Have you ever been in love?

First I want to apologise to all my fans that I could not post as frequently but my writer’s block has been very unfulfilling as it has been harder than it could ever been and it is not that ideas haven’t been flowing but I have been a victim of love. How is this possible? Well, I had vowed to myself the next post I would make would strictly be about my mu-cha-cha i.e my wify aka wifi but then every single time I try to write I cannot fathom myself to describe what I feel for her in a blog post as the thoughts run as wild and as far as possible. Her beauty so impeccable you could see the sun brighten from her smile. Yes blind I am, a prisoner of love I agree. So as I try to write and put it on paper I only apologise that I tried to quantify my love for her.


We all need love; face it, no matter who you are or from which country or is it the designation you come from but love is a necessity for every human being and by human being I mean if I shoot you, you will bleed. Two months ago I found myself addicted to a girl and was it addiction? Nope it was not but actually it was good old crazy stupid love. Sweet serene mushy feelings that are as old as Adam and Eve are what beat through this veins and if I am to be called crazy or stupid and if anyone would say that love doesn’t exist I would outright defend love as it should be the best thing for any soul. It may not always be a happy institute as it does have its cons but the most beautiful times are quite art; the simple amazing staring each other deeply, kisses deeper than life itself that only speak further of a love unbeyond, facial expressions that create an ecstatic atmosphere between you so that life can never be the same again and if I was to go on then I would say love is an awesome emotion that should never be controlled or limited. If we love and get hurt then a second love fills these scars and throws away the emptiness. Love feels souls and turns people into new beings refreshing their souls giving us a second chance thus if we love and get hurt should we love again? HELL YEAH!!


Crazy stupid love is what the doctor diagnosed me with last week as I went to report my illness but all I told him indicated that I was entirely being influenced by emotions of an unknown barrier that can never be explained scientifically. Emotions all directed to one person and yet still emanating from one person. A loop-holed sickness was what I was diagnosed with hence I was shocked but deep down I knew it was all true as I examined how my state of mental capacity has changed the minute someone took me as their special someone. If I am to define her beauty then she is among the most hottest women in the world leave alone in mother-land Africa and honestly speaking if her face was to be used as the cover of any product I would buy it with no questions asked (love turns me into a fool). To question her beauty is just tom-foolery and at times I encounter jealous pathetic men who try to downgrade such intense physique but why argue with a blind man on the beauty of the Mona Lisa if he cannot see and only gives pure pathetic excuses.


She is a blessing to this world and it is not the fact that I hurt her unknowingly that sends me in this outburst of pure emotion but I write because I want her to know of all women I have claimed to love what I feel for her sums up as an exposure to gamma radiation that gives me super strength and ultra speed cause it is out of this world to even believe I, Baba_Mboga can sum up such emotion in one vessel and direct it to someone else and though my exes read this in disappointment as to how I would publicly declare they were never the best I had nor is their love as strong as this but as I digress may I thank all of them for if not for the times we spent or the mistakes they made then karma would have never led me to this monstrous beauty, beautiful monster you may call her but black widow is what comes to mind. Mamushka i call her, wingman she is to me but better yet my best friend cut from the same breed of cloth or is it soil I was made from an exact replica of what I am with the sincerest of motives to rule the world, make money and lead a happy life and ever so she is wrongly judged for what she believes in by people whose crime is to think small and expect her to accommodate their senseless behaviour but in all reality I would take her side even if she woke up and killed someone I would cover it up with her an fight off the media. They may seem like empty words but no writer writes without a sense of truthful emotion behind the pen.


The sex, DAMN!!! #No_comment. We simply don’t make love, we make magic. If I say it is great that would be an understatement but picture how two of the greatest magicians in the world or should it be poets worked together i.e Edgar Allan Poe and Shakespeare what they would make wouldn’t it be pure art in its sincerest form hence no comparison. How do I know I love this woman? Many of you would ask how they know they are in love and to be honest a set of lovey dovey feelings towards someone is actually totally different in different people though some of these signs may be a global thing. Well, spending time with her severs my judgment completely and I forget if there is anything else that exists and in all honesty if I could have a way I could spend 6 hours of my time with her everyday then I would opt for it cause I’m usually sad when we have to say goodbye though in reality we will meet again to make memories. Other girls have no impact on me even if they were to strip right in front of me I would walk away, after all how would you compare a riffraff to a Nubian queen, is it possible for a servant and master to eat from the same table? When she is mad at me then I am never at peace even if I act tough and show her I don’t care its always an act to play reverse psychology on her. I know I’m in love because she got me doing one on one on that one on one and I am always fighting for her approval and finding new ways to make her happy and if I had the kind of cash I needed then wouldn’t I give her the world.


When she smiles and she laughs I feel so sensual like my sole purpose on this world is being fulfilled. When she is around and she gets all mushy and as girly as possible I am quite fascinated and proud as to how the toughest girl I ever hard to acquire appreciates my existence and that is the best birthday gift I can get and I would never want her to put her money to the pedal to buy me anything, a simple I LOVE YOU can keep my engine running through Christmas , valentine and birthdays for centuries and centuries to come. She is simply the Katherine to my Hank Moody, cause in all honesty all girls I have dated always left me wishing for my other exes but when I’m with my mamushka damn, I’m like where has she been my whole life, ain’t I in love. So much so I would quickly suit up in armor and be first in line to defend her and at the same time I would wish to be her personal guard and when all systems are breached I would fight to the death to keep anyone away, FOR SPARTA naaah FOR BREEH yes. The past two months with her have been a learning curve for baba mboga and the most shocking parts is that I am sure beyond indiscrete discrepancies that I need not such any more for women who don’t mean shit to me. I am not afraid of the world that lays ahead as long as I’m with her then isn’t it the us against the world and to men who think they can take her away I dare you on the simple grounds that I trust her to the point I would let her go to a road trip with the hottest of men and if they manage to take her away then trust me to pick up a machine gun and shoot all of you down, bruh dont be mad about it this chic ain’t for everybody.


Speechless she leaves me whenever she walks in the room, her kiss drives me crazy and I don’t have to fake shit when I’m with her and I know at times I disappoint her and treat her like shit and for all this I would gladly buy her a whip so she can flog me to an inch of my life. Some of the girls that judge her harshly would be shocked of how she is actually better than them in so many ways but I digress from breaking other women’s feelings but if anyone needs so tread that line then be careful not to spread rumors cause when it comes to her, a sensitive topic, I turn barbaric and uncouth and no chills levels become elevated. Would I take a grenade for her, I completely would, my fellow niggas would of course be ready to be against me and laugh but trust me in a court of law I would go up against all of you and win fair and square. Sometimes we don’t get along cause even with so much similarities we tend to differ which actually makes that love ever the more interesting as we argue about things both with words that hurt each other but we are always quick to apologise and I understand it. I LOVE YOU.


Still ironically it is funny how I can feel a tad bit of hate for the woman I love and is it because I really hate her, NO! It is because with every passing day she changes me. Have you ever loved someone so much that you are willing to lose any fight and put your interests aside so that she could achieve her’s first. When sometimes she makes you so mad and you concede that you were the one on the wrong. When you do her wrong and you feel the world cannot move on until that ripple is settled. She is the cow to my chicken. The simple ‘me’ to my ‘aweso’ cause without her I doubt life would be as awesome and she can be the only reason for it. Too much history we go way back, too much chemistry I feel downright territorial. And again she protects her own making her so territorial and never jealous, jealous is the wrong term and should never be used to describe her insecurities or when she gets mad if I talk to other women cause she has every right and so does every woman. Funny how I preached so long on the indecencies of love for it to have heart struck writing like a fool on weed. Tears weld up my eyes when she is mad at me and the atmosphere so intense and is it because I am no man? Nope, it’s because I simply am human and I have embraced my humanity as men also do feel the hurt and pain and funny how my teachers put me through physical torture with engine belts, whips, bamboo sticks, hockey sticks and slashes and never did a tear drop fall but if only they knew they would only use Bree to teach me a lesson then I would never have been an insolence in that school. If I knew better, I would do better cause no woman deserves to shed tears for any man.


Nothing scares me as the possibility that she would love but if she would love another man then life at that point would lose meaning to me yet gain classic californication tales but to be unique then it is Kenyafornication, how that series explains my life word for word. She means more to me than anything and even fifa is so jealous, she got fifa being suicidal threatening to leave my ass. If I had a wishing well then I would have her here. How words from Chris Brown’s superb singing can’t even quench my soul when she is mad at me and I know she wouldn’t trust me in the sincerest of ways, how would she when there is no reason to but taking up the challenge to go all the way and look for that serene eternity again and I wish I could keep her all to myself and always working it out. Love doesn’t need to be perfect my dear readers, it only needs to be true and how other girls want me so badly yet truth of the matter they would do monkey flips on my dick and they would still feel inadequate. There are times I only wish to hold her and we can laugh to our immaturity till kingdom come.


Dear babe, mamushka, wife, mama watoto, black widow, sexiest woman on earth,


Wouldn’t be awesome that we could run away together and never come back, far far away in a land noone could get us. Babe you know how I feel for you and though I am not as mushy as you would want me and that I use words from Chris Brown love songs I bet you understand that I use them because they are a true reflection of what I feel for you and this babe will always be just for you and you would be shocked at how drunk I am right now, six in the morning and I am barely fighting the urge to drunk-text you and if I tell you I hate you I don’t mean it. I don’t want to be without you. All this people around us I don’t think they know, how could they know and as much as I messed up always give me your best love and sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve you. They going to talk about it going to try to change your mind about it going tell you things you don’t wanna hear but we good so when they talk about it just let them know we already got it. Just tell them that we going to work at it, we good so they shouldn’t worry about it. Don’t listen to what people say they don’t know nothing about you and me(kwanza hako sijui kadirector kako ajue nimemnunulia gun). And till we get it right we gonna pop some more(love more by breezy listen to this my dear). I hate that I love you though (smirk) and I can’t stand you at times and must everything you do make me wanna smile even when I don’t wanna(infant’s protesting voice), can I not like it for a while? but you won’t let me. You upset me girl and then you kiss my lips and all of a sudden I forget that I was upset; can’t remember what you did. But I hate it…you know exactly what to do so that I cant stay mad at you for too long and that’s just wrong(smirk). You know exactly how to touch so that I don’t want to fuss… and fight no more and I despise that I adore you. I just can’t stand how much I need you girl and I hate how much I love you but I just can’t let you go. You completely know the power you have the only one that makes me laugh and it is not fair. How you take advantage of the fact that I love you and it ain’t even remotely fair but tit for tat is a fair game(smirk). One of these days maybe your magic won’t affect me and your kiss won’t make me weak but no one in this world knows me the way you know me so you will probably always have a spell on me.


With love,

Baba Mboga.



(nampenda mpenda nani, msichana mmoja nani, kukula sikuli kwa nini? kulala silali kwa nini? mmmmh naumia wapi?)




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