Whine and whine and…. The soft reggae music is buzzing in the background in my dim lit house. Am connected. To every line, every beat, every tone , every instrument , I can hear it all. I was a normal person like you until… I would like to make up a superhero story but I don’t wanna look too weird, am weird enough as it is. My head moves in sync to the stereo and I cant let it stop , the music is in me… okay maybe it’s the weed but I swear there is something in this reggae. Am a perfect stoner stereotype, as if someone gave me a checklist to go with the weed. Love reggae, have dreds, minus the red eyes, I love nothing more than doing nothing… Yeah you probably fond of lazying around too, I mean who likes work. At some point I was thinking if heaven has to have us do lots work with all the pro hard work , dilligince the kind of spirit up there that am wee bit not entirely , completely not a fan of…. some of us who qualify should get the chance of staying behind like a neutral place not heaven not hell. yaaap I know, my level of lazy is order dangerous. Ooww I should mention, its 420 where I am, deep thoughts.

There is no better time than this, all I do is sit and think. I don’t mean stupid things like why the sky is blue, why she is bitchy, when the rents due…no ,those I do when drunk. World problems, health, Boko haram, gorverment increased tax, more pot, why is arsenal not winning, nyeri women , strictly essential things. To be honest I know nearly nothing on markets or finance so most times is complain how the gorverment could reduce tax ,build roads and provide free health like most of you sober people without really doing the math of tax reduction and new roads. We aint different at all, there is plenty of stupid to go around these days and all the new things popping up aint helping it me or is Life is unpredictable these days, our forefathers would be proud of the advancement but there is too much shit going on these days , global warming , alshabaab, cancer, ebola, mers, isil, nyeri women again, Burundi, we need a dam in Nairobi, they making a stereo that selects music to your mood !! too much . some points between these realizations that life is short I always call my brother for no reason at all. The paranoia. well some times to know I ask if he would rather kill me or blow up a thousand people… I also don’t know why . am beginning to think Something is really wrong with me. Most of my coding break throughs happened when am stoned when the world opens up to you. That said , I apologize for all the weird moments my pals have to bear when I take off my shirt after a hit, am feeling the world

The need to eat usually disrupts the thinking phase or I laugh hard at some joke that I cant seem to find when sober. Munchiez, not a new word for anyone who isn’t holding hands singing kumbaya every Sunday , okay fine, and on some cases on Fridays. Anything, everything becomes a target. Someone once ate my salt, I understood, munchiez. Guys know what am talking about, chqs will pretend not to but we have all seen them go luhya mode after a hit, cook some ugali that u need to call your friends tomorrow to finish. And since you cooked whole load in the middle of the night you don’t have any stew to go with it. Operating on ugali kubwa ugali ndogo protocol at this point hopeful your saliva does more work than just drooling. This is why I don’t like guys at my place, they eat. Am not stingy , am easy with people eating only a whole shelf in a single meeting is cleaning not eating, not even my breakfast cereal is spared the carnage and yet they will leave to get lunch while what I just saw was breakfast , lunch, supper , probably an in between snack made and eaten by very hangovered men. The quality of the food notwithstanding lets just say nobody cared the ugali turned out yellow. If they did , the weed had other ideas.

Once in a while I get the urge to do something like meditation or streak in the hao, after all its my hao. God temporarily becomes jaja and am overwhelmed by an urge to shake my head vigorously for no reason. Am not surprised it makes people crazy, am I stopping? hell no, crazy is nothing, we stopping at nothing. But don’t get stoned in china, they kill people for this shit.



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