Casual sex is slowly becoming a very forgettable art. It is as dead as any carcass lying seven feet under but why? Sex for a long time has become an intimate communication between any two people and even during the stone age it was cavemen see woman, caveman want woman, caveman club woman on the head and walaaah caveman own woman and with time this has evolved to vibing and chemistry as a major trend setter for who one would count as a potential sex mate.

Now casual sex has become a vile and rather not at much impressive constitute of our lives. It has been corrupted with emotions with majority being women’s fault since they demand emotion in whatever sexual escapade they indulge in and any woman who probably gives u good pussy thought you were something special and long gone are the days when it was just;



I like you

Wanna have sex

Yeah sure


Okay maybe it wasn’t as straight forward but it had some substance and flair. Where him not calling you tomorrow morning or her hanging out with other dudes no longer becomes an issue. Then friends with benefits were actually friends with benefits. We come back to my place at night, I bang ur brains out, we talk about our days and tomorrow we wake up and life moves on and this had become popular solutions for not dating especially for people who couldn’t keep up with the emotions that come with dating and the drama filled lifetime. Having FWBS was more to control your horny state, get better at sex or simply because you were comfortable around someone but u had no feelings for them but now we have exclusive FWBS which is kinda more fucked up than anything I have heard.


Casual sex was meant to be casual; walk in walk out done. There are no what are we, don’t you miss dating, who was that chic I saw you with the other day etc. You cant force love where love doesn’t exist. If lust is what there is then enjoy it now because the one  you may end up falling for will have no lust or the sex may be as sour as lemons. Casual sex isnt an abomination; I don’t have to have feelings so I can get some if I have the dick and you want it, why not? People coming up with MCM and WCW coded names for I just wanna fuck.


It is simply a greeting, in more or less terms. It is an endearment of hope and faith for  a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where one night stands are not criticized by our own selves yet it is something we can settle for any day of the week. As long as you keep yourself safe clean and have intimate priorities then why not take time to gift someone with your body only because you choose and it is something worth your time. Wednesdays evenings become a ‘mkururo’ of faded and sweaty with a dash of perpetual orgasms. And I bet casual sex might actually lead to love taking into consideration the huge amount of people who fall in love where they just got into casual sex and their minds were not forced onto ideas of love and isnt as intoxicating and difficult trying to tell yourself that you love her or him yet it’s the great sex and the chemistry but we cant love everybody we have chemistry with.

When I don’t force myself to find love it finds me like it did now. I dint go after her she didn’t go after me. It just happened and so now I enjoy myself but if you feel no utter emotion for someone rather ur judgement is clouded by intense dense lusty clouds then why not be what they think u cant be. Touch her and if you feel that inner emotion then she is the one but if all you think about is hitting it then let it be casual and it will be a worthwhile if we just moved on and refused to fall prey to I love u because u let me hit it. Tell them that u just want sex and if they hope for something more it is way easier to say u cant be emotionally available for them because it is strictly business and it saves you the pain of having to break off something sweet because he wants love and you cant give it, at least not to him.


Casual sex is like a business venture; some deals become lifetime accolades while some deals don’t work out. When u simply research enough about the other party u tend to know their weaknesses and strength and find loopholes in contracts for you own benefit, and after all that it goes awry you just have to go home and forget about it and tomorrow you try to offer the deal to someone else. Casual sex is not a monstrosity but something worth encouraging as we globalize the world with sex. Don’t hate it and if u cant love it then ignore it and move on.

Mboga strikes again from tablet with love


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