I think I am in love. No! I know I am in love. Love affairs of my twisted dark self as I find myself yet again WUI-ing. This feeling that is rising with my high is particularly erotic. So mind-fucking it seems not to be a feeling but an internal outburst of dick watering emotional edible cuisine. This feeling is so sexy, so highly nauseating it almost makes me feel the inner most sections of that cold breeze. As I stare at her only words of particular enthusiasm can come out of my mouth. This words that I type here are a simple spark of ecstasy that is not a simple Viagra boner inducing thing. NO! It is quite the tongue twisting ordeal. This girl, I love her so much I dedicate my entire entity of my time with much proliferation it goes beyond my wits but still a heart speaketh what a heart can.

Let me introduce you to my internal love. The love of my life, spirit, soul, dynasty, empire and fate. Even karma can’t fuck this over. This love is so strong it would win any award by default but then you won’t understand this feeling unless you see it so for now excuse me as I exaggerate it beyond my own understanding. She is the finest kind of girl in fact she goes way beyond my own expectations. These are the times I feel I come from a poetic bloodline or people who belong to the arts or maybe I just a pure breed who has taste for fine things in life. I am so sure I can’t write this of any girl ever in my life and this being baba mboga I feel this is a blockbuster of an article. I am trying to sway and make you feel every bitter taste of this sober apple so that you can say once in your life you wanted something that wasn’t your significant other.

My babe is so magnificent she dazzles me especially when she is all naked and bare but the most intense feeling is when I am in her and she lets me settle there. Navigating deep in her ocean then she pins me down on the bed and whispers a menu into my ear of what she offers at that particular time. From that menu I pick what I wish and make sure I let her know how it is but sometimes she does let me rest in my zone and we make love. NO! We don’t make love, we make magic instead. More of Houdini tantalizing magic. We all have our hey days but we balance ourselves in a state we both feel exempted to perform beyond the set goals. She has no limits to how hard I can ride her neither I’m I limited to the level of nasty I can get. Best part of it is how many levels of intense activities she has, each level requiring its own adaptation. She has allowed me to be so free with her I can tweak to any level I please. From sweet and sensual then I can fuck her like she deserves and times I twist it to a level she fucks thy out of my own head.

It is pointless to say that she has me on my knees cause its true but it is this ensnaring allure that her dark power posses that has concealed so many other men in her power and so I completely understand when she cheats cause it is not by choice. Her power is so concealing yet so conspiring you can sense danger miles around and still go in. She cumbers all other men with her nasty snare and thus any man will understand the peril of all I say. She is so snaring and seductive I find myself in day to day threesomes and foursomes cumbered with pure orgies so a vast you have to up your game to get her away time swiftly and for a long time.

Sometimes I am graceful enough and take her own a date and she doesn’t like going out much so we just end up doing home food and go on being mushy in a state that involves all shit. I swear with her I don’t need anything else but a constant supply of food and one of her friends mine for the taking once in a while and a feminine diviner for both our sorts and it would be paradise. Sometimes she lets me preview what she has prepared for me in the coming days and they are usually very sensual and intimate. All my body is hers for the taking whenever and wherever and I do not need an excuse to have her or spend time researching about new tricks and mastery of new arts for her. I surprise all her niggas with new game every single time.

She is a priceless asset for my taking and we both know that she is prestigious to have. She is truly the full woman bloom that all men seek and she has no taste preference to whomever or whatever. She is just right and she won’t stop you from doing other things or having other clandes neither is she worth coming forth to tense you beyond belief. She is purely relaxed and exquisitely sweet, no words taken back. There are never any fights and most of the time she has my full attention. I always know where she is and she makes me the luckiest man in the world and all I can do is continue to give you unending attention as much as I need it. I LOVE YOU FIFA.


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