Why do I have this blog?

On a normal regular basis; this question pops up more times than expected especially from guys who would want to know my inspiration or people who are shocked by how mature my blog is yet I look nothing like my blog unless you hand me a pair of glasses and kapuka alcapacino hats. Sometimes I tend to ask myself how I even write what I write. How do I even string up the words to make sentences which become the building blocks for articles. Presently I am in the middle of a discrete structures class which I find preferably interesting.

I write because my can and want are one hence building an instinctive passion to mash up words that form a rhythm within myself that cannot be stopped or tuned down. I write because I loved art and writing to me is among the most purest of arts. I write because I have enjoyed English for as I can remember and there are among the few ways I can limit my stupidness and crazyness to a level that keeps my sanity intact. I write because I can make heartfelt perceptions about various situations that many people would be scared to talk about. I write because with every complete article comes a change in scale as my influence grows.

I write because once I hold that pen I become a god of my own world. A god?!?! Yes, a god. I can kill and give life to whomever I please. I can make it rain and as quick as a flash change the wheather into something else I can give my best friend a red lamboghini and once he screws up I can take it away in the blink of an eye. I can turn anyone into a martial art master where as I can make anyone into a superman . I can deflate kim kardashian’s ass and I can marry Mila kunis if I pleased. They are all possible due to the power of words. Words are so powerful hence making it so easy to have my thoughts and sway most of you to join my uncultured free thinking style.

Having a blog has always been an item on my bucket list since I view it as a way to reduce my stress and be emo if I please to because people could judge but they would also learn to understand but if they don’t then IDFWU. It is quite simple. When I write, I lock myself in a utopia where I am king and a free bird who can exorcise any demon he sees fit. This gives an adrenaline boost making me a junkie hooked to this stuff.

Allow me to go personal; I also write because I feel that it is only through my blog that people can only understand who I am. I only feel that it is through my blog that people can only understand who I am. I only feel that it is through my blog that not so many people can judge how I think or what I think about. I can actually get away with murder if I wanted to but it also gives the readers a chance to see the world in my own eyes. As I aspire to inspire before I expire, I choose to write about my findings on this earth and hope to leave a legacy that extremely supersede the name Baba Mboga or Ayim.

This blog is not for the benefactor of other motherfuckers. I write this because I can and will write anything that pleases my own soul. I have lethal and legal actions to defend my talent of having my way with words. It is part of a passion mixed with emotions that render me addicted to the pen. With this ability to woo even the hardest of hearts I can use it to my own advantage of spreading the disease that is to spread now I look at the world. SO excuse me if you think I want anyone to read it by force, I just want people who enjoy this and be able to add to it.


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