Dear rif raf,

I guess I am really done trying to justify my actions against my old lady. I am not the cheating guy , I didn’t cheat when they all expected it and my chic was an obnoxious pain in the ass with no respect for me so I wont start now when I have everything I ever wanted in revealing quantity. I love my girlfriend and everybody who has been around me in the past 8 months quite knows it but it seems that the everyday janet, jacky and josephine of my era seem to not know when a guy is trying to grow distant. My bad that my ideal way usually involves leading them on and a lot may be questioned on whether I am a guy who should be trusted and so bae’s trust is out of my reach but I believe not for long.

I love my girl and only her so anyone after her actually will have to sway herself in to my heart. We take every day to grow and so I have grown so much to understand she would rather know there are chics around me but I don’t entertain them. I guess I am always hoping that everything I do right for her will be enough for her to see I love her as much as I told her.

As the days go by I realise that I only love her the more and so I get irritated by the girls who dare date three guys between then and now and expect me to still be there waiting like I ever did. I have my doubts on my genuinity cause if I was a chic I would have left me by now but I totally get her and I understand how she feels and so its typical that I wish she would flog me to death because I don’t deserve to see tomorrow. I am not being harsh on myself and every day I learn how to get myself out of the pack and breaking hearts has become an easier task but its not enough and mass murder will have to be employed. All you rif rafs, aka chics who think they have futures with guys yet they don’t, you have to understand that our loyalties havent be tested but if there is a chic who believes she can be something she cant then be my guest but don’t expect me to smile and laugh like I have been.

Its not that I a being forced into this but I would rather want to see your disapointed nad crashed fasces when u finally understand that I love her and deep down you all wish it wasn’t true. I have already proven that she wasn’t here for a short time and now I want to show you all that forever is a long time. I see no need in being involved with anyone else and I can wish that my days get longer for me to get to my friends. It’s a crappy world with crappy rules but the ones who stay true to the laws of the land will be gifted. Yes, I am basically saying I do not want any of you because I already have all I want.

To my baby,

I am sorry, Sometimes as immature teenagers we fail to see how we already have that everything and taking risky chances should never be an option because it is not what people in love should do. I guess my ties to humanity are more fucked up than expected and whether I should be killed is no longer a bargain. I have fucked up and I know this…I have infringed the basic grounds of trust all because I cared too much for friends I never really want and spend less real time being there for you. You are amazing and I try to show you every day and sometimes I get shocked at the things I do for u and even the things you do for me and it is for a fact I know if you didn’t love me then we would be fucked up for life. You see, you are very important to me and I know I cant expect A from you as I give you Z hence love is only a high way worth living. Loving you has been so awesome and so cryptic and every day I learn new things from you which is always fun. I cant say one thing and not let my actions support it. Words may build love but actions keep it strong. I only wish you stick with me just a little bit longer I bet I can make it right. I love you oh yes I do.

Mboga strikes again from tablet with love


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