How crude society has been to our simple minds? The mental obesity of people will not approve has gone a long way to deny the very basic entity of wholeness that some situations appear to have. Why a simple people will not approve or the society will judge harshly has led to abortions, divorces, business failures and abandonment of world class ideas. The society simply has become an uncontrollable entity that seems to pass judgment on anything they deem not fit for human acceptance and basically it becomes law because of this dubious unseen mob mentality that controls everyone else like zombies. Well, FUCK SOCIETY! If you think I won’t stand on a podium and say it on live TV then you are mistaken.

The society and whoever they think they are, are so fucked up and so misled because they deem to rely on a basis that mitigates the different, weird and the wild. Society will be quite fast to judge celebrities yet the only difference between any normal human being and a celebrity is that a good proportion of the world know them and think they hold a substantial relevance in our lives out of publicity but you don’t. Anyway, matters at hand, celebrities will be maimed and put under a microscope for scrutiny all on a basis of they are role models to all the children in the world but in truth is they are normal people just like as who have normal lives and make mistakes. Why aren’t celebrities allowed to embrace their humanity yet if truly there is a heaven then we all would be judged equally in the eyes of the Lord.

The society has become the benchmark of what is wrong and what is right and sometimes I look at the choices they make and I am only surprised by the integrity of the politicians they choose or how it is easy for a statesman to be judge for the simplicity of staying single to the age of 54 yet he is a successful millionaire and as he explains himself it is a religious way of life where he has devoted his whole life to God and his work but yet again the society doesn’t give a shit he is already judged and rumors flying left right and centre. How the rich are said to be extravagant yet if they simply can afford then why not and furthermore while they were busy trying to get to the top members of the ‘society’ were mitigating and being lazy. The society as one whole entity may seem as a noble and always right fortitude and so many parents, adults and even sadly teenagers I have grown up with will be very fast to rely on the pillow of comfort society gives them to the soothing fact that they are always right yet if we were to isolate one person at a time I doubt if we wouldn’t find problems and problems beyond and you would actually be shocked to find that probably 2% of the whole society have unbiased mature opinions. If you are so bitter about something I have never denied anyone the right to stand up and shout out their opinions but as soon as your opinions becomes the way of law you literally forget that there may be people with different opinions. I only stand against gay men because even the scriptures o any religion are against such and I wont lie that I don’t hate them but would the joke be on me if I went to heaven and find that straight people were the obscene of the world.

I have never judged thieves and prostitutes as the vile filth on the earth as the society does. Behind every mass murderer, every hard working prostitute and noble thief is a story that may break hearts some encouraging others just outright insolence but we choose to judge them rather than correct them and so quick to stain them for life and simply assume that they may never be changed. Need I remind the society that Jesus died amongst thieves, let prostitutes cleanse his feet and tax collectors preach his word then again he chose prostitutes for his followers to marry. If you simply don’t like how someone leads their life how hard can it be to stand up and voice your claims telling them what to do and what not to do. You may see a prostitute on the streets of Nairobi and be quick to say ill things about her yet her heart may be heavy with despair as she is guilty as to what she has opted to do to feed the mouths that wait at home or a simple way for her survival.

The society so against a change in the world and it is to this effect that if the youth speak out their believes or happen to correct the old or even speak sense we are labeled as disrespectful yet again you wonder has experienced really become the sole bearer of what is the norm or simply what is good or right. Yes we have come to this world in a later time but we have found it quite different than what it had been and the norm has always been changing so the society may be quick to label the youth as spoilt yet they never correct us yet when some of us show promise we are nabbed at the bud and instantly become martyrs of our faiths and I wonder why, yet change should always be accepted and it is on simple facts as children grow older they seem to lock themselves from their parents on grounds of different opinions but oh well experience is great.

The society turns on itself too fast too, they are never loyal to their own yet loyalty is the greatest part of any infrastructure. The so called society always has different people at different times but usually most of the society is made up of the old and ‘more experienced’ yet aren’t the youth the people who come up with new innovations and I am yet to see the number of people past 45 years inventing anything new. Thinking differently because I can simply accept prostitutes or think dowry is a sham or because I think religion is a cash-cow or even the dubious accountable fact that the education system our country has is a complete waste of time, energy and resources; due to different views the society labels me an outcast but you forget I’m your next generation of leaders and I will slowly wait for all of you to die so that I can feel my children’s heads with this ‘poison’.

The society has been so quick to empower women and then it is always fast to judge them to the core. Think about it, when it came to let women read, let women become leaders let women do this and do that it was so easy because the ones in power were easily swayed by the society but now the society judges single independent women as vile monstrosities as if it is not possible for a woman to stand on her own feet. The society should understand the world is changing as it is and to you my dear readers if we are to break the monopoly the society has you should not give a fuck what they think and be you because God designed us all to be different and in being different we are all the same so why have an idea and because the society sees it unfit for the mental consumption. Be your on judge , be your own measure of what is wrong and right, take a second opinion if you must and if religion is to define who you are then let it be its words in the scripture but not how a man who dresses and claims to be a priest define your life. We are simply amazing just the way we are; no man better than another.



  1. This article presents probably your person and says it all. Explaining also the responses of you about religiosity. the language with using f-words also shows clearly your frustration which may come from things you experienced throughout your childhood or when growing up, but not coming in a further stadium where you can distance yourself from certain matters that happened and to use adult language.

    You write “The society simply has become an uncontrollable entity that seems to pass judgment on anything they deem not fit for human acceptance and basically it becomes law because of this dubious unseen mob mentality that controls everyone else like zombies. ”
    But you are yourself part of society that seems to pass judgement yourself on others, without wanting to see their real personality, taking them all as the same bunch, shaving them over the same ridge.

    It is true we can see more people taking aggression against society and this should make us think about people like you who are the next generation to present leaders. Like in previous generations we always have seen people reacting against that present society. We have even had periods where there have been people who acted in an aggressive way or did like the funk groups. Many of our generation tried to bring change by love though have to agree that also many of our power-flower generation became eaten up by economical society, though they fought against it at first.

    You seem to have a very narrow-minded view on society. You also do seem to think all male people to be masochist pigs trampling women.

    We can imagine how the contemporary generation awaits us of the hippy-world and the other lot of the war and after war boomgeneration to die. You consider our thoughts poison, but we can only hope your way of thinking shall not be filled with other poisoned goods. Let us hope that you can feel your children’s heads free from our ‘poison’, but also from your ‘poison’.


    • Haha word of advice it seems u have already formed ur own opinion about me and u dont know me…who have i judged and how have i judged them….i think u should read an artifle when ur less agitated and armed to the tooth to defend things u seem to not grasp… u want to forcefully spoon feed me ur own meticulous thoughts seems u assume u are intellectually suprerior to moi which is yet to be proven but i shall warn u assumptions is the mother of all screw ups…i am an A student hence all i say here is given thought and using my own vital thinking capacity i careful study all sides of a coin and fixiate myself upon one specific path thatbis mine to follow….how i raise my children will never be of ur concern if i wish to flog them to death or teach them that aethism is the way is only for my wife to condemn after all she is the one who assisted in makiny them but do not be scared i am not a violent man i will simply give strog opinions on matters that demand my opinion from my children and i will let them choose their own paths where i will offer guidance to the proximity …i am 19yeras old and adult by law so it is only my right to freedom of expression hence i am allowed to use adult language haha yes i am frustrated by how the society is but it has nothing to do with my childhood which i will say back off need u find venom an insued way of ending ur commenting career never the less ur insinuation that i am narrow minded i guess it takes one to know one and u seem to think i am a feminist nope i am an equalist and i do not think all male people are masochistic pigs trampling women which i have clearly stated and drawn lines as to my take on it….the problem is not that my ideas or way of thinking is evil….i make a lot of sense for a toddler my age hahaha but i believe ur way of perception is skewed hence not fit for ur own conception ur the narrow minded one i am simply more open to the world….i can swear by z


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