How about a hand for Allegri and Enrique, at the start of the season they were laughed at but they surely had the last laugh en route to a potential treble,at least for one of them.All this in their first year in charge.Only Pep can boast of such a feat.

Who knew the Old Lady could pull it off? I did not watch most of their matches but the semis I did watch and I can only describe them in one word- Efficient.To digress a bit,efficiency is given by work output over work input in percentage.Anyone who watched the two games will tell you the Italians work rate was phenomenal.As for the output,numbers don’t lie-check the aggregate.Output being almost same to input we can safely assume Juventus were nearly 100% efficient.

Not even the great Mou could instigate a better defensive plan.The constant pressing and relentless interceptions spoke of a team with a great vision to keep the ball as much as possible from the opposition.Theirs was not to sit back but to push back with the likes of Evra avoiding their usual adventurous forward gallops.

They say a gentleman never leaves his lady and noone exemplifies this mantra better than their captain, goalkeeper extraordinairé,Buffon.Even when he had the option of leaving the Old Lady of Turin after they were relegated,he stuck by them(sorry, by her) and now he is a step away from winning a cup coveted by many but lifted by few.What better place to achieve this than where he won the World Cup title nine years ago.

However, looking to spoil the Italian party is a destructive Barca side.Forget the Nepal earthquake; this Barca side attacks relentlessy-wave after wave-until your defence is just but a pile of debris(Boateng comes to mind… haha).At the crests of these waves are three SouthAmericans whose goal scoring frequency can only be compared to the rate we take meals.

It will be interesting to see how both coaches will approach the match but my bet is it will be a good old fashioned attack versus defence show off, Pacquiao-Mayweather two if you like.With a resurgent Tevez(another SouthAmerican not surprisingly) and an on-form Morata(who tore apart his former employers during the semis) leading the Juve attack, they will have to step up or get stepped on and get melted by the heat that is Barcelona.

So will it be a scintillating final or an overly-cautious Final?It has been called a head-biting final, a deserving title with Suarez and his biting antics returning to face One Giorgio Chiellini. They might just steal the show once again. Berlin is the venue, June 6th is the date!!!

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Onyi-ego was here.


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