Haters are gonna hate. Well that’s their job though a waste of time seeing they are talking shmuck about people who already have what they have but then the world is made this way and we cant all have the best things in life especially when some of us work hard for it and others work harder to disagree. To hate or not to hate? That is the question.

I enjoy myself and what I have accomplished my whole life and still hearting for more hence I am quite well endowed on being the hater and the hatee. Hating cannot necessarily be called an art but it is totally worth anyone’s time and endeerement if and only if upon hating someone you have to make ur goals based upon their own achievements that way you hate and build at the same damn time.

We hate because we are simply human and to add on it we forget to embrace our humanity or are so betrothed to discourage people on embracing their own humanity. If u enjoy ur humanity just like any blood sucking vampire from vampire diaries then you will understand that it is not such a bad thing but then life is all about more things than baseless humanity.

Then life goes on to be wonderfully entertaining, where I am going with this I don’t know and whichever point I intend to pass across may come out a tad bit worth caring about so I should then move on to completely waste your time…my dear reader enjoy yourself.

To the hatee…

Time being the most valuable currency in the world should not be wasted on nitwits and imbeciles who think that you should have done a certain thing in a certain way or you don’t deserve what you already have but to certainly care about such useless things would be like wasting your whole lifetime hooked to the screen of a computer waiting for Kim Kardashian’s next nude photo but then does it build your career in any way in fact it should be something to motivate and build upon. Imagine waking up and asking why don’t you have 40 haters instead of 20. We need haters, haters are more of a promotional biological engineering tool and gift by God to market you to the whole universe. People will hate and as they hate they are usually very noticeable by the society and people will want to see why u are hated and trust me as much as you will attract more haters you will also attract at least one admirer and so life moves on. Even Jesus had haters and till now he still has haters. Actually being a hater is quite modest and very entirely modest. Enjoy being hated just take it in let it get to you and forget about it…try to make a statement and if it goes south be the gentleman and walk away. It doesn’t build you, it doesn’t make you anyway better or worse and no hating moved a sperm to fertilise a zygote.

P.S even the hater has some particular characteristic or patent physical or emotional attachement to themselves that makes them equally hateable. If he hates you just hate them back and move on. You don’t see a dog stop licking its butt because people hate that it does. A dog just barks and sniffs his ass again and again and again.

People have hated me from basically birth even before they knew me or I could speak; simply because maybe I was a cute baby or I had a worth while family. Maybe because I was born in December and not February and to this date there are over a whole crusade of people I hope who hate me and I enjoy it. Some don’t even know me and they simply base judgment on me from the pure enticing judgment of a mutual friend and so I flex my chest and move on. People hating wont stop me from making adjustments to my blog or change my particular tastes in women. Hating sometimes comes from peer pressure so unless a friend makes a statement that contains a huge amount of sense and if it doesn’t then drown out their voice with something worth your time. Here is a tip, people been hating since the start of time and long gone after ‘from dust to dust’ is uttered they will still exist.

To the haters…

I take my time to enjoy that you exist and give u a simple pat on the back for breathing our beautiful air though I would enjoy if u choked on ur own vomit cause u are a slimey good for nothing bitch/bastard (gender sensitivity). Anyway now that I know you live I would wish for you to continue breathing our beautiful air but indulge me as I say you efforts have never gone unnoticed. I enjoy that you find the slightest of shimmy in my work or a part of my life and that you take so much interest in my life than my own girlfriend is kinda shady but it is awesome. Word of advice though instead of hating on why im smart; how about you stop reading this and start reading and soon you will be on the road to being an A grade student. If you hate how I spend my money why don’t u start a business franchise from scratch like I did and waste your money on everything nice cause at the end of the day you will board a bus and still see me in my flashy Lamborghini and call me the show off. Kanye has so much followers and an equally number of haters but u don’t see him dying anytime soon or his bank account reading nil. Live the life and enjoy the moment. Enjoy hating cause I enjoy being hated on and that way we have an equilibrium on social fitting.

Enjoy ur life, come down tell me you hate me and I swear I will buy you a beer or something more fulfilling doesn’t really matter but hating and criticism is part of life just don’t be cross if I am insulting; if you give shit expect shit back. Not that it doesn’t get to me but im too blessed to be stressed so why would I give a shit that you hate the fact that I have the remake and reincarnation of Cleopatra for a girlfriend, I hate me too for having met her then but do I regret hell no I am having the best time of my life and I am loved. Basically what im trying to say is hate me please and never get tired of it but as u hate build ur own life; what I am saying is that if you hate on drake then simply stop listening to him and try meek mill and if you hate kim kardashian’s life then how about you stop watching keeping up with the kardashians. I hate u too.


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