Not so many Kenyans can really call themselves gamers, can they? And it is usually cute seeing some fellow brethren trying to compete or calling themselves gamers which is as cute as a monkey trying to beat its chest in attempt of pulling off a gorilla move. Yes, it is quite disappointing that people only game as far as popularity and fame stretches. They do not go so beyond to be the killer player in every game possible or maybe it is just specialization. I may deem people who play pc games as gamers due to possession of the variety trait but the rest are just mediocre beings thinking it is cooler to refer to themselves as gamers.

Gaming is not some zombie activity just because it may be a way of passing time but gaming is more of a mental activity. As for me, gaming stretches as far as board games and classic games such as space impact that were on mobile handsets way back then making the nokia 3310 a very valuable asset. Gaming for me stretches out as far as outdoor sports and activities because gaming is a stress reliever and is part of my own personal mental training.

Gaming is demanding of brain power. Lets take FIFA, the peoples game, for example people only play as far as kick off is and even those other macerating gamers only go as far career being biased towards the manager side as only a few people play the player career or participate in online gaming; playing the ultimate team. Most people do not even put effort in the mental capability to beat every opponent that walks their way as they just play with the hope that the ball may land on Ibrahimovic’s feet or restarting the game once they have a red card. Maybe it is because I spent quite some time and energy playing chess during my childhood days with my uncle as my sensei.

Gaming is all about an unspeakable passion that feels your body that time a whole game plan strings itself in place and it almost looks perfect with no flaws. Gaming is the exquisite pleasure one has in beating call of duty at record times completing the game severally with the change of difficulty levels just to tweak the interesting level that exists. Gaming is a very serious activity for me, always updated on the new games and in my later life, I intend to have a playroom that may have a gaming computer and the latest consoles of the two top gaming franchise console producers with wifi that completely compliments my thirst for new blood online.

Gaming for me is a sacred affair. It falls in the affairs of the heart category. It is more of a religion or a government that also has a constitution that is implemented in my day to day life making sure I am always at par with new trends. Gaming is so intense as I go as far as do my research on levels I can’t complete and find walk-throughs. Seated at home for hours in the fifa training ground trying new levels of difficulty and game plans. Working on my set pieces as recently I have been working on my knuckle ball free kick technique. The game is just as thrilling. Gaming I am totally biased to games that are sports based meaning I could play golf and enjoy it on console yet in real life I know totally nothing about it.

Gaming revolutionizes my world especially giving me a particular pleasure when it pisses my father off who thinks what I do in my whole entirety of existence is playing and texting and partying. I bet my father thinks there is no thought required when playing yet secretly fifa keeps my mind sharpened and it is way better than being a useless couch potato. Pushing myself to the limit constantly so I can be at par or is it beyond par. I doubt there are more than a 1000 gamers who can ‘sekem’ my sorry ass in whatever game put in my way. Gaming has an exquisite pleasure that leaves a sweet taste in my mouth enough to leave me thrilling and thriving to be awesome in whatever I do. This hobby of mine secretly makes me thrill though not as compared to a woman’s touch I don’t think there is any other activity that could seriously give me the same effect.

Enjoying myself on this earth is a prime time of my life and gaming will always be among my top five activities. I am hopeful that as time goes by I put more effort to it, always hoping that when I am older I will have way more resources and I will induct my own into the same world. The gaming world, usually termed as a nerdy affair, is a total mind blowing experience making me feel very excited when my fingers or palms are on the game pad sweetly caressing it as I leave the world wondering how he just did that. I enjoy going for gaming conventions and entering into game chats as I meet other people who are lost in the love of the activity.

Gaming is a religion that should be well respected and anybody who insults this spiritual institution angers me and I feel an inbuilt rage just to kill and murder, possibly maim the offender and torture to the brink of their death and then finish them with probably a pound for pound sledge hammer. I am not the best in those games but neither am I anything close to average; in fact I am just a bloomed talent wanting to get exposed. Maybe, if my father did support my own wishes as I pleased my gaming career would be out of this world but then that is my major con and I do not expect for it to change as my father is as rigid as any man I know who shows utter distaste for things he may not find enjoyable.

Please, I would really appreciate if the many masquerading gamers to stop calling themselves shit they can’t comprehend and stick to fifa lovers or some league 2 names but the word gamer is banned for mediocre people who think it is just being part of the gaming. Only if you take gaming as a religion or a very huge part of your life then and only then are you allowed to call yourself a prospective gamer but until you reach such levels of having updating game apps on your phone then do restrict yourself to the common mwananchi names that suit your kind of lifestyle.

Gamers assemble!


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