Isn’t it fun when you are in love? When the smallest particles and fibers of your being are only in motion because they live for the day when you donate a speck of your soul together with your significant other and in that awesome magical moment poetry becomes obsolete and naked poetry is born. I guess that’s how I view my children even before they are born and this is how I perceive my romantic confrontations with my ever beloved. Love is never simple it may be easy but never simple. Who said complicated can be as easy as A B C.

Usually the mr’s and I don’t get along from time to time due to the difference in opinions and brain patterns on same frequencies as often tend to border different lines on specific situations and they become extremists but that’s exactly how it is and we fit perfectly into each other one with insights of a subject on one extreme end and the other with an equally good opposite reaction of the same subject from the opposite extreme end.

“You are stupid,” she says. ” I find you particularly childish,” I hiss back. This our day to day verbally insulting exchanges with my dear beloved. We know each other so well it is easy for us to tear each other at wounds that can’t be closed, sooo well we know each other no matter what we wear as armor we can find the soft spots blind folded. And so we dig daggers into each other and don’t stop till one of us is too hurt to continue. We leave each other so open and so easy to chop down nobody can say anything and we go on cutting each other till we are tiny branches of what our dignities and egos used to be. It is for lives to move on because of our strong personalities but we pick up the pieces slowly and eagerly.

But I pick her pieces and she picks mine and we glue each other back together from scratch to whole. Piece by piece like artists of two distinct crafts we fix each other entirely and wholly but what is the glue. Usually I kiss her first deeply entirely then slowly and finally deeply slowly then entirely. Inch after inch I recreate what was and she doesn’t hold back either and she reminds me why she is the ultimate goddess. Every lingering touch of hers is an ignited dynamite that brings out the animal in me. Lunge for her neck so deceitfully with small lickerish circles on her neck as I make my way to her lips. Sexual lips they are, they can easily sexually seduce anyone if she wished to but even when she doesn’t she seduces me and turns me into something I love being. A demon of her own making. Down her throat finely on her chin sweetly up her shirt my ever wandering hands go to that sexy lingerie with nothing but my teeth.

Touch for touch intimacy beyond comprehension and we never get tired of brewing this power concoction till we are well gone and lost to the demon inside. No more lines to cross just steps to make and inches of holy grail to cover as I pull off her clothes swiftly but ever so gently and then she fully understands I will take care of her whenever and however. Perky are her breasts, hard is thy member. Hard she gasps intoxicating I flinch and she grabs me tighter than she has ever before and we forget why we were mad and we end up apologizing for nothing at all. We ram it into each other that we are a fucking perfect fairy tale and nothing will ever change but it never ends as fast as it started. Like nature there is a cycle and path to be followed so nature demands our bodies though filled with excruciating lust and passion should hold together and not explode to the tyranny of passion.

But we are animals with an infinite liking for each other and we don’t know how to be patient with each other cause then we feel whole and utterly complete with no cracks nor dents at that one particular moment she turns my hell into a heaven bliss and with every thrush be it slash or stroke we are one but is it sane if I said we are more than one. I can’t explain it and it seems insane but trust me its art when you get there. My tongue flicks back and forth sweet and slow in out and moist becomes norm. An alloy of the same metal shells but still two different constants in the same equation we magnify love into trust, commitment, loyalty and communication. Nothing to hide and everything to prove I let her lead the way and she goes back and forth like a soccer team. Gas full tank never gets drained or insufficient to make me smile moonlit smiles with fucked up utopias at the end of each smile.

I think motorcycles may be her thing and she knows she owns one. Flips from gear to gear like she knows her machine inside and out and as we continue with life she gets used to her new hobby speaking to her new fond machine. We cannot be what we are if we don’t invoke our naked selves to putrid art and become the soul bearers of majestic nature cause after all machines, buildings and everything else of no importance are gone we are left with generations and generations of outcomes resulting to intimacy and sweet sweet love.

Kissing her from both sides up and hands on her sensual behind. Sexy she is, classic she will forever remain trust me I’m a vintage guy. We have set a new high on the bar that marks love and in no way do I see any other couple taking it down. Simply enticing it is, sexually ravishing it will forever remain and crazy stupid love is what it is called. Nobody can really ever understand how to grab her by the neck and infringe her g spot time and time again like a maniac on an overdose of viagra screams I love you or how to infringe on my sexual being and make me look like a deity in the presence of a goddess when she inhales me so deeply and I become the only reason for her high. Is this crazy, oh yes it is; is it in any way stupid, well depends with your definition of stupid but it is truly and truly love of the highest degree in its best form.

It is simply naked poetry; nothing more nothing less.


Love you bae.


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