Why I have a problem with ‘Bye, Fuckboy’

This was an answer to the fuckboy issue i feel these words could not have been put in any better order


I recently read an article on cracked.com that basically shattered any conceptions I had previously harbored about respect and dignity. The author informs the reader, in the funniest and bluntest way possible, that the world doesn’t give a hoot about respecting them if they aren’t bringing something to the table. This is the reason we see a stark change in the way our parents, relatives and society treats us as we grow older; as kids, we could do the most outrageous things, but the world would continue to invest in us; when we became teens, the world began to frown on our delinquency, but kept on supporting us; and when we crossed the 18 threshold, the world heaved a sigh of relief and began to give us a piece of its mind. I think we can all agree that as an everyday adult mwananchi, we go through  A LOT. Rudeness…

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