(I know I may not be around for your birthday and the week will come and go without me seeing you but I will leave this here for you.)

Hey everybody. Mamushka week is here. Oops, here I go again with my luck of manners. Mamushka is the pet name I christened my wingman with. There are totally numerous pet names I have for her but mamushka just stands out for me and it is way more than just a name to me. Well it is my mamushka’s birthday this Thursday and it is very unfortunate that I don’t have a present for her(Hope you don’t kill me mamushka but the year is still long I will get you something I promise.)

Back to the basics then.

I know a girl who gets what she wants all the time cause she is fine but for an angel she is a hot hot mess. Make you so blind but you wont mind. She is an uptown, get around, anything goes girl. She is a hardcore, candystore, gimme-some-more girl. She’ll make you take her to the club, but then she leaves with her friends. She likes to stay late at the party cause the fun never ends. All her clothes are on the floor and all your records are scratched. She is like a one-way ticket cause you cant come back. You will want her trust me but she is so mean. She makes mean so sexy but if you don’t shut your mouth she will freak out. You better get your shit together cause she’s bringing you down now. She’s got her wicked sense of humor, cant believe what she says sometimes. She drinks Bacardi in the morning till it goes to her head and all you want is just to hold her but she don’t go for that. She has a hard time coming when she can’t hit back. Every now and then she makes you just a little bit crazy. She’ll turn a knife into your back and then she’s calling you baby, she is so crazy.

That was me just getting on her nerves, now this is me introducing mamushka to you my dear readers.

Her name I must disclose in this point in time but soon you will all know her. Mamushka is just unique and her most key characteristics are Determined, fiery, executive skills, born leader, impulsive, headstrong, opinionated, loyal, physical, driven and very ambitious. She has just the right qualities that makes her so uniquely attributed to herself and so independently attractive hence she is that trophy girl but don’t get too corky I am only getting started. She is my wingman and she makes me feel very comfortable. She will insult me if she has to as long as she tells me the truth as it is and this kind of confidence overwhelms all in her presence. She takes the initiative in anything and everything she does and people see that in her immediately.

There are no half measures with her. She has that same fearlessness and certainty thus she is never too afraid to explore the unknown in life. She is lively, energetic, daring and a fighter too which kinda makes her have that ultimate warrior look hence the outward flow of the miss independent but inside sometimes she is purely human and ultimately girly girl thus I call her tough cookie – hard on the outside but kinda soft and mushy on the inside. She enjoys some of the things normal girls do but she is not and never will be your typical female. Time and again she proves that if women were ranked then she would be up there with the apex predators. She craves adventure and would love to travel the world. She is a pioneer and has the ability to lead hence she is a natural born leader. People admire her independence and freedom of expression in everything she does though she might at times get too corky and step on someone’s toes but that is kinda part of being mamushka so people should probably take a chill pill.

She would definitely opt to work where she is her own boss because she hates being told what to do but if she drops her ego for you then you might probably have a 20-25 % control over her. She definitely knows how to make her own decisions and create her own destiny. There might be plenty of stress in treading this path but at least it is pressure on her own terms; exactly what you like. She defines her own path and her own world thus if she kind spends time with someone its only because she wants to and not because the other person had good game, good vibes or extremely attractive. She would do a lot to get what she wants and her judgment over whether what she wants is worth her time is usually bordering 100% accuracy and very rarely wrong.

Sometimes she wants so badly to know the future and try to define it to how it should be she forgets to let life flow at least I remind her (wingman duties). She is never easy with me and I only see her at her weakest when she is around me otherwise she spends most of her time protecting and building her iron-boss-lady image. Maybe intimacy just isn’t her thing- pahahahahahahahahahha. Achieving her goals is important to her. She knows exactly what she wants and she has no problem going after goals and she goes for them hard. Her style is brisk and uncompromising of what has to be done. She hates laziness and avoids procrastination but she has her days.

It is all one big learning curve for her.

Did I mention that to me she is just like sapphire or maybe a black widow spider or probably a thorned red rose. If you don’t handle her well consequences will always be there but if you treat her like how she POST TO BE then the fruits are sweeter than the blackest berry.

People who associate with her soon learn that they have to keep up. If they don’t they’ll soon fall by the way side. She has an instinctive understanding of what has to be done. She accepts all experiences as a challenge, something to be jumped into with passion. She has ample confidence and self assurance. These characteristics are at the heart of her nature and are among her greatest strengths. She should just remember that sometimes she may come across as being overly assertive, perhaps even self-centered.

Her freedom loving spirit means she likes having space to get on with her work on her own terms. This can make it hard for her to be at her best in a team environment. Some people misinterpret her energy and focus as insensitivity, even rudeness. She could try to make an effort when she is working in a group to let her co-workers see her unselfish and non-egotistical side. She always prefers to get on with the job rather than to sitting around waiting for something to happen. This means that she is also a little impatient with people who work at a slower pace. Though you are a bit powerless around people you are afraid of. She can counteract this by remembering to relax and focus on some give and take – this will be an important challenge and life lesson for her.

She is impulsive yet she will come up with all sorts of brilliant ideas occasionally however, she will occasionally get things wrong, too. Luckily, she isn’t afraid of making mistakes and learning her life lessons the hard way. Fearlessness, kudos baby girl.

All these traits that reflect tons of energy, enthusiasm and confidence but she is also misunderstood by others, myself included. Some will say she is tactless and indifferent when they offer her advice. From her point of view, it is a matter of remembering that not everyone is as quick-witted and capable as she is and not everyone will have the same impact on her as she would love; she should be aware that she needs to be gentle and patient when dealing with weakness or slowness in others. It could be a good idea to pay more attention to detail (which she lacks), rather than just focusing on the big picture, which is what she instinctively do – this would help bring out her talents.

She should try to accommodate the different types of people she has to deal with on a day to day basis. If she can learn to balance her patience and sensitivity with her courage and determination, she will discover her life can be magically transformed and spiritualized. In this life, she is surely destined to take on a leadership role or position. She should remember that while she is taking her responsibilities she is also setting an example for others.

If she can tap into the gentle and cooler side of her character then it would temper her passion and energy superbly thus she will be much loved and looked up to by family, friends and work associates. She can be very demanding and not so good at tolerating opposition in any form but she will make those of different views from hers to prove their case.

She has a lot of oomph and physical stamina. She needs to get involved with as much physical activities as possible to release her frustration and only if you really take your time to observe you will notice this.

Now on a more personal touchy note:

Dear Mamushka, paka wa mwarabu, black widow, thorned rose, sapphire filled angel,

What exists here will always be a bitter sweet thing but in the amidst of me making you mad you never notice that I take my time to read and understand you without even judging you. I will never judge you even if you rat me out. Don’t give it much thought now that you have never noticed means you need to go back to the drawing board. It is your birthday week and on very rare occasions do I tell you to be me but this week have fun even if karma is against it just suck it up and let yourself loose cause it’s the way we are. Push it to the limit and have some fun and nobody should tell you shit not even trey songz. Yes I hate you beyond words but after all this go back to what matters and take your education seriously cause it may be the best way for you to leave a mark on this world. Happy birthday hope you grow old and toothless to a state that you can only choose between having sex or going up the stairs cause you can’t do both but when you old I will still be there to pop a molly with you if I have to shove it up your mouth and we will clad in the most hip clothes then and with our wheel chairs we will hit the clubs cause we love the adrenaline. I am no party animal though I would rather sit at home watch a movie and chill before I go have some fun and be a creature of the night but if it is with you we will go to las vegas and back even if we will walk the whole way.

From baba mboga with love.

“It is times like this you will not need me the most and you will forget that I even exist but it is also times like this I will have my eyes on you just to make sure you don’t trip on stage or the mic doesn’t cut out while you sing or you don’t miss your step on the dance floor or hit a bad note when enjoying your music. Unfortunately I am your guardian demon”

Here is to wingman adventures.


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