sea and make her wet the bed over and over again. I get flashbacks on flashbacks cause I love the way she lets me feast on that pussy. Pussy so pretty u just wanna pause and take a pic of it first and then indulge yourself on a  perfect heavenly God made meal. I love making her cum again and again cause I love making her feel like a virgin again while I’m all lost up in her wet dreams.  How I wish she wouldn’t test me have a nigga pacing back and forth all because I can’t handle missing her. I just want her as she is and once we done in the bathroom she can race me to the bed and lay their naked waiting for me. I hope we don’t get emotional and be comfortable as sentimental freaks. So when I make her feel like a woman under the sheets and she feel me licking too deep, kissing her feet gripping her sweet ass too lit. I’m always down for her, putting my work in, just thanking her for working out for me cause not many chics can handle what I give and have enough to hit me back with.
When she knocks on the front gate and I thank the Lord she came, how many more days could I wait? I do things when she wants me to like controlla…devilish grinand I know she wanted me to pour my lust into words and finally they would become just pure art. She like it when I get aggressive and I go slower, go harder, go faster, go slower and still be gentle like controlla childish grin. But why does this feel so familiar, we just met and already I feel like I know the real her; maybe it was in another time in another world but sure as hell done this before. I know we both lust for some trust and for a damn long time we both been colour blind cause we thought the other side was greener but now we painted a vivid naked poetry picture that would cure blindness or so I believe.
Everybody has an addiction that takes away the pain and right now my addiction appears to be you and I swear I have already done shit to you that would get my ex all jealous but don’t you worry it aint my intention I’m just being real with you as I fix my life and I sure as hell wanna fuck your brains off as we go about it. Well sitting here sad as hell listening to Adele, I feel you baby; someone like you, more like someone unlike you is something that’s a familiar maybe and I can tell that she wants a baby and I can yell “girl you are crazy” but I know she will yell right back “boy you hell damn crazy”. But that kid would be outright gorgeous – ENOUGH SAID.
I guess I will have you know that my tongue loves writing her letters feeling her getting wetter always got me wishing I could lick it till the morning after. She keeps filling me up with her juices keeping it right there, oh damn she never ever loses it. She deserves my utter most devotion cause just like Mary Jane she my kind of night. I keep telling ya’ll that pussy knows me better than I know thyself that’s why it is always out to make me remember. Pussy so good unless I’m getting it from her I might just not want it from another.  She always seducing me like she on her way from wherever so she undresses me cause she wanna do the things that we say on text and I just want to get straight onto her climax have her coming like a speeding bus. She always talk like she got the juice and squeeze and leaves me saying damn all the time. Every time I lay with her all I’m ever doing is worshiping her grace.
I understand that she been working cause she tryna be somebody before she need somebody and all I’m tryna do is know that pussy better than I know myself and I sit back and smoke one deep one and let these thoughts linger till I see her again.



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