Life is not beautiful; it is not the sunset or the sunrise. It is the stars. Stars are not beautiful twinkling things, they are burning gases, and they are tortured flames waiting to explode. Life is guns and not roses, the thorns that remain when the petals wither. It is not the humanity that we so desperately want to cling to; it is the misdeeds and the ugliness. The cruelness and the pain and the unfair struggles without gain. The ugly truth is that the façade of life is a beautiful lie.

It is that we so desperately want to thrive but we just survive and those who are not fit do not. Constantly trying to abide by the policy of no man gets left behind but when push comes to shove, everyman is for himself.

Life is not beautiful or fair, it is cold and gruesome and the reality that stares is full of despair. Life is a bitch with rabies, it bites and it maims: it leaves you scared and then finally insane…



Life is also beautiful; it is the sunset and the sunrise. It is the stars on a warm Thanksgiving night waiting to surprise you with great gifts as the festivities approach. Stars are not burning gases, neither are they tortured flames waiting to explode but they are beautiful twinkling things floating and lighting the galaxy like they should. Life may be guns but after war comes peace and even before there was peace thus life can only be seasonal. Life may be the thorns that remain when the petals wither but when you look closer seeds are left behind for a better tomorrow thus out of one comes three. Life is purely the humanity we want to cling to; who said humanity is ever so bad or so good and just like money it has its pros and cons. Even among the ugliness there is beauty that resides behind all ugliness; just have wait for the right time to open your eyes. Life may be full of dictators beyond measure but why would you forget the liberal minded and the easy going politicians add a dash of the peace activists. The ugly lie is that the façade of life is a beautiful truth and most probably perception is all it takes to tweak a bit of pessimism to optimism and vice versa.

We take our selves as a surviving population yet to thrive to survive and to actually survive is a blessing in itself never forgetting the turmoils that must come with celebration amidst the dust. We forget that yes the pain that renders the world inhabitable has a cushion of hope in the beauty that surpasses all measure hence we dream to see a life that isn’t, yet it is as balanced at it should be. We see death so clearly because it is what the news reporters want us to see but what if one day the woke up and went to hospitals to see the number of new bouncing baby borns who manage to win the battle of supremacy and become alive would you still think life is full of thorns. Everyman is for himself and I wonder when it ever became no man gets left behind, is this a war we are all fighting or a battle we each want to survive just another day hoping tomorrow will be brighter but never forget GOD IS FOR US ALL!

Life might be cruel and gruesome but life is always handing second chances way more than we as humans give each other. Maybe you get scarred here and there but time heals all wounds and life then becomes about new beginnings where the old prepare the path for the young. Life is just as candy sweet to every letter and if it falls off you can always wash away the dirt and it will still be as sweet as it is. We can’t really expect a POST TO BE when your attitude is as sour as the lemon. Life can really take care of all our needs but it will give us all equal opportunities to shine but usually we are too busy complaining we forget to look at what is right in front of us.

Life is a blessing in disguise more times than not. It may be unprotected sex but there is a chance that new life is on the way. Life is like a monkey swinging from branch to branch we are only as safe on the faith we have about the firmness of the next branch but if it breaks we fall down some of us face worse fates than others but if you happen to survive does it mean you will never try to swing again then how will you live(Read a poem by title DESIERATA!). If you take life as an abomination only fit for the cruel at heart then you are not worth living and furthermore why haven’t you committed suicide yet.

Life is a two edged sword one side may be the brutal slashing of men with bloodshed, poverty, diseases and never ending ignorance but then there is the other side that speaks for truth, sweet cheerios and majestic sunsets. I can’t really be blamed for how you view it but life is about watching the boondocks always funny till it gets too serious. Life is also just like ice-cream, licking it is the easiest part; it may be cold but the end result is the sweetness it provides but if you get it wrong then wont you get a brain freeze that won’t leave you at ease and neither in piece and sometimes we search for that brain freeze all on our own.





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