Seated on the couch surfing on my tab listening to some old classic jams then as a rightful stoned blogger I get to lavishly think about the beautiful symphony that is music but what do I have to say really. Is music dead? Naah, but what about classical musicians uhm yes they are dead. Music may not be dead but it is surviving on a water drip of almost completely finished musicians who pack a punch.

Yes there are musicians who move crowds but I am talking about one voice speaking to at least a billion people and make hit after hit and be universal throughout the whole world and even in that water drip bag I must filter the excellent from the good. I mean which musicians can I really put in the house of G.O.A.T(Greatest Of All Time) joining the likes of puff daddy and the obviously 2pac need I say more.I conspire and controversially say that Rock will always be the Godfather of all other genres of music and that is a fact because I can’t in no way picture black slaves singing hiphop in a cotton farm or the white masters doing tecno as they slash those backs with whips of retort humor but hell what do I know #Sips_Tea. The magic of rock music has implanted a prism of light in my soul. A prism that wonderfully refracts the minds visual rays of the scintillating thoughtful spectrum. A structured of flight, time and passion. It can kill you!

So back to the topic at hand well all this nikki, drake and meek mill orgasmic bout has head buzzing especially after meek mill was cyber bullied by drake himself. Never the less no matter how much my friend shouts from the top of his lungs that meek mill does surety hip hop I just do a shot of gin to numb the painful ring in my ear whenever he has the mic. How would anyone nominate meek mill’s shouting as a particularly useless shouting enigmatic baboon which doesn’t string up as anything particularly or musical. I must admit his last album did please me but anything else that man has ever done with his mouth came out as a bunch of bull.

The most influential musical geniuses are Kanye West, Jay Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne( who technically is the most achieved hip hop artist in the world ever, trust me you can google) where as the real nigga meek mill is has no accolade to his name where as he is worth only 3 million. Music is an artful interpretation of the most utter most and deepest of true emotions that an artist has and its accurately safe to say or rather but make a statement it is poetry in tunes.

Then for some people to say that they prefer Meek mill aka real nigga to drake aka bitch niggas brand only on supposed bitch nigga assumptions then I think this is crappy and utterly unfair. Hate the nigga for his bitchish ways but put ur dick in la pants if you are to say that his sing talents are inferior and here I am yet to find a drake song I listened to that buzzed me to sleep but the list keeps growing for meek mill music. I am not taking out my frustration on meek mill in fact I support niggas who feel well endowed to pursue their dreams but don’t forget ‘mgala muue lakini haki mpe’ drake is a way better artist than meek mill and for all other people out there music should only be left brimming on the lines of soul encroaching.

Look at people who took the industry by storm; Eminem, Weezy and now kendrick lamar who I think came to save hiphop from people who dream about doing it. I am not saying that young thug and the rest aren’t accomplished or good at what they do but I will be very straight forward that is simply not hiphop based on my opinion. What happened to times when we were all wowed by The Game and the god papa himself T.I . So I will listen to all this bullcrap masquerading as music but I will be a bit partial on some music as compared to others. It is at this juncture that I take my time to acknowledge Kanye, Weezy, Big sean, Jay Z, Snoop Dig, Hakkem from empire, T.I, The Game, Drake, Octopizzo, Khaligraph as per his The Trend appearance,Eminem, Kendrick Lamar(The most gifted hip hop artist as per my generation) etc who have very much kept the hiphop train moving and entertaining.

Music is historical and just like art everybody has talent but not everybody has a gift and ever so rarely I sit down and play smokey robinson and james brown. This is all because people have forgotten the classics yet they jolt out to beautiful classical music just like Sauti Sol, Janelle Monae, Anto Neo Soul, Amos & Josh and Jidenna’s Classic Man. I think I forgot Elani and Hart the band they may not be lyrical geniuses which is an entirely different gift but damn they will make any emotion or absrtact thought become real. Cheers to anyone who gets me and anyone who doesn’t I couldn’t care less.

Please keep it real.


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