‘We never really grow up we just learn to act in public atleast i did’.

I am a kid at heart. Normal statement it seems right, but then put baba mboga in it a couple of ounces of pure dreaded intoxication and a balcony with access to sweet East African breezes and unknowing neighbours then it no longer becomes normal but rather it becomes mbogafied(okay maybe I should find a better name but for now that will do). Yeah, as usual the breeze hitting thy face, mboga observing; let me put the obvious out of the way first so we can indulge in this tom foolery.

So…I’m there thinking, more efficiently I was TUI-ing, thinking of as children we used to be so innocent playing in the sand like it was some bubbles, fascinated by the ringing voice of a phone because it grabbed your attention, running away from people with bad faces because you fear them and cry whenever you wanted mother. So what happened…people would say they grew up and they lost the sentimental value of what it meant being a kid. I am a kid at heart and still so many people count me mature in fact I believe I haven’t met someone who deemed me immature other than THE ONE but oh well that’s so last month…back to story…my mind was simply trying to unravel why life is so simple when you are a kid. This was my argument.

When you were a kid, u were like an empty bottle and you lived on basic impulses that drove everything in your life. How you wanted attention and indulged in proficient crying till it came. When we were kids ours souls, hearts and minds were pure and we still held beliefs in everything and anything that deemed achievable to our small minds. How children, whatever the background, didn’t have much trouble finding something to play with from safety pins, phone chargers, hand-made balls, your mothers bra; I mean literally anything but now most if not all of us have become impure; intoxicated by the dreads this world carries. We became a poisoned lot who forgot how it was to be straight forward and real to yourself and goals changed. We simply began to realise there were things like fate and karma and the world doesn’t go as planned as you would have expected and now everything bothers you.

All I’m trying to say say is that when we were kids everything was simpler and now they seem complex but they are not. The world didn’t change, we did and in fact the world moves forth because humans do otherwise if we never invented fire or the cars we would still be wearing napkins and call them clothes. Our perception of the world changed as people learned how to cope with the world but I didn’t, I held on to everything that was me then and to this date I enjoy being a kid. Though people simply call me a complex enigma because they don’t understand where I come from my life is just so basic as simple as a b c.

I mean, just as a kid whose dancing in front of an audience the kid doesn’t really care who he or she is dancing for actually and to be honest after the meeting I had with all this infants last week they sent me to tell you all that they actually do not give an inch of dick and yes they said that. A kid doesn’t even care what style they wanna do meehn a kid has simple mental reactions that I would love to summarise into a computer program sometime:



PRINT “Enter query.”

INPUT Query.

IF query is a punishable offense THEN



IF query makes me happy THEN

Enjoy the shit out of it


Find amusement elsewhere





Basic reaction indeed and just like that I never care what people think of me when I am on the dance floor if you want to laugh meehn just laugh till you die cause you will leave me still alive and still dancing because I do it to my amusement. Simply when you are a kid you are only true to yourself and only yourself but as you grow up lines are drawn putting mental inhibitors but as some would say for your own good I would say it is only a parents obligation to bring up their children in their own belief so most people are 60% what they are taught while children are only about 10% (For now it seems bull crap but keep reading).

A kid is creative there is no mind barrier to the possibilities they can create to situations or the amount of ideas they would have because they don’t really have as a narrow scope as adults have always considering the 90% of what might not be then attack and ultimately treat it as a no but children don’t know this. Study’s were done to put mental creativity between children and adults to a test in a popular show known as brain games and to be honest children beat adults every single time. Thus to further the earlier statement in the previous paragraph if you would so please and try to recall in the past century so I don’t think there has been any new global trending creation from people past the age of 40(this is actually being not so harsh) but not to take everything out of adults they come up with a lot of thesis and theories. So when I think of an idea or I need to look for solutions to problems or probably look at arguments, I may not always follow through, I try to give it 100% brain power and anything that comes to mind thus even slight possible solutions are considered hence leading to further breaking it down to bits until I happen to find an idea that I believe suits the situation.

Just like a kid I don’t say sorry only because it is the right thing to do, I simply apologise to someone else whether I understand their reasons even when there is nothing to apologise for; I do it because it’s a kids basic impulse to say sorry because they believe you are hurt because of their doing and it displeases them. A kid hates to cause disappointments especially to parents same away all I ever do is want to impress my own special people but on a more basic level a kid enjoys pleasing himself by keeping everything one hunna.

Kids cry for people they care about and when u hurt them they are so straight forward with u and when you ask them they tell you without thinking but give a mature adult who thinks the world is all about making us guess like we are some mind reading people. If u have an issue just like a child make it known and you will get the attention you need, sulking somewhere in a corner hoping someone sees what is going on but then you realise that sometimes the world decides to move on. A kid only sulks in a corner when he tries making his problem known and it comes back to bite them in the ass so they go into their own bubbles and finally try to solve a problem themselves to the best of their ability.

Kids are literally fearless no matter the danger because to them, satisfying their curiosity based on actually getting what you want is the death of desire. A child experiences something and from that he creates a general perception of that idea and chooses whether they would indulge in it or not and possibly when they might want to. Kids don’t care if they risk falling from four storey buildings because they happen to sit on the ledge of the balcony and enjoy the breeze and they won’t be scared if encountered by a snake because it simple believes the snake is an interesting new thing that dazzles their curiosity and thus an impulse reaction is to touch first and ask questions later but if you tell a child that touching a snake may bring consequences they may be familiar with as pain they will simply run the other way. That is why so many parents may hit their children for quite justified reasons as stop playing with sand or other hazardous material but what if its desire is not satisfied then they will go back to the very same thing but adults we don’t go beyond what we are told and that is a huge problem. For adults exploration is not very much welcomed. How we all accept the way the world works because we were told or we found it like that never wanting to rely on the possibility of an if. Ever thought of the possibility that most of us are maybe tribalists, muslims, Christians, magicians or even doctors because simply our guardians were and when we tread the other way because it doesn’t amuse our satisfaction we are shunned as monstrosities with long heart prayers and periodical fasting occasions to save a ‘lost soul’.

Kids are still liberal minded and easy to manipulate because their minds don’t have filters to what comes in hence the reason most adults are a mere reflection of their teachers and mentors for the first 18 years. Kids don’t know about bad or good but they learn and as the basic animals we are they adapt to the fictional reality they are told to live and they believe it so much and trust their teachers so much it becomes a way of life hence ‘reality’ and ‘society’.

Adults on the other hand have mental blocks strategically placed to control the mind thus the lack of creativity as age goes by. The mind relies on what it has already perfected and hold dear over the years; commandments they have embedded in their own hearts probably stone tablets if this is too unorthodox for you. Our own heart-felt constitution hence the popular saying you cannot teach an old dog new tricks but I detest the saying cause for me learning is a life-long process, isn’t it not.

Kids and the kid mentality is what makes me who I am…I look at a situation and I simply go for what I believe thus I do not expect myself not to be straight forward because of emotions; if someone asks me to be honest then I go for it. If someone makes a business plan I don’t tell them it’s a knock off I tell them what they need to know so as to know what they might need to do for the best outcome. I forgive everyone I can as long as they prove they are remorseful just like a kid I don’t hold grudges because as a kid pain is only momentary but scars are never forgotten so I never forget that shit. I am an empty soul a free mind; I live on the comforts of what I believe and like a child I do what is best for me and my interests I don’t give a damn soul if I hurt a million people in the process, I simply do what is best for me and my own interests but then just like a kid I am not racial, tribalist and I outright don’t judge anyone. All I know if you are good to me I will be good to you but if you stab where it hurts the most then I will give you hell on earth.

Just as a kid I’m not controlled I control myself. A kid does things based on what it remembers and experiences but an adult usually does things on mere possibilities and assumptions hence assumptions is the mother of all screw ups.

I am just a kid at heart.

Being a kid may be immature to you but to me it’s a mature gift on the mind. A break we all need. It is simply a lifestyle you can choose. Being a kid is simply enjoying life as you see it and it gives a caged mind the freedom it deserves to be born again. It may be nothing now but to the inspired few I believe it is a secret worth indulging; a step to a better managed race, a free race of mankind – free from mental coffins.

Being a kid simply blows my mind.



How about next time you are in a quagmire you would first start by asking yourself what would a kid do?


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