Welcome To The 21st Century

Welcome to the 21st century…where contradiction is the new norm and fake is the new real. What matters is neither here nor there, in fact it is nowhere to be seen. I weep for our parents because they have to witness their offspring dig a grave so deep and willingly dive into it. I weep for us more because the fact that we are a disaster of epic proportion waiting to happen does not seem to bother us. We are never concerned with tomorrow or with stability…apparently You Only Live Once has become every young person’s reason to be a rebel with a senseless cause. Life has stopped being about moments that will build and is now feel good moments. No body stops to think about what compounding effect their choices have because in this magical world that we have created, some great deity will overlook the mistakes you made in your make or break years. Not only will they overlook but they will also reward you…is the mentality that plagues the vast majority of our generation. I won’t even mention  the fallacious attitude that eats away at any sort of common sense when anyone tries to mention ‘putting ones act together’. I won’t just mention it, I shall get deeply into it. The response usually lies along the same lines of whining -I am young, if I Don’t enjoy myself now…when shall I? –

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against a little fun, heck at 20 or 21 every fibre of your being is telling you to paint the town red. My question is just one, what happens after the fun? Have you ever sat down and thought about your life, honey you’re not going to be in campus forever. These four or five years are supposed to help you lay a foundation for what you will become. So don’t get surprised if things don’t add up, after all you spent the majority of them pumping so much weed into your system, a blood transfusion would get me high.

My point isn’t that we live in constant fear of the future but in preparation of it. Tomorrow will come, whether or not you want it to, get your priorities straight. Karma doesn’t have a menu, you don’t get served what you want, you get what you deserve.



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