Bye Fuckboy.

This was just immature but still the fact that she could write all this was impressive but to further instill the image of immaturity she instilled was that she fled once the heat became too unbearable


What is a Fuckboy? An ain’t shit nigga. I’m sure you’ve heard me or people using the term ‘fuckboy’ quite a number of times. So imma break it down real quick. Usually when one is referring to someone as a fuckboy it’s never in a positive outlook. I mean, who would even want to be referred to as ‘fuck’  and which guy would like to be referred to as ‘boy’. I think this word is the greatest addition to vocabulary (even if it’s slang). Finally a word that describes so many delinquent boys who run around thinking they are the shit. When it comes to dealing with fuckboys, no one is more acquainted than I am. I have come across too many of these inferior breeds of sorry excuses for men and tolerated them a tad bit too much . But your dog days are over fuckboy. image So who is…

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