Romance is in the eyes of the beholder. Maybe I am wrong and maybe I have this all twisted but if there is anyone who can define romance, it is yourself. As time has gone by the world has fed us with this notion that romance must always be mushy or making us so stereotype that romantic things only include being taken to a lunch date in a beautiful restaurant. Romantic possibly is taking your girl for a picnic and enjoying each other’s company. If you want to believe that romance only goes as far as your favourite soap opera then be my guest and get lost in that reverie of thinking, I won’t even try to stop you.

I will fuck you on the office table and that is just romance. I will smile cockishly when you say something funny and that is just romance. I will totally sit down and watch your favourite series with you even if I don’t like it but that is just romance. I will lick you from your toes all the way to your head and that is just romance. Judge me, but I will spank your ass when it is just me and you and that is just romance. I don’t have to buy you roses so that you know I’m into you but I will call you home for a whole weekend just me and my baby spending quality time and that is just romance.


Romance is me choosing to chill with you the whole day rather than have good time with the guys.

I may not be mushy when you want me to but I will kiss you whenever and wherever and that is just romance. I don’t have to take you out to the most expensive restaurant but I can always cook you my very own ‘kuku le juu’ and that is just romance. If you want to define romance as getting faded with your significant other then that is the way to go. I won’t buy twenty red roses or make love on a bed full of roses with sweet scented candles but if I text you all day everyday then that is just romance. I won’t compliment you every single time cause you always killing it every day but when I say it then I mean it and that is just romance.

I grab your ass and whisper in your ear you’re my woman and you sexy tonight and that is just romance. I will give you the look that makes you weak in your knee and that is just romance. I don’t need to be Alehandro or Martin to be romantic or make you feel special. Romance is the simplest thing in the world but it is not what the world wants you to think about generally but rather what you don’t think about. Romance will always be hidden in the simplest shit we do and it isn’t something that we have to notice or know it is something we want but rather it’s the shit that comes in mind as soon as possible.

Romance makes us better people as it corrects the worst in us. Romance shouldn’t be something that always stands out but rather a simple stance of perfection that only seems to be okay between two people and two people only. Maybe you expect a knight in shining armor who will swoop in and fight for your honour but unfortunately all I am is an ordinary Joe who will stand by you anytime you need him and that is just romance. Maybe you need superman who is made of steel, flys and can take you across the globe site seeing but I am not prepared to wear underpants on top of tights to make your day awesome and that is just romance. In all honesty we won’t always be smiling and having a good time but that is just romance.

I will tolerate you at your worst, laugh at your ass when you do something silly, make you laugh when you mad at me, scorn you when you are wrong but love your ass to sleep anytime I get the chance and that is just romance. Don’t expect this to be a typical Romeo and Juliet thing and just in case that is what you want then you must be with the wrong man but if you want a unique thing that will send everybody jealous then you are in the right place. I may not be able to right to you heart felt poems or make record breaking fetes just to make you smile but I promise that if you stay true to me I will be yours for all days and that is just romance. Maybe you want money that is unlimited if I end up being a rich man then trust me I will give you the world but on top of that I will spruce it up with unquestioned unparalleled loyalty and that is just romance.

Of course I will meet other women and when they say hi I will say hey and that’s all it will be; that is just romance. You will save me on your phone as bestie but I will have you screaming like oooh and that is just romance. Having the time of our lives cause life is too short and you may never get high like this with a guy like this and that is just romance. I can’t promise that every time we will be intimate it will be beautiful or art but at least when I hit it I’m gonna kill it and that is just romance. If you need something extra that goes beyond wild simple and sweet then I’m not the guy for the job but if you just want ‘just romance’ then come aboard the baba mboga chu-chu express and hold on for the ride of a life time.

Yes I will be a jerk maybe a monster or a demon from time to time and of course I will mess up more times than necessary but I will always be true to you and true to myself and offer all I can just for a little bit of romance. I can’t promise expensive dates or beautiful cheerios but you can trust me that I will always have your back even when you are pissed at me because I forgot your birthday.You can wake up in the middle of the night upset about something and all you have to do is wake me up and I will listen and that my dear is just romance. I will care and I will hit anybody who goes beyond your limits cause that is who I am. I don’t know about tomorrow but today I will take care of you and that is just romance.



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