When life gives you lemons baba mboga says add some ice cubes, get some tequila and have yourself a party. Well, my life of late hasn’t been so sweet or enjoyable, maybe I make it seem so but it’s very far from the truth. To be honest for the past one month I have been rethinking my steps, reevaluating my business making sure I look at the table from all angles before I wake up from my cocoon. Hibernating, that’s the best term for what I have been doing and has it paid its due. Well I hope so. Don’t we all.

So who am I? What am I?

I am a realist though I am quite optimistically biased and this helps me look at the world as it should for problem solving circumstances but I give my best even in difficult situations. I am straight forward with the brutal truth as the centre of my being. I probably always mean what I say, though not always sober in my reasoning my answers still carry weight to the maximum. Sometimes, I am usually brutally harsh enough to cause pain and hurt.

I deem myself philosophical with a strong sense of what is right or wrong. I love exchanging views and I am also guided by strong opinions and principles and for that to be determined must be in the company of intellectuals who are sensitive and quite free minded themselves, not that I don’t have some rigid friends. Quite the generous folk with a large heart. I always go out for friends at my own expense all on the principality of treating others how I would wish to be treated hence I rarely give up on friends with unquestioned loyalty but if I give up I rarely look back.

I am adventurous, never shying away from taking risks to keep the excitement alive. I may be careless due to my not so impulsive nature because at times even I become human and so I may take things for granted and ignore the obvious hence taking unnecessary risks becomes an option quite characterized with my tendencies to become unemotional, tactless and temperamental. My temper is controlled but when I lose control it usually becomes blind rage.

I tend to become too brutal, it’s who I am and for that I can’t change at least not completely. Impatience may vary depending on situations. At times my patience can be shocking sometimes I appear to not have at all but then again it depends. A tad bit superficial. Outer looks and opinions, I really don’t give a shit about but at times it gets to me. I have a small inclination to look below the surface to see the actual substance.

I may be termed inconsistent due to my high boredom levels though still rare. Interest things may be short-lived and keeps fluctuating especially if he gets bored hence at times I may become less efficient hence difficult to deliver consistent performance. Over confidence is not short of my character. Bordering the lines of self awareness and over confidence I often tend to believe I can do no wrong which is blasphemous in a way but it don’t mean I never accept my mistakes. I am a truth seeker and the best way is for me to hit the road; talk to others and get some answers hence my friends are selected on a particular criteria but it is quite in order to say my inner circle is quite hard to get into.

Knowledge is key as it fuels my broad minded approach to life. Interested in philosophy; trying to find the meaning of life is my ultimate purpose of living and hence I tend to want to achieve this while feeling free and easy. I consider myself a modern day intellect but more so philosopher and the fact that I see myself so different to the extent only paper listens turns me into a blogger. I am a clear thinker cut from a selected cloth of greats, a whole bloodline of philosophers runs through my veins or so I would tell you. I always prefer looking at the big picture hence my constant need for a life partner who takes care of the finer smaller details. I always enjoy when people agree with my well thought out point of views and I deem that always as smaller greater achievements that are unsung. My need to grow turns me into a human emotional sponge to take in and give back jus the right amount of enough. My bottled up nature is explained right?

I am an enthusiastic consumer of information and an emphatic listener, I guess thirst for knowledge does that to a man. Probably intransigent if I am not wrong but still an extrovert in every sense. So to get the answers I need I will listen to others with the mutable quality. I love my freedom hence I have an insatiable need to explore the world. A home grown mind fucker I could say. Expansive in my thoughts and my approach to the world, a free bird better yet a free mind. But now I am better than what I usually am. The uncanning ability to observe the world so differently yet so childishly leaving it at simplicity.

Outspoken in my beliefs and at times to the point of exaggeration but this may also be because of my unflinching optimism always knowing that everyone can change if they wanted to. I am relatively lucky thus my gambling tendencies on various aspects never really accepting defeat. I suffer from foot in mouth disease but I also have procrastination and asshole tendencies. I am quite self indulgent and love the quietness the world provides when you lock it all out. Like fire I move quickly and uncontrollably to avoid getting bored and like I said I ever rarely look back. Athleticism is the name of the game. I take life full on hence usually full of experiences never scared of sharing but I have my secrets usually shocking and deep and I rarely let people in that segment of my life. It’s a privilege to be precise.

I tend to overstep my boundaries at times after all I am only human but I never judge for my blood doesn’t at all wash away people’s sins hence I can act amicably cool in heated situations. I can talk so fast and so much that I don’t really process the weight of what I am saying leading to occasional hurt feeling. However, my words often serve to inspire others and to get things going hence my friendship is shockingly appreciated even by those we don’t see eye to eye. Quite the curious man though. I attract others with ease simply because of my own molded character and my ability to always have a good time even when the situation doesn’t need my foolishness all in an attempt to subdue the seriousness of situations.

I love socializing with an ever changing and an ever evolving crowd. Due to my mind fucking tendencies I love mind games but I hate the lack of straight forwardness. I love games, I am playful, quite flirtatious and probably always on top but I don’t mind relinquishing control as I enjoy serving probably way more than being served. Always eager to share my experiences and explorations with others which may be mistaken for a man with no secrets but I have secrets some of which no soul knows off but only because I haven’t found someone who could really get me there and those with the potential often fail at the closest points. Free thinker who accepts and welcomes change with open arms.

Freedom is actually very important to me and I will make decisions based on the amount of freedom a choice gives me (usually it is just mere mental freedom I seek) but I only usually make best decisions for me and not anyone else. I think of myself as an excellent friend; encouraging and optimistic, straight forward and a man who always goes for what he needs plus the selfless kindness. I don’t interfere with other peoples’ plans and I in turn expect the same and due to this I am never possessive nor jealous but sill I am only human.

A life based on the policy of live and let live makes tolerance an easy virtue. An excellent conversationalist with a good sense of humor which is usually the raw truth helps me exceed most expectations because I take situations as they are and trust myself to walk out barely scathed. I say what I mean but I may not act it. I simply love straight forwardness and expect it in return with no judging so it is quite simple for people to be free and speak out their minds when in my presence. I don’t get along so well with people who live by a daily agenda with a highly structured organized life. To deal with me though requires low levels of maintenance but high levels of tolerance and without tolerance I am simply out of your league be it a lower or higher one don’t love commitment but I have high levels of commitment nonetheless.

I would love to make the world a better place never wanting anyone to go thru what I have been thru. I thrive under pressure it’s when I am at my best. I am not an emotionally moody person though I have my sentimental side which is quite well matured and crafted and I can’t really call it ‘kucatch’ as the .com generation puts it. I may be in fact unemotionally detached if need be and I get both irritated and irritating when I’m bored. My blind rage is never long lasting and my pain has a funny way of fading away so quickly hence I have no emotional problems holding me back because I don’t really enjoying fretting about emotions and feelings.

Sometimes people may be offended by my lack of commitment but I swear to you I only reciprocate what is brought to my attention hence the human physical representation of action reaction. I am far from lazy and I milk dry the simple drive to have purpose and the painful reality that no matter what life always moves on. I don’t dwell on hurt because it is simply a waste of my energy neither can I be contained nor over possessed because my space is simply mine. I don’t really talking about my feelings I would rather simply experience them and move on. I sometimes jump recklessly to the mere mention of new stuff but it’s who I am so deal with it.

In a nut-shell; I hate off the wall theories. I hate too many details. My freedom is my greatest treasure especially my mental freedom. I try to be socially acceptable thus I behave in a socially acceptable manner. It’s easy to make friends. I enjoy being around sensitive, expressive and intellectual people. Family and true friends have my pure dedication and willingness to do almost anything for them. When I visualize something in my mind and it appears achievable I will do anything I should to achieve It without sacrificing my dignity or self worth. I care more about self respect than ego; ego doesn’t build cities and colonies. I guess it’s safe to say I always have the best of words for any situation as long as I fully understand the magnitude it possesses. I love exploring all possibilities in life hence to explore each one of them so as to determine where the truth lies. Best defined as a restless wanderer, thus the best one can do to keep my attention would be to share in my quest for unending search for knowledge, appreciate my views no matter the unorthodox nature they possess and finally to respect my opinions if not my wisdom. I am the logical thinker and the enthusiastic listener; I simply listen carefully to everything that needs to be said before processing the info and coming to a conclusion.

I am who you perceive me to be. Needless to say, I do not feel the need to prove myself to anyone. You choose your own reality and therefore will choose to paint your own picture of who I am.



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