The month of love presented itself with the usual excitement where some loved ones enjoy it, others escape it, others have it their own way, others enjoy days turning into lemons when most of the single ones rampage their ways into clubs. The time for love, and so on this day there is the careless use of the ‘I LOVE YOU’ assisted with careless throwing of awwws.

Valentine is a day marked for love because on this day a man named Valentine paid the ultimate price any man could ever pay for love. He died for love. Commonly misused as a way for many to make up for those times they weren’t fair to their significant others. Symbolized with the color red, gifts, roses and other attempts of romantic gesture but though all this, some relationships only get to treat each other good just this once. Mere weasels only taking one out of 365 days to make your partner feel special that is why I am always against this day but the hypocrite I am as I spend the whole day making someone feel special with a symbolic night of passion to mark the end of a one night stand. Sounds horrid; but is it any different from all of you who take each other for granted only for you to pretend on valentines with preceding months’ planning, but I don’t judge.

On the eve of valentines, I spent a bit of my time with a lovely rose and her viper of a boyfriend and they were arguing about a common useless mishap and the dude was only being a dush but that wasn’t what caught my attention or baffled me. Let me first establish that she is H for HOOOOOOOT!! Moreover, the fact that I found her cleaning the house means she is already well house bred not forgetting that she tolerates him. Daily or periodically she is treated like crap, as in, tons and tons of shit is poured her way but she doesn’t do anything to leave him even when its quite clear that she is unhappy and if she was to leave then she wouldn’t lose anything but there she is holding on to a man who is well immature giving him all the unconditional love as if he was the best man ever. What a free soul, who sorts to smile even when she is clearly being mistreated and though this kind of love is very poisonous in this situation but if more women were like this I don’t know maybe some of them would already found the guy but you all substitute love for a better man. All of you being very hypocrytic only treating each other special once a year thus questioning the existence of February 14th and thus if it were up to me then it would be scrapped of the calendar.

I don’t see what is so good about needing just one day to be romantic and sweet. If she or he is special to you then it is only for that you treat them like so every single time you have because people forget that we only miss the water when the well runs dry. Sometimes people tend to portray the hater trait over all this valentine fuss and end up criticizing those who are in relationships but most of these people are people who wish to find their own Romeo’s and Juliet’s who they can share these fun times because after all we are slowly becoming of age thus maturity has become the common denominator for us all.

So valentines has gone and if that romantic mood that was between you has also disappeared with the wind then please leave that person. Nobody should tie themselves to people with whom their chemistry is not enough to even puzzle the simplest of minds. The world would not end because you finally realized that you have been with someone who doesn’t take you for granted. Go and be with someone who understands. Lodge yourself into the lives of these who appreciate you and instead of simply looking for mr. right or mrs. right then I tell you to desist from this and live life. If people stopped trying to play the game then let it flow with minimal changes, I guess we end up finding all that is meant for us. Valentines has come and gone but then screen yourself and tell me are you happy?


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