What I am about write is particularly long but very enticing so before u start reading I will advise you to take a snack or power chocolate and embark with me on this master piece of a ‘shots fired’ situation. This is just a 19 paged short story but the save me the controversy.


Kindly, I am not writing this to steal the spotlight from this two divas and in no way do I give an inch of dick to what people may think but this had truly be done first taking into consideration that it may not seat well with me that a lady would defend men though I find it okay and particularly awesome still the truth is I was not going to take anything lying down. Just like any other post I write I particularly do it because I can do it, I want to do it and so hell yeah I am going to do it but I don’t feel obliged to explain myself to anyone and anybody who feels they have a bone to pick after this please save your words for yourself but if the urge to air out your views was as unbearable as mine were then hell yeah feel free to slang your way but expect the same from me no matter what. Before I am judged I must concede that I am a narcissistic drama loving gentleman and the classy show off but most of the time I am more self aware than proud but not so many see this but that is an article for another day but soon it will be here. My hands have been itching to write after the whole saga and I am just going to give cultured crudity some uncultured crudity.


Bitter as it is to admit, I knew nothing of the term fuck boy or fuck girl maybe call it ignorance but I am not prepared to fill all the world’s labels in my head for pure mediocre acknowledgement of friends, family or social media besides I just cut ‘mboga’ in different quantities as a pass time activity why would a simple ‘baba mboga’ want to be trendy. A simple hey check this out was all I got and soon as I visited which I find rather funny and a bit bitter but no need to start now. Later, in about a few, comes and my day was made instantly by two bloggers who actually not fighting but they stirred teenagers all over with just mere verbal humor, cultured words and brutal ideas that literally completely impressed. I’m I against any one of them? Hell no! But some things have to be aired out from a 3D perspective after all perspective is everything in life. All bloggers were completely right in whatever they said and at the end of the day no matter how much heat was slashed towards anyone there is a lot that still could be seen but couldn’t be touched quite right even by the outspoken comments of didi and dede.




It is particularly interesting to see you go after boys so hardly but honestly men are dogs and we are pigs and we as men have accepted these terms of life that is entirely what our existence has been based upon by so many other women who have had their hearts broken repeatedly by the same kind of breed of men and so you writing about it all was impressive cause it was in a new style but fuckboy is just player or Casanova with change of some words and the harshness that it provides. Fuckboy, Casanova and player though completely different in the literal lexicon meaning, at the end sentiments that result from such are just purely the same only difference is that some women explain their ordeals far much brutally than others but men will be men. Some of us truly learn from our horrid ways and become better people but some of us are gentlemen and at the end of it all some of us are indeed truly fuckboys to our graves but do you think with the amount literacy clairvoyance and hard work you put in your blog that men will change or better yet women won’t fall for the same kind of men. As I view it, you wrote all that probably after another realization that you yet again have become prey of the fuckboy and were filled emotionally, primarily anger or rather rage but also there are tad bits of sadness in your writing more-so disappointment.


Men can not all be knights in shining armor and if so I doubt if all of us could be all noble studs. Men may come from different origins but as you should have learned by now we have particular outstanding similar characteristics. We will always want something different, something more exciting always wanting what is not ours but we have that one special girl I like to term as THE ONE(from the old Jet Li movie). THE ONE may change from time to time maybe due to our possible failures or maybe sometimes women shortcomings but do they really?. Okay, if you are a guy who is reading this, may I engage you in a little test, if you look back from this point in time and backtrack, some of you have had girls who they may have left or might have left them, whom they would do anything for and if some of these girls came back into our lives we would probably change our whole lifestyles and even leave our wives and families, if you don’t have such a girl then trust me they are coming and only probably a couple of you will end up marrying their IT girls. What I’m I getting at is the painful truth that girls can do monkey flips on our dicks if they want to or cook us food from diamond oil from the purest of sources but if you are not the one then you ain’t the one. These so called fuckboys, I am pretty damn sure that some if not most of them have girlfriends who have seen totally different sides of them and these girls would go to worlds un-beyond do defend their boyfriend’s honour stating that it is impossible for their dearly loved significant others to be fuck-boys.


Instead of women constantly giving men backlash on our social behaviours, strongly narrowing on specs on women, they should rather wet their pussies, calm their titties and vet their men well. With all this literature in the world and more of such authors on the rise highlighting even more ‘fuckboy behaviours’ and constant mentioning of how poor we are or what other ‘vitu vya miujiza ’ we have done I expect women not to complain or fall yet again to the fuck boy trap cause you know their behaviours and you know all our moves some of you having other boys in the background that help you spot such behavior or do you think there is much difference between fuck boy and ‘fisi’. The shocking truth is that if Nasra(the name of the author of was given one wish today and she chose to wish that all fuckboys in the world to disappear then I am very doubtful that 90% of the men’s population would still exist now; fathers, brothers, policemen, uncles, cousins, lawyers, doctors, councilors, female activists and more prominent or awesome men in our lives will painfully disappear.


I am not even close to done so sit down and sip your coffee as the mystery before you continues to shift in places that cannot be fixed at all.


“And you can think I’m being a ‘bitch’, ‘maringo’ or whatever the fuck you want to call it, but if me wanting the best for myself is being a bitch then I am guilty as motherfucking charged bruh.”

Well, no I do not think you are a bitch and you have every right to be mad and sound out your views besides a true writer writes what they think never to change paths so believes hank moody from californication the series (awesome series by the way and it definitely ranks as among my top ten series ever at a possible position 5 or 6). If a nigga calls you to chill and you go to chill is it our problem that we called you to ‘chill’ or is it you who actually decided to accept and came to ‘chill’. Boys try their luck everyday and if they get lucky do not expect men turn down pussy on the table if it was on his mind in the first place need I remind you Pharell Williams words ‘up all night to get lucky’; he did not rape you or forced you into the circumstances you find yourself in now. Any man who finds a woman who steals his heart away will go through the end of the earth to get that woman and I mean pull all stops and it is quite harsh they would go after men like so, yet there are call girls and hoes walking around on their own terms but you don’t see any men activists coming out to complain. Nah-ah, we mind our business and avoid rotten apple but yet again aren’t women such as Nasra who also attack such women yet again but oh well *sips_my_juice.


“Even if you’re just ‘tryna smash’. Tactics. Don’t act like a boy thinking you’ll bag a woman like that.”

On your own article you have said “I have come across too many of these inferior breeds of sorry excuses for men and tolerated them a tad bit too much . But your dog days are over fuckboy.” Thus such ‘tryna-smash-tactics’ have bagged you over and over and yet over again but again I will over look this and say congratulations on stamping your foot forward but let us be honest, true ladies have awesome men at their beckon and they end up choosing men who treat them right you just have a case of bad luck which I like to term the sportpesa syndrome. I am quite sure there are men you have turned down who would have ended up being the best you ever had but a mere judge of character is all it takes for everything to go sour. This tactics have been working since years before or rather millenniums with cave men just walking to a woman and clubbing them on the head and women found it hot. So if a fuck boy happens to have a way with words and wont lie that he wants to smash by giving you signs such as not mentioning settling down or clearly telling you they wouldn’t want to date or even worse they admit they have a girlfriend they down want to lose wouldn’t that make you a call girl but oh well your friends fought for your honour tooth and nail but as blind as…no better term can describe such. One thing for sure though is that I admire their loyalty.


“He’ll make you squeeze at the back with his aint shit niggas.”

You have seen he has a squad if it is uncomfortable all it take is a simple term called NO. Try it, put your tongue’s tip at the middle crest of your upper jaw but as far as you can and just say it, NO or if that’s so hard you can shake your head in a convincing way from side to side to show how displeased you are and unless he has a convincing excuse cause truly you may never know then you go back home or you can take yourself to the club besides you are a big girl you don’t need to be taken to cheap clubs such as Molly hell why don’t u go to dinner at the Vila Rosa Kempenski.

“See these guys will ‘changa for a bottle’ (probably kibao or some whack ass shit) and drink from their car cause they don’t want to go spend in the club.”

Hell this is a common thing and I have female friends of pure class that don’t date mediocre boys who would accept as they have accepted sometimes we don’t have money on us and when we do, don’t we treat your asses right but if you have to find yourself in the same predicament again then the problem is clearly you. Hell I will go with my niggas to the club and drink outside even if I’m alone I may do the same shit cause clubs over price liqor for no reason at all and I go have a blast and when I have cash and I ask a lady out I treat her like the fucking queen she deserves even if it ain’t my wife cause I appreciate all women even prostitutes. It seems you get pushed around a lot but yet you have the right amount of will power to attack fuck boys on social media yet freedom of speech is viable and you could simply refuse to go to a cheap club and stay at home or just go out with your girlfriends or you can wait for mr.right he will surely walk in and take you to skylux but truth be told mr.right may not even want your ass cause he is busy looking for mrs.right which you clearly don’t appear to fit the description.


“He will get butt hurt after you refuse to go down on him and make you feel like a total ‘bitch’. Since when is it my obligation to please a fuckboy? It’s my decision not yours. If you aren’t okay with it, go find yourself someone who will be willing to put out.”

True, you are right but that is exactly what fuckboys and even players do. If you turn them down they let your ass go and they move on to something better after they do understand the line “Bruh, don’t be mad about it, this chics be for everybody” so why didn’t you give heat to breezy and omarion after post to be and trust me both of them are fuck boys infact 90% of all men celebrities are fuck boys even those dreamy guys you wish but for them you will want to call them players isn’t it, what mediocrity but yet again I am just giving you your daily ‘kabeji ya kumi’.


“fuckboy is the type of aint shit nigga that will pursue you and when you let him hit, he’s going to go tell the whole world about it. ‘Fuck with them real niggas who don’t tell niggas what they up to’-Nicki Minaj. Let me get this straight, you call yourself a real nigga but feel the need to announce your business to the whole world?”

Here you literally made me laugh. Wow, fuck, haha the audacity. First of all dah, a real nigga will tell the world when he smashes it, all the men the social media defines as real niggas includeThe game, Katt Williams, Eddie Griffin, Mike Tyson and Meek Mill. Well didn’t Meek Mill come out of jail and smash Nikki Minaj then he told the world just after minaj gave us that line but yet again fuck boys don’t rule the world. Then the second thing, men are constantly referred to as apes, pigs etc well I don’t see anyone going to attack apes for their behaviours same way I don’t expect men to be attacked for their own regular jargon where we are allowed to list girls we have smashed cause men don’t go up against women when y’all sit down and discuss about dick sizes and cute boys or who was actually good in bed cause we all talk but y’all get offended with our methods like yours aren’t the least bit hurting but you don’t see men writing about it do you. Usually when stories leak of men smashing this girl it is not real nigga’s problem cause real niggas will definitely tell their fellow masculine buddies but pussy ass niggas will go ahead and tell a girl and we know how that goes. In fact even women don’t trust women, clearly back stabbing each other and wearing sheepish smiles all a façade as u continue to intoxicate each other but ladies like Norah know exactly what they want and don’t take bull crap from the likes of fuck boys same way I don’t take crap from fuck girls.


“They will have the audacity to do this shit after they gave you some mediocre sex and couldn’t make you cum.”

Clearly the breed of men u have let smash you didn’t give a fuck about you and that’s what hurts you cause guys who give a fuck even with as little as 4.4 inch dick will make you cum and they will do whatever it takes even if it means give you a 30 min CJ. Yet again sex is a two way traffic have you considered the possibility u might as well suck at it cause for all those fuck boys not to make you cum and give you mediocre sex maybe they are not the problem.”Usijali shika hii sukuma ya ishirini upanguze machozi”.


“ Niggas talk more  than bitches these days”

I clearly disagree. In fact I truly disagree. Just to put more emphasis in this, that line up there was complete bull crap.


“What happened to chivalry?”

Norah clearly took care of this. Chivalry truly might be a lost art but as time goes by culture has changed and as many women come out encouraged to be independent. I have had women who have refused and literal argued with me to the point of almost wrestling me to the ground as to why I will not pay the bill or as to why the bill shall be split but doesn’t mean that chivalry is never welcomed. If you never heard, ‘kama Hart the Band Uliza kiatu’.


“probably wouldn’t have agreed to go for dinner or lunch with you because you aren’t worth it. Chances are that she agreed to the offer for the food and not you.”

Phewks I thought I was going to have to explain or u may have a hard time explaining the same concept with different terms. Same way she may have accepted that date just for the food is the probability that he took you on a date just to bang pussy even if he pays the whole dinner. What would you prefer a man who loves you and treats u like a fucking Nubian princess then later asks you to split the bill or someone who pays full price takes you on expensive dates just so later you find out he banged and scrammed, classic case of judging a book by its cover. Norah says perception is everything and I might add that assumptions are the mother of all screw ups.


I will leave this right here.


“fuckboy will always have some unitelligent takes when it comes to topics that involve women , such as rape and feminsim. ‘If she doesn’t want to get raped, then she shouldn’t have worn that short skirt. Men can’t control themselves’.”

Woman, even men have such intelligent answers for such and it is like you are trying to say there weren’t women who supported the men who were against my dress my choice. People have opinions and they should air them but instead of judging them people should instead try to change someone’s perception and such uncreative criticism is the reason people talk trash about the government or the system and they don’t do shit about it and blame others for their problems.


“I would rather be friends with intelligent, informed, respectful men who know themselves and where they are going in life. I’m a strong believer of the power of association. Do I want to associate myself with fuckboys? No. I have every right to want to surround myself with people that have a positive impact on me, make me grow as a person and influence me into becoming what I want to be in the future.”

This is the only point I think your anger actually summed up into something quite awesome. Kudos for this resolution.


Dear Nasra,


I am in no way against what you wrote in fact I enjoyed what you wrote, it was pure humor cumbered with aching truth but unfortunately you did this all in haste and with emotion and yes emotions are quite everything in writing but perception that should be created should be mature and my dear friend your piece was actually quite immature as you did not take your sweet time to cover the loop holes or explain yourself. This was a polite way of me showing you the amount of loopholes you hard and clearly went easy on you because I am not the kind to form bad blood but anyway I will be judged and I clearly have accepted that. I enjoyed both your blog posts and as you see I follow your blog now and hoping to see more of you but one point out of all this saga did not please me was the fact that you had the assured and insured confidence to write an awesome post but then you ran and went missing when heat was brought your away maybe your phone is lost but I highly doubt this to the point your IG account is deleted. I don’t think I would be okay supporting a woman who doesn’t defend herself or her views. Its like you never even existed or Nasra is an alias created but fortunately I have a friend who knows you so I know you exist. Norah stayed and took all the heat and defended herself against everybody who was against or saw her work not fit for visual consumption and they didn’t sway her even one bit and she has clearly declared that she ‘stands to be corrected’. Next time at least have the decency to see your work through till the end and I would want to advise you to first go read and then go watch Californication the series from season 1-7, I think that series clearly shows the pros and quos of a fuck boy as you would call it. All her fans should also read this and take creative criticism as an opportunity to share and learn but not fight. The maturity I saw in the emancipation of a real nigga(her other blog post for all those masquerading as her fans) is the same amount of maturity you should have shown in the next post and it would have been perfect. I wouldn’t mind meeting you over coffee sometime to probably have a shot in listening to you and probably figure how you tick, I guess old habits die hard.


As Norah said


“And this is, by no means, meant as an attack on the article or the author. It is simply an expanded version of my 2 cents. And tough truths that I think we all need to hear.”




If I was to say I was impressed then it would be a down-play of the amount of talent I saw. Promising prospect and if you write for an NGO then hell yeah you deserved it but haters will hate and so I think what bothered people was the fact that a fellow lady actually wrote against fuck boy was unsettling for them and had it been a guy probably the heat wouldn’t be there but still what happened has happened and you have proven that opinions and views are meant to be aired out for if it were not for such minds then so many things would not exist on basis of invention. Unlike Norah I am very much avoiding the use of vocabulary per-say since simplicity is genius, a mantra I have believed and seen pun out so well for moi and others but I will defend this girl’s honour cause I simply believe she was true to her words and she gave out points that were clearly pseudo natured and indeed true. Here goes a simple simpleton.


“Far too many people believe they are entitled to all the good stuff, just because they are them, forgetting that the world is a cruel and unfair place.”

Norah completely gave her opinion of the matter and why she got backlash from misinformed teenagers I wonder why with some of them having the audacity to call her narcissistic just cause she believes her life is awesome and she has going to Stanford because of the talent she has. It is quite simple, there is a difference between I am a better writer than you and I am a good writer. Norah did not acclaim to be better than Nasra, did she? She was actually looking for an intellectual argument before she got barbaric responses from so called tomorrow’s future and is only self aware of what her mind can achieve and if some youth would uptake such an act rather than wasting their life saying education isn’t everything and settling down for cheap things. If education isn’t everything then what are you doing out of education that can be called credible, do you have a business? Are you doing a short course that may brighten your future? Are you in pursuit of a magnificent talent you were given? But oh well you will end up seated somewhere in a rocking chair calling your neighbour a show off just cause they change cars like toilet paper; if they works for their bread why not enjoy himself or herself taking into consideration that if most poor people were to be taken to Runda and their lives swapped, the same lifestyle would be adapted and a high percentage of them would squander all without thinking about generating any more wealth and the end point being poverty again.


I sat reading those half-casted comments that were simply only good English but yet again proved why immaturity is a disease as worse as gayism hence if you are immature then you are gay. So many of you going to the best of schools that money could afford for you to sit down and say Norah stole the limelight and had no points. I have read and read that post over and over again and every time a new point arises that I hadn’t seen before, why hate on a girl who felt that it was only fair that the other side of the story could be heard. The statement she wrote above was entirely correct and I bet the world’s greatest minds would agree with her and if you don’t then please go back to school and request for a refund of that fees since your school failed the society and your parents. Of course I am mad but do you see me write anything that I can’t defend, this post may or may not come with backlash but I won’t take mediocre two cents from someone who only feels fair to defened a friend and not their very own idea. Norah should be a Kenya ambassador and in fact a consultant at the best of companies and just to be honest these are the kind of minds that build the world not that Nasra won’t but Nasra is self justified to have written what she wrote but are her fans self-justified? Some of the comments I saw were very sensible but not from the likes of didi who I uphold in fighting a losing battle and dede was also making sense till he/she went overboard with the verbal diarrhea.


“Perceptions can be changed, trust me. And then be the kind of person who would be a role model to girls and women around the world. There’s a reason why Wangari Maathai, and not Huddah the Boss Chick, is a role model and the face of Kenyan feminism.”


Norah hasn’t asked anyone to defend her and I don’t even know the girl but if this isn’t chivalry then I don’t know what is? I am standingup for her honour and defending the egos of all men who saw this as an insult to our pure existence and if such ever be repeated then retaliation will be more than welcomed. I have never even met the girl and already I would offer her a java date from blogger to blogger so I can get to unravel the mind and I am no single man so words about he was being charming are just a figment of another teenager’s stupid nonsense. I miss a time when Kenya had the likes of Wangari Maathai, Beth Mugo, Martha Karau and Charity Ngilu (with the latter having grown soft ); women who could not be out spoken in their views as they stood for what they believed in and I see much of that in Norah and other ladies that their names I could not say. If you want a man to treat you right then show him you are worthy of his time, men are simply like dogs they will become faithful to a woman who tames them. Every boy can be charming hence the statement ‘kila chali anaeza pata dame lakini si kila dame anaeza pata chali’ (slang for all boys can have girlfriends but not all girls can have boyfriends) and that is the bitter truth why is it so unacceptable that a lady can defend boys cause she has seen the side of men some of you wish to see and in fact I will go on to say for girls like her and more independent cultured women in my contact list; Bree, Jojo, Becky, Ashley, Cheryl, Christine, Chris, Lilian, Shinina, Val, Shelmith and so on can make any fuck boy change their ways because men understand for women like these you cannot simply survive on the bare minimum of what you call manners.


On the matter of saying that Norah was not original. Originality? What is originality? It means not derived or copied or a single idea from which copies are made from. Then again what is a copy? Not original but as sophisticated as I am I would say a thing made to be similar or identical to another thing. Did Norah steal the blog post from nasra and called it hers. Is it even a word for word replica of what it is. Then why would you say it lacks originality yet again classic case of ‘mzazi kuuza ngombe kupeleka ngombe ingine shule’ . Let me break it down to you, Norah actually gave Nasra the credit and stayed back to defend her work but let me not stop there she used different words to shed light on an entirely different perspective of the whole situation and trust me I bet she convinced more women than you think. Norah simply challenged Nasra’s idea and to see the backlash she got it is quite right to say that she won the fight hands down. A young lady once told me there can’t be a writer better than another, there are only more successful writers who end up speaking to the world in ways the world wants to hear. Sometimes the world just want to hear exactly what it knows is crap so that they can quench their self just. The young lady further went on to say writers just have different unique styles of writing and some writers may not even need the use of heavy vocabulary to make an impact, take for example Onyiego who I simply praise for his excellent writing is basically an idiotic genius who opts for word play to bring out the best of his work cumbered with unrivaled humor and that support that simplicity is genius; allow me be ‘narcissistic’ and say that my writing is usually controversial with outright argued points cumbered with comedy feeling and mature conversations and every time I dare any one challenge me and if they change my thinking I will concede defeat in the blink of an eye.


Norah, on behalf of all the men out there and women who saw the light in your ways and were impressed with your strong nature to stand up for what you believe in even if you were just one ‘man’ but no I am wrong, you were THE woman of the hour to say thank you for again showing why women need to be given a chance out there cause women can do what men can do sometimes better sometimes differently but it can all be done. Kudos and I wish you all the best as you pursuit your studies at Stanford and like I always say let them believe you are proud yet all it was a simple dash of self awareness and unparalleled confidence in short confuse them.




Now to attack the comment I felt shouldn’t have seen the light of day as it polluted social media yet again.


Norah rotich · 23 Hours Ago

If you had read the blog really well before criticizing maybe, just maybe you would have swept me off my feet.. Didi stays winning but,
this is real basking in glory of her success.You are smart

norahborus · 22 Hours Ago

Ahaha, well this is interesting. Namesake, as I said before, if those are your sentiments no problem! But I’m not basking in anyone’s glory- my awesome writing brought people here. So…As far as I’m concerned, I am winning 🙂

As you can see any sensible person would agree that Norah put some people in their places but I don’t think for someone to write such a beautiful art-piece that airs out all those views and leaves very little if I may say no portholes would not have “read the blog really well”. Then further to say real basking in the glory of her success, what success? Did she get a million dollars after this or was she nominated for a nobel peace prize, she hasn’t even got an Oscar so what success? Norah was even polite enough to call you namesake but all similarities end at the name what a pitty.


Ivan Louis Savala · 22 Hours Ago


Yet again you think Norah stands alone. And this was just to prove that Norah simply beat other writers to the punch at giving ‘creative criticism’ to that fuckboy post and unlike most writers she was rather very polite had it been me even the E.R would not save your bleeding soul.

  • Sean H. Gullio · 22 Hours Ago

Nkt you don’t have anything to say It
can be clearly seen that you are just a
confused teen trying to think but you
ain’t thinking straight u didn’t even
understand the article and clearly you
haven’t met a fuckboi yet hope you meet
one soon..

Big up on that Rose.
Norah was just joy-riding on ‘fuckboys’ glory otherwise she wouldn’t have directed ‘fuckboys’ readers to her site.
As for Didi..girl is on fire! A burning inferno i must say. I like her loyal support for ‘fuckboys’. She is by far the greatest fan of Nasra’s ‘fuckboys’. I come in second!
(Drumrolls for Didi and Nasra)
#TeamDidi #TeamNasra


norahborus · 22 Hours Ago

Why hello Sean! You’re Fuckboys second biggest fan- good for you!
Joy riding? Ahaha, nowpe. Doubt you even read my article. But no worries- you do you, okay?


Sean H. Gullio · 22 Hours Ago

I am doing me Norah. That’s why am on #TeamDidi #TeamNasra.

You came to defend two women who run away after millions of boys were against their staunch beliefs, classic chivalry and yet again have you met a fuck boy and if you how did you know. Oh yes! I question your sexuality you insolent traitor who was simply out here so that girls could look for you.

Karen · 22 Hours Ago

why is Borus being attacked for sharing her 2 cents.. they’re her thoughts on a matter.. the blog name so states. Borus I agree on the bit about feminism.. and it is true we should strive to be people of value. What attract what we are.


norahborus · 22 Hours Ago

Thank you Karen. It’s actually a classic defense mechanism when the narcissistic brain is confronted with a greater power- it concentrates on emotions and the desire to out the person as a hypocrite and a phony, so it won’t have to think critically about the speaker’s words.


Karen · 21 Hours Ago

Haha .. I remember those words from something else you shared. But emotions can be quite the liar especially where narcissism is involved. Anyway, why am I pretending to care though I’m an apex predator and so are you (: let the dogs bark. They cannot bite.

Yet again another simple simpleton and what do we have here, a Karen. All hail Norah.

Jenny K · 21 Hours Ago

Norah you are such a fake person. First you try to make Nasra look bad then you try bash Didi by calling her a troll. Then when the masses are leaning on the opposite side, you start replying to posts with so much hatred. Thought you said that Didi should watch the way she uses her language and now look at you? Saying people have narcissistic brains. Hahaha. You amuse me.
At first i thought Didi was mean and rude but you’ve proven to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
As the rest am also backing Didi on this one. atleast she showed us her true self from the beginning


norahborus · 21 Hours Ago

Hey Jenny! Your comment is the epitome of the emotional escape mechanism I was talking about earlier. Instead of focusing on the meaning of what I’ve written, you single out ‘narcissism’, label it an unforgivable insult, proceed to try and out me as a hypocrite. All while getting quite emotionally fired up!
Fake person? No. Blunt person. I say it like it is. Most people can’t deal with criticism- that’s the problem. 🙂

Yes, most people can never handle criticism and just to think I’m bluffing then check the reports on people who have taken their own lives for just but a couple of lines about them. Norah is not rude, and there was no way I was expecting anyone to put her rude comments on her own blog and not get whiplashed or flogged, you just call her rude and mean cause she put all your asses where they are supposed to be…wait for it……………wait for it………IN THEIR MOTHERFUCKING PLACES BITCH!!. Do you live in Marsabit or Lodwar, have you seen what the social media has to offer. Just in case you don’t, there is this app in the world that is viral called Instagram popularly refered to as IG which is found in a variety of devices but just in case you don’t then I would be happy to say kill yourself and you retarded ass for knowing how to access a blog to post nonsense and don’t know how to locate IG. The masses have not leaned on one side and in fact the only place that I have seen Didi and Nasra being supported are in these blogs only otherwise the #TEAMNORAH not necessarily #TEAAMTRUTH supporters have whiplashed your so called heroes to the point they have deleted their accounts and this is the part where all my niggas go….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….may deh may deh may deh. Imagine the so called people fighting for Nasra’s honour can’t even stand up for her in whatsapp groups and once Norah has jolted a few strong jabs of poison for anyone who touches her tail they simply fleed in fact I commend didi for going toe to toe with norah though non-sensical and pathetic grammar which I will blame it on pure outburst of rage I would likely want to meet didi cause as for me didi, norah and nasra are all the same though norah takes the lead. They are ladies who stood up for what they believed in but norah was the only one who fought her way through it all.


Baba Mboga owns your ass.


Esther_muigai · 21 Hours Ago

Now this is good writing, though it’s just a reply.
Social media lies heavily on infotainment more than information.
You’re not just talking on what people want to here, you’re shedding light on what people need to here.
I like the Wangari Mathai-Huddah analogy.
Great piece.
Good job Norah!!

Somebody buy this girl a lifetime supply of guarana. If you ever meet me in any club I will buy you a Jameson even if it is only to be showcased in the house but you have truly spoken like the woman of substance you have depicted yourself to be.


Davis · 21 Hours Ago

Good piece
I think the problem with boys of this generation is that they simply don’t know how to man up
Unlike the days of our parents where manning up was very autonomic with the guidance of society and African traditions, nowadays life according to the fuck boys is drink, smoke weed, sleep around, post selfies on Instagram and life is OK. The YOLO philosophy


Viola · 21 Hours Ago

Davis couldn’t agree more! Exactly what ‘fuckboys’ was about.

I am disappointed at the part where you state fuck boys drink, smoke weed, sleep around as if women don’t do the same thing but don’t you worry the social media refers to them as ratchet hoes. Perception is just one way of seeing and your perception is jilted from one side and what you say is completely true but this is one 2D comment. I have a simple saying, “ A normal person will argue that a coin has only two sides but a great person will say a coin has about a hundred sides depending from what exact position you hold it from .” I appreciate the sentiment but broaden your scope cause I believe norah knew what you said and analysed it before she wrote that art.

dede · 21 Hours Ago

Any person can pick apart an article by taking out excerpts from the original and responding to them.
I see you said that your awesome writing brought people here but the truth is the writing is pretty mediocre and you have established absolutely no solid points of your own.
Be honest with yourself, you really are just trying to bask in someones else’s genius, because really, did nasra come up with this term ‘fuckboy’?? If this article on your blog was an original piece about your actual take on fuckboys (since it is a term that has been in existence for quite a while now) and your heading had absolutely nothing to do with nasra’s post then no one (give or take 10 people; inclusive of family members,roommates and a bestfriend or two) would have been remotely interested.
The only thing worse than being pretentious is denying being pretentious after being called out severally.
If you really do believe in your writing so much then how about you try be (oh my gosh i really wanna use a cuss word here but i fear it may ruin my credibility) original and see whether your articles will spread like wild fire….or the least you could do is admit to everyone or just yourself that you hopped onto someone else’s success train.

P.S-the rumours are true I might be bias because im in love with nasra and her article


RufusTheTrufus · 21 Hours Ago

Dede. Couldn’t have said it better myself
#TeamNasra #TeamDidi #TeamDede; and the list continues!!!!


norahborus · 21 Hours Ago

Ah. So. Where do I begin.
First off…The attack on my writing abilities. Mediocre? I’d think not. I write articles for 2 NGO’s and a Foundation. My essays got me into Stanford University in California, USA. So no…I am not a mediocre writer.
If you would look at my previous posts, you would notice that I actually had likes and followers and comments. Is my blog as popular as most? Nope. Because I don’t rely on sensationalism to draw in crowds. I Rely On Writing Ability And Drafting Of A Good Story.
Pretentious? Ahahaha. I don’t need fame my dear. My life is pretty sweet right now.
So I suppose what I’m trying to say in many words is…your opinion of me? I couldn’t care less about it. 🙂


Viola · 20 Hours Ago

Hahahahaha Norah for a writer of your callibar you seem to be pretty bitter.
Dede..great stuff!! You’ve killed it. May the craze continue Rufus. #TeamDede #TeamDidi #TeamNasra

norahborus · 20 Hours Ago

Ahaha, oh Lord…here we go again.
Bitter? Lady, I have absolutely nothing to be bitter about! My life is amazing! Freaking fantastic! Honestly, it should be illegal for anyone to be this happy a hahaha
I’m simply stating a fact. One that people can’t seem to acknowledge without jumping behind labels and thinly veiled insults. 😉

dede · 20 Hours Ago

Judging by the number of times you’ve mentioned your happiness and this perfect life you’ve got going on you do seem to be trying to convince YOURSELF and not us.
Also you have not addressed anything in my comment rather you have fixated on being such a great writer….hey maybe you write better when writing for NGOs but this piece of writing you called a response was horrible. It was boring, redundant, with no clear points and a bloody snooze fest honestly. I only read it to give you the benefit of the doubt that maybe…just MAYBE you had some facts.
As an established, extinguished writer (metaphorical tip of my hat and customary bow to you) im sure you know just how important the opinions of your readership are aaaand my opinion isn’t even about you its about your article, be as professional as you make yourself out to be, because honey I couldn’t care less about who you are and your life but once you post something its out here for public scrutiny so why the hell are you here getting all angry when people genuinely just dont like your shit? Im sorry if you thought it’d all be positive reviews and pats on your back but its not.
Also you should understand that my comment is about you using someone else’s article to further your blog,which btw is very shrewd (a trait some would take positively) and I just wish you’d be honest with your readers and just say “..yeah,fuck it, I saw an opportunity and took it..” and then you’d make an honest person of yourself

norahborus · 19 Hours Ago

Oh, how dignified of you.
Stating that I should be more professional in the comments section, then going on to make completely arbitrary and indulgently insulting comments.
Look, Dede? I am happy. Ask anyone who knows me. Is my life perfect? Nowpe. It’s pretty sweet, though.
I said that to prove a point.
And judging from the number of likes and followers this post garnered…Meh…I don’t know about you, but I’d daresay it’s sparked some positive feedback. I’d say your critical eye may be a little (a lot) skewered by your partiality towards Nasra and Didi.
I’m not angry because people don’t like my pieces. People aren’t even reading the article, you know. They are jumping straight to the commentary and making it personal; “Norah is just jealous- Norah is seeking fame’ Norah blah blah blah…yeah, so it’s exasperating to not find someone who is properly critical, who challenges you intellectually instead of trying to rile up your emotions. There are a few people who did the right thing like. .Mbaks, was it? She didn’t agree with me, but her maturity was impressive and we ended up agreeing to disagree.
Sensationalism vs sense.
But childishness? No siree. I have neither the time nor the tolerance for that.

norahborus · 19 Hours Ago

And I did not write this blog simply to get more hits. You may find this hard to believe, but I actually enjoy writing stuff for the sake of writing stuff. Am I chuffed that it got 5000 hits? Yeah, I am. Those are some pretty huge statistics- I’ve never gotten such before. But did I do it to get the hits. Nope. A mildly pleasant side effect, is all.
Also…you may not fall into the category, but there are plenty of people who wanted to read from a different perspective. So I’m happy to have made them happy in this small way.

norahborus · 13 Hours Ago

And correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t I have a right to respond to articles? a freedom, even?Who made you wordpress moderator? Information shared to the public can be used freely. And it is done on a day to day basis.
Originality- what is this originality you speak of? Everything that is under the sun has been in one way or another addressed by someone. Unless you have some secret knowledge on creativity that I am not aware of. If so, oh please teach me thine ways, Sensei. :-p Please help me be as original as YOU are, so I can win your approval! Equip me with the tools to make my blog posts a little less than a ‘bloody snooze fest’. Please hasten your reply- I so desperately need it. 😀


dede · 12 Hours Ago

I am sooo glad you like me! I mean, of course, like me enough to think up comebacks the whole night. Before I start my reply…have you thought of something else you’d like to get off your chest? Horribly witty and full of justification? No? Ok.
I think that maybe you’ve been riled up by all the mean comments and having to defend yourself constantly,so you’ve seen that each comment as an attack and have had no time to even consider that some of it is constructive criticism. I merely set out to point out the fact that at the end of the day you were brutally opportunistic yet kept denying feverously. I just thought my comments would help you see that there’s no shame in that and that the more you deny it the shadier it looks. Bottom line is : OWN IT DARLING OWWWWWWN IT 🙂
My point on originality is this : THIS IS NOT ORIGINAL.
Yes,everything under the sun has probably been discussed but did you sit down all day once and think to yourself “…hmm why do people keep calling these males fuckboys? I dont appreciate that so let me jot down some things that contradict the generalisation and character traits appropriated to these so called fuckboys” and the answer is NO you did not….like I said, it wasn’t nasra who came up with the term so it had always been out there as a subject matter but you only saw fit to write about it AFTER nasra’s post had gone viral, post a link in her comment section and proceed to lie to the masses (and inevitably yourself) that your awesome writing skills brought people to your blog.
So lets just say that MAYBE wasn’t your intention, can you at least see how your actions can be perceived?
Do you get what im saying?are you even trying to open your eyes and see what im trying to tell you? Or are you just reading this comment highlighting things you can shutdown and justify?
I despise unintelligent conversations and if I have to explain my comment one more time,I really won’t because I feel I have been clear enough.
How about instead of defending yourself you defend your article! If I say there are no solid points how about you refer me to some points you thought were valid, if I say it was mediocre writing, how about you point out the parts where you used awesome writing techniques?
You seem like an intelligent person, don’t let your emotions reduce you to anything less.

norahborus · 12 Hours Ago

Think of comebacks the whole night ahahaha
I can’t even…siwezi…idehago…ahahahaha
Okay- let’s get down to business. i didn’t even know what a fuckboy was. I didn’t even know that is a term people use.So no, I could not have sat down and thought of a term that as far as I was concerned, was not in existence. So when I saw the article, it sparked my curiosity. If I never read it, i’d probably never know what fuckboy means. Blame my ignorance of trending labels.
Posting a link to the comments section- erm…Is there a problem doing so? I think not. It was merely an extension of the comment I had posted previously in her blog.
And- so you know- WordPress has a statistical analysis of blog hits. Where they come from, etc. And people redirected from Nazra’s post did not form a majority of the views. Majority actually came from Facebook, and individual clicks. Apparently my blog was also on IG feeds.Can’t lie with figures, dude.
On my article- It was a response to Nasra that highlighted the aspects of her post that did not sit well with me. I took examples from every day life, literature and experience. I used humor and analogies, which people seemed to enjoy. All in all, I believe I addressed the main aspects of the Fuckboy post: ‘Stereotypical generalization’ ‘Warped sense of chivalry’ ‘Communication in relationships’ and ‘Defining Feminism’. It is these factors that, I believe, contributed to my writing a good post. There. Satisfied?
Is there any aspect of your argument I have not addressed?
Thank you. You seem intelligent too. 🙂
Oh, and I’m not riled up. You seem a wee bit riled up though 😀
But I so love a good argument hehehe
It is simultaneously my greatest weakness and greatest strength. 😀
Your rejoinder? 😉


dede · 10 Hours Ago

Couldn’t see anyehere else to reply so let me reply here.
YAAAS now thats a response I can appreciate, that was fantastic norah,I loved it.
Im also here from a facebook link I saw but why I came was ONLY because it was written that it was a response to the original which in my point of view was a fantastic piece.
The perspective for your post is definitely a new one and I can admire that.
Though I don’t think you understood her post completely and made some presumptuous conclusions. Take for example the ‘warped sense of chivalry’ did nasra mean that her definition of chivalry is niggas paying for your meal? No, what she meant was these men should make some effort! If you’re pursuing me romantically, would it hurt for you to commit all the way, you’ve asked me out to eat then in the traditional sense pay for my meal,show that you appreciated my company or how about we don’t go out to eat and take a walk in the park where if your issues are financial I can say that at least you made some effort to see me.
The main point is that the fuckboy will think that doing the bare minimum guarantees him a right to your body. And the same goes for your point on communication. Let’s be honest; men (and even fuckboys) know what women want! Its damn straight obvious to him that in no way is it romantic to jazana in a car and parking lot pimp,its so obvious its painful….but thats exactly nasra’s point, they know this is disgusting but can’t respect her enough to grant her the common courtesy of telling his boys to ‘tone down’ on the insensitive nature of their conversation in her presence.
Lastly what you said about feminism, even by your definition, did you research to see what active part nasra has taken in her fight for equality?or did you quickly just assume she threw the word in there as a jab to the fuckboy? She’s an activist and yes she has tried to change the perceptions of many around her what she meant is that these fuckboys are so IGNORANT and INSENSITIVE that on such a delicate subject matter such as feminism they do not hesitate even for a second to blab their uninformed, rude remarks….her problem isn’t that they dont know, her problem is that they don’t care to know and don’t care that they dont know.
Lastlyyyyy the name of her blog is culturedcrudity emphasis on the word crudity, you should have expected her brutality and cuss words,it WAS meant to be offensive 🙂

norahborus · 8 Hours Ago

Yes yes- I agree with your points. And definitely Nasra had some good stuff going on in her post. But…delivery mehn. It’s important.

Dede you and norah made my day but you actually conceded defeat without even knowing. I will not attack you per-say because you did declare that you were in love with Nasra’s blog so you would be biased so forgive me if I do the same with Norah’s. First of all, Norah argued her sentiments on Nasra’s blog on the comments section and when she simply thought she would rather put it all in a post which I believe she would have done on her comment box the reaction would have been totally different. There is no such thing as stealing the limelight, this was like a simple election where the candidates had different thoughts and stood on opposite sides and the congregation asked to choose, why anyone would attack anyone else for supporting a viable candidate I do not know. Norah has even gone as far as to say that she saw this from facebook and the comments it received furthered her course to write. Put it in perspective too, if someone insulted your beliefs on your religion let us say or probably your principles wouldn’t you shout out from the top of your lungs intelligently to defend yourself till the end and that’s just what Norah did. If you can’t take the heat stay the fuck out the kitchen – Ludacris say’s. I mean if norah posted her’s first then nasra came second the controversial reaction the country gave the whole situation would be the same but you would be on norah’s side because it is simple you read that first and formed a based strong opinion about it and refused to see any sense of what anyone else would say and I believe you riled up and let your emotions get the best of you otherwise I would have loved this intelligent conversation but your points were pathetic, a nuisance to public writing and the likes of you should be stoned for being a narrow minded person with exquisite mental capabilities. Rather than viewing it as a hate speech from norah or that norah was stealing the limelight why dont people view it as two beautiful ladies who have superb writing skills but stood at different sides of the table. Seeing that you are intelligent I believe your loyalty could be swayed and if it hasn’t already been done then meet me or even norah for drinks.




I would go on and on about how all this people are wrong and none of them even posed at least some sense of credibility in their argument rather than a possible dede, mbake(only sensible one the rest just fought at least) and didi but all the rest were just misguided teenagers looking for a fight or rather enjoying controversy as if you all opened a blog and wrote about your beliefs anyone has the right to stop you but everyone has the right to change anybody’s perception. No need for anyone to be mad about it and I apologise that I was rather angry as I wrote this all but if I left holes that need to be discussed then please feel free to ask for my number around from friends who may know me and you might as well write your opinions but only if you are intellectual about it then I will moderate your comment and give an equally good reply but if you are to send immature comments of peculiar disgrace to your whole dynasty then I will take the time to school you and give you the cold hard truth as your fore fathers would want. I also have a weakness for a good arguments and will defend myself even if I am one man with that said if anyone feels they can take me on then take a shot but don’t you cry when I don’t play nice; RUTHLESS AGRRESSION.


Baba Mboga lives.





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