This isn’t originally my concept and so I have actually stringed up two independent ideas from Suli Breaks (spoken word artist) and an article from Sunday’s paper and tried to combine them into one whole mind blowing revelation.

Imagine if I could give you 10080 dollars every week into your account and you can only use this money on your own benefactor but there is a catch; you cannot save this money and you have to spend all of it by the end of the week if not then I stop giving you this amount. Sounds so easy, right? So you think this week you will buy the latest television set or the new sleek phone but a couple of months you will not know what to do with this time and you will start wasting it so that it can just get finished and spending it doesn’t become as much fun as it used to be. You cannot give it to charity or help your parents this money only goes to you and you alone and every week I will give you 10080 dollars once I am satisfied you have completely used the last amount I gave you. It seems torturing and so unfair.

What if I told you that every week you do get money worth 10080 for your own use but it is in the most valuable currency in the world time (minutes)? Yes, at the beginning of every week we have 10080 minutes and we just waste it away on stupid things that do not value or build us. What if instead of watching movies for six hours a day you could use three of those hours or even just one to either read or pursue a craft that would be profitable but instead most of us wait for investors to find us but I can assure u 80% of our future’s billionaires are out there hustling and doing everything they can to better their craft. People say they need resources to be successfull but a certain friend of my father has a textile industry and he started with 100 shillings just living on the streets but he decided to invest his time in walking all the way to the Gikomba market to buy clothes and sell for a profit and he simply put on more hard work till where he is currently.

We cannot simply just wake up successful no matter how much we wish it but we have to work for what we are and if u happen to have everything u need and u were born into it then I will say lucky you but to me you are only living off another person’s hard work even if it is just your father. There are people who are born into companies and they make even more millions because they choose to invest their valuable time into something that grows them or friends who make more sense to you and yet we tend to claim that life is unfair or karma is a bitch yet we have been a bitch to our own selves. Father time was designed to serve anyone hence we are all equally given the same amount of time and it doesn’t matter if you have a degree or not as long as u have time you can get anywhere .

We shouldn’t however forget that it is only natural for some things to happen and they must follow a certain particular schedule hence there is a protocol to how things happen in the world. Pregnancy takes nine months and seasons cannot mix order hence a particular order has to be followed by nature. Yes people can argue but those are only about 10% of unique things which are specifically unique probably I would argue to cement that truly there is a God but I need not digress. Hence nature can never be bent or twisted like u can feed ur chicks right and give them the right conditions for them to grow as fast but it is only natures order or a pre-designed timer than allows for them to be mature at the exact time they become mature hence these conditions must be offered if not then ur chicks die. It is by these means it is safe if I said everything in life needs a process to be fully complete.

Of course many people hate the process because it is not always comfortable and it was never designed to be comfortable. I think some conditions are particular difficult so that we can never look back; if being poor was easy don’t you think most people would be okay with what they have but to achieve wealth conditions have to be passed and difficulties be withered out. Hence we have to involve the particular correct methods to get where we want to be because unless the moment is right, no matter how hard or long one pushes at something, it won’t materialise. Patience must be seeked in order to wait for ideas to materialise as u work on it and at times you find that your persona and character are what need to be changed so that you can get what you want. Success requires father time and mother nature, it’s just how it is?


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