i found this rather catchy


I’m lost in something that consumes me in both extremes. Not sure yet which extreme makes me feel alive. Many people have the idea of perfection being the most dazzling experience. Well i cant say it ain’t , but the fear of what perfection could be masking would make all jars of hearts run out.These kind are like the burgers one would thirst for  only to find out later that it was made out of dog meat.

Others say sophistication and mystery would make an infinity of  intriguing memories. But how true could this be when you can barley go past someones mind leave alone their smile, or better yet their shadow. How annoying to stay with anyone you cant even predict. Because the the whole “stay” would be a match between permeable and impermeable and not sure if it would even last 90 minutes. Typical huh.

Well we all…

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