I have been down this road – so not this time;this time i will choose ROUTE 66. Liqor(the devil’s urine), i will keep it as far away possible as i dont need it. This time round instead of numbing the pain i will rather embrace its disgusting cold touch and feel sweet about it. Its gruesome kiss on the neck will surely not motivate me enough to jump off the rails. I am not dangerous i am danger and i am not angry i am anger. No more casual flings and be the jack who hits the road. This time round i am willing to reach deep down so low enough to face my demons cause i finally realise i am the devil’s syndicate. Love nothing but an emotion, women beautiful creatures whom i have based my entire lifes work; studying them and trying to understand them or maybe how they tick but the vodka in my system cant condone that bull talk now. The light is dimming on me and maybe i am not what I used to be, maybe i am less of a man but not i couldnt have come all this way to just come all this way so i am twice the man i was. My dreams are true and my wishes are real, my principles were concievable and my desires lust worthy but then we cant forget of how through time i have learnt and slowly i have become superbly matured brandy but even brandy cant be good on all days. So to the road thats ahead lets drink and be merry cause tomorrow i fight; i am now more aware of all this bullcrap and i know that blood will not always be blood and though my vision may be weary from all the crying but i can see the sunset and maybe sometime you just have to roll with karma and fuck that bitch. So i have a cigar in my mouth, my breath reaks of pussy and gin but i am okay cause i am riding off to the sunset in my imaginary vintage porshe cause thats just how i roll.


Mboga strikes again from tablet with love


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