She took the words right out of my mouth


The moment we realize that the course of our lives is solely in our hands, is the moment when everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, changes.

We stop believing that some people are simply inherently good at what they do. We stop thinking that we need to ‘know our place’ in society and humble our ambitions. We stop staring at successful and famous (for the right reasons) people, wondering, “Well, how the hell did that happen?”

Yesterday, there was a crazy storm that passed by Lang’ata region. I thought I was lucky because I arrived just when the first drop of rain was falling, but quickly realized I was not, when the lights abruptly went off because, well, this is Kenya. And being the middle class and highly westernized family we are, my father and I lamented at length over not having access to the internet and our devices, because where I’m…

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