You read it just right. Baba mboga doesn’t have sex I FUCK and I don’t mean like gangster lay you down but more like Christian Grey FUCK. I am about 100 shades of shady and that’s just how I roll. I am not writing this so your girlfriend can look for me…nah ah…I am writing this because I can and I want the truth out there in the world floating for everyone to read.


Sex is the mother of all Holy Grails and I love sex. I am no addict or maybe I am but sex is a beautiful thing no matter how you want to look at it. The world as beautiful as it is gave as something that is way more beautiful. The name itself is a masterpiece on its own. Short and easy to pronounce but always unraveling as time goes by. I view sex as an art and possibly that is why I succeed in this activity with my game always improving and I am only preparing myself for my future significant other. I adore sex and wish it was a possible way to greet each other and I bet most of my homeboyz agree with me. Imagining all those women who have passed you on the road to school and thinking how many of them you have wanted in your bed. Sex in fact is the only drug that is so addictive and will never give you withdrawal symptoms or become a plain bore. Sex may suck with the same partner over and over again but sex has been there since the beginning of time and it may be the only thing we are happy Adam and Eve introduced.


Yes, I do not have sex…I FUCKING FUCK. Even karma knows this too well cause she has already been a victim of my work. I won’t be surprised if there are people out there wishing I was with them right now or some of you desperate to seat with me for even half an hour so that they could know how I know what I know. I won’t put you on the bed and take you slow as you wish…fuck that…I will take you from 0-320 in three seconds and bring you right back. I will rather spread you on top of the office table and ram you like a speeding trailer and I won’t even drop the draws because I have that kind of fetish. Other guys will kiss you and tell you that you are beautiful but that’s all they will do. I will top that up with ramming you to your favourite song. Best thing is that I ain’t even a selfish niggah cause I will let you have your turn and do shit to me that you have always wanted to.


Bubble bath my ass (not that I won’t treat my lady like a queen) but everybody knows she will want it in the shower as the water drips slowly. I won’t waste my time trying to find the perfect place, if I wanted that then I would simply call you home every single time. I am the guy who mixes it up and if sex was martial arts then my style would be called POST TO BE and probably my name would be Hisoka or maybe is it Bruce lee. If it were boxing then I am Mike Tyson and if you don’t believe me then ask around. Don’t take me wrong though, I don’t have anything against anybody who makes love to their woman but why make love when you can make magic. Of course I have my days of just sexing her up but most of the times she will come back cause she wants sex in crazy places. I am a confident motherfucker and it ain’t flossing if I can back it up not forgetting that I am also a blessed man(smirk).


Sex in crazy places they say. Then it ain’t crazy if it hasn’t happened in the balcony under the stars on a cold sexy night. It hasn’t happened yet if it weren’t in the back seat of a moving, in fact speeding vehicle. In fact it isn’t sweet yet if you weren’t hitting her on the floor but the bed is moving all the way over there. I adore sex. It is a pure art and an art that allows for new students and new stuff. I am not afraid to mix it up and I am not a rough Nigga either. I will take you out buy you roses spoil you in fact I would be mushy if I like you but later in the night after I treat her like the queen she is I will hit it like the hoe she wants to be. Murder she wrote cause when I hit it I will kill it.


Missionary, doggy, reverse missionary, cowgirl, reverse split, scissors, twist of death then finally the lotus flower bomb. You think it is hot now wait till when I have you all to myself and there is no place to run. Don’t get it twisted, I am a gentleman and I will never force a girl do anything she doesn’t want to. So for just this week, stop making love and just fuck around. Go to your parent’s house and do it in the sitting room while they are in their bedroom. Hit her on the swimming pool and when she thinks that’s nasty hire the whole bar or club for the night and take her out on the pool table.


I have spoken.


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