Girl I woke up before the light, thinking about that night; I can’t sleep. Hoping that one day, I will have that TV on drowning out your scream. Excuse my manners but I have to apologize as my other head lacks even the least bit of courtesy to greet you but I can’t also scorn him as I understand his peril to the maximum. Well, have you ever wanted someone so badly they got you power tripping week in week out your parents think you are on that drug. Maybe I have been TUI-ing (Thinking Under the Influence) excessively over the days but still that should be enough for me to wake up in the middle of the night disappointed that it was only a dream. (Smirk) I don’t even have words to put it on paper in a format that you may be able to fully depict in what distorted state I am in yet again this isn’t close to love or so I say but more of that true friendship set ablaze. Same way it isn’t love is the same way I can’t totally call it a relationship but rather a partnership with a strong unspoken bond that can’t be broken even by the use of the great caliber. Let us leave it at that.

She got me doing 101 on the 101. She ain’t going anywhere neither does she want to run, She got me speeding for a hit of that drug. I have been waiting for her all day, stuck in traffic trying to make it back to her. Just wear the sexy shit I like and I will do you just right. Don’t you worry, help is soon on the way:

I’ll kiss you up,

I’ll lick you up,

I’ll stick it up,

I’ll smack it up,

I’ll flip it up,

I’ll pick u up,



I’ll sex u up                                                                                                                                                             but



I’ll hold you down.

She knows I like it when she is bottom up, top down, take you down and I won’t fuck around that’s why I am going to break it down when I lay you down.


Confused right? Let us share that peril.


Don’t get too excited I have just one of those block buster dreams and I only feel this is a vision of a later predicament so I’m just going to carelessly leave this article lying here and hope she doesn’t read it.

In my dream, I’m heading to her place and I am in that classic VW Jetta speeding on the highway listening to those fine Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko jams with my elbow out the window slightly elevated but don’t dare to forget the sweet sweet breeze hitting my face. With every hit of that breeze you can feel that scent like oh yeah, ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN. Bluetooth headset alerts me of her voice message that she left earlier, “ Please, don’t be late; feeling naughty tonight.”. Sexy voice, almost edible; enough to fill me with adrenaline increasing the force on that pedal cranking that speed up. Fifteen minutes later, I am walking up the stairs and as I approach that door I can already feel that sexual innuendo spreading all through. I am in no hurry though, we have the whole night.

I approach to knock the door but I guess the wind wants me to go in uninvited as it has already slightly swayed that door open. As I go in, out comes breezy’s voice from the playlist I left on her laptop. Words from the music already fitting the theme of the night, “I will make you beg for it”. Gentleman as always, I close the door behind me and take off my shoes but I leave my socks on. I can feel the buzzing sound of the shower meaning she is getting clean but unfortunately I love my women dirty. The thought of her all naked and wet feels my mind and my next thought but then chris brown be like,” I don’t wanna go there. We should never go there. Why do you wanna go there? I guess I gotta go there”. I walk slowly to the bathroom and the door is opened just slightly, more like a crack on the wall but enough for me to see her where she stands as she is but by this time I am already down to my briefs. Corky Nigga, aye?

Tiptoeing in that bathroom like a ninja and she has her back to me, perfect. So abruptly I embrace but not fully that makes it lovely but my hands on her hands. My left hand caressing her left hand right from her left shoulder going down slowly till I am at her soapy palm. My right hand with a mind of its own already on her waist just placed firmly but softly/ My chest on her back as my cheek is just next to hers. She doesn’t even jump up in fear, she slides in and leans back. Comfortable like a cat purring on its masters feet. She is so warm then finish the mental picture with a gentle hot stream of water caressing our bodies but still we are acutely covered in white foam. She turns around gracefully placing her hands on my neck as mine land swiftly on her waist then comes the unawkward silence…………………………………”Why don’t we take this out of the bathroom,” I say after landing one of those sweet kisses that are moist but not wet and has a little bit of everything; with that lip bite closing the end of an intimate moment.

She leaves me to take my own shower as she gets ready, I wonder what that meant. (smirk) I come out and find she has lit one and I only have a towel on and she is on the balcony. She asks me to join her and there I am an obedient slave waiting to please his mistress. We chatting on the balcony having a few blunts making small talk. Our conversation borders the realms of sexual escapades and casual comfort. In mere seconds we already shoulder to shoulder laughing out to the jokes we make because we still are in touch with our inner children but then Breezy be up in the background up all night trying to make a Nigga get lucky,” three in the morning, you know that I’m horny so why don’t you come over my place and put a smile on my face.” And I be there like a smooth criminal Michael Jackson self telling her,” I think it is time I put a smile on that face.” (Corky smirk)

I stare at her as she stares at the night sky. She is wearing nothing but those long tees I already left at her place with tights that make her look like a hot sexy devil, my hot sexy devil. The moonlight helping my eyes form that full awesome model body shape my eyes going down that silhouette, curve for curve. I am trying so hard to maintain my cool but the mood is set and the time is ripe but most of all, my stiff member says it all. I grab her and pull her to me being careful not to use too much force that would send her falling to the ground or even worse tumbling to her death but just right so that she lands on my chest her palms well on me, her face right up next to mine and the heat is unbearable. Awkward silence but I already kill it with that first kiss. Heads tilting as we walk back to the room but then I take a detour and pin her to the wall next to the room. Grab her hips, so succulent and on the wall we are lost in art. Taking my time making sure all her knobs are twisted but I wouldn’t want to waste time so I have her facing the wall her back to me. I press my body on her back, my member hard making his presence felt on her ass. Pressure on her not too much but her finger curl up the wall as my tongue slides right on top of that ear lobe and go right under. Down that line I go before I trace my way to her neck and I kiss it so slightly as I move all the way to the other side and I breathe hot air on it only preparing to sink my teeth in as I bite her softly with just enough pressure to make her squirm under it all. Then I go to the back of her neck and breathe slow heavy hot air on her and I see her retract as my hands are tracing the line on her tights up under her shirt careful not to hit a wrong spot but its baba mboga…I can’t be wrong on this. Then she turns herself around definitely to kiss me cause she can’t bear the teasing, only for me to turn her down with my eyes looking at her like she is prey being prepared for the final meal. I bring her top up slowly and soon her hands are up and the t shirt is covering her face but leaves her mouth uncovered and I stop there as I pull her close and kiss her so hard she mistakes this for a dream too. I take her top off only to find her corky smile behind the top. She gives me that nasty look like she wants to gobble me up right then but it is already settled in her mind that I am in deed in control. I turn her around again and this time I apply enough pressure to tell her I don’t want her turning around again but then just to confirm it I …..grab her left boob cusp it in my palm so gently with her skin so soft it feels like Egyptian cotton (yes I have been around Egyptian cotton since I happen to own a shirt made from Egyptian cotton) as I grab her left boob my right hand goes beyond the tights first teasing but then confidently intruding but only as far as she lets me.

I am already too horny so I don’t take no for an answer by that I use my well built feet to part her thighs open giving my right hand enough room to grope but I don’t intend to be rude so I only caress her other lips before touching her right inner thigh and my hands come back halfway. Then my left hand drops to the waist and they come back up at the same damn time and hold her boobs at the same damn time. Did I mention that she is already wet? (Corky devil grin) This time I take my hands down in unison. My medium sized nails piercing her skin softly, gnawing at her well formed figure careful not to scratch her thus her painful pleasure (I call it the P2. Smirk). I reach the hem of her thighs and slowly down goes her tights as I kiss her ass all the way down to her feet and to my amusement she has my favourite secrets on and bloody hell I ain’t going to use my hands to take them off and I will be damned if I won’t make twenty more seconds feel like twenty more minutes. After she is fully naked I turn her around with me still down there and I finish the mental picture of a sex slave bowing down to her mistress; if only that were the case. I come back up kissing her thighs and momentarily pause at her vajayjay and giver her two licks; one short and shallow but the next long and deep. This makes her startle and she runs into the room.

Breezy making his presence known,” So baby please get naked so that we can make sweet love. Grinding inside and out of you and you start screaming when I go down town. You know I love it when you take it off tonight.” Then again nature playing the perfect pieces together waiting for me to say checkmate, give it to them breezy, “You are a goddess in the bedroom, drug that I’m hooked to. Tried my best to please you, show you what it means to be a victim of love(lust). So turn on the red light…” then at that point she turns on the switch to the red light in her room. Making the room kinda kinky only making my inner beast flourish with sexual rage but do I say. Then comes that song; songs on 12 play by Chris Brown. She walks all the way to me in a hot swinging motion and before I know it she has her booty driving me up to the table and she be dancing. She be pep talking me enough till my towel fall off leaving me with my briefs. She goes on like a wild tamed tigress and I pull her hair back till I am able to whisper into her ear, “ We gonna be bumping and grinding , seems like you are ready to sex me and im feeling on your booty driving me crazy cause your body is calling me and with your permission let me start your ignition. Don’t you know that you are reminding me of a song on 12 play.”

Tables have turned and tides are getting stronger and that little performance has left me wide open and too weak to control myself but the worst part is that she notices my moment of thrill and just like the tigress she is, she won’t waste any time. She is already on my neck licking me all the way down past my chest and she goes on speeding like she be on a Ferrari and oops my briefs are gone.(Smirk) Then she goes down town and gives me like one of those special treats only for big daddy. She then goes on to murder me when she is down there and then she do the SEXY SHIT I LIKE; pure unparalleled ecstasy. I get myself together and bring her back, that sexy fisty thing she is. Abruptly I turn her and she is the one holding the table and I’m behind her (Smirk); to do or not to do, that is the question? Not to do. But then I slam her gently on the table, part her legs and with one harsh shove I’m all in till I can’t see myself and I don’t need to hear her scream to know she is writhing but the minute she holds my left arm too hard and lets her nails sink in my flesh and her other hand grapple onto the tables edge so hard she would rip it off but still I’m not satisfied. Breezy preach,” I’m going to make you beg for it,” brother please go on till she feels the words deep in her ocean. “So definitely I will come to your place and put that smile on your face and we won’t stop till 9am. If you can take it all, baby say when. Make you cum over and over again and I’m leave it in then we can do it all night.

In that position, we walk all the way to the bed then I pull out and let her drop to the bed. I am looking at her as she adjusts herself to this serious business we are in right now. Before she notices I am already on the end of the bed coming up slowly and my knee between her thighs and I am already breathing down next to her ear. Awkward silence but then breezy my Nigga just had to holler at a Nigga

I will play your favourite song while your toes curl

Tell me what you like and don’t you be shy – I repeat this in her ear

I will make u beg for it

I will give you what you need

Only if u say please

Go on whisper ur wishes to me I’m gonna make you cry

Tears from your paradise

And love ur ass to sleep

And all my brothers say



Then again I repeat my own corrupt methods but this time I twist it and I am only in it cause I want to tease her so badly that the next time she is so scared of me she just be like ‘THAT NIGGA BAAAAAD!’ I kiss her cheek so seductively she already bring her lips my way and I go down for the kill all so natural my lips exactly in the middle of her lips but so careful not to kiss her that she lifts her neck up but the more she wants it the more I won’t give it. Then when all her hope is gone I lick the top lip so sensually she lives it unguarded and only then will I kiss her. Kiss her till she cant breathe. Grapple, me on top of her…her on top of me, round and round we go like we in a merry go round. Back to my solitude and I have her pinned under me on the bed. My prize for the taking and I don’t see her getting away or running too far off. So I let my right hand trace her all the way behind her spine as my left arm is up top with my tongue searching for all the right knobs. Then I get to her sexy ass boobs. My oh my, they look so fruity and so plump yet so exquisite I just want to hug them all day and say booobies but I knock myself into my perpetual reality and put my tongue on the tip of that nipple. Running small circles as I feel it in my arms and she is just grasping for air as my hand go further down and grab her ass but gently. Tongue done tagging in my lips sucking sweetly almost like I was a born again infant.


And down down we go down that spiral staircase making circles on her belly button cause she likes that and I go on down down till I get up close and personal with my wet friend there. I am the master of cunningulus and its only practice that makes me the king and if u wanna doubt me y don’t u get into my dream and ask the fair maiden. (Wait for that article on cjs I will explain my secrets but one). After performing surgery on that part…what the heck, it is only fair I tell u. I will start by kissing her outer left thigh as I swerve my way into the inner side all the way down to her ankle then I will jump horse to the other leg starting on the outside as I go up but slowly moving on the inside till my lips are so close to her lips and I am too near I can actually feel it throbbing. First like scooping ice cream I would lick of the edges going in further and using my tongue as a….that I s enough for now (wait for that article).


Soon after I would have rocked her to worlds beyond but that is not just it. I will turn her around and part her legs and just like that call it reverse missionary. I would go in when she is fully wet but only for me to grind on it and grind on it with no use of force neither do I want to show her that I can hump her brains out. I want her to burn to the thrill that it was too sensual. Fingers interlocking in that position while my other hand is firmly on her waist. Increase the pace but with a split second pause before the next thump till she takes our interlocked hands and puts it on the bed post.


For the third shot,I will let her ride me like a helipad or maybe a waterbike but I will let her be nasty. Then breezy my Nigga with that finale


You know I love to turn you on

Girl let’s do it to ur favourite song


I am lost in the pleasure just bouncing before me then I regain my composure and leave breezy finish.


Just roll ur hips

And just grind on me and I will do everything you want me to.


When I’m finished I will stand back and adore her cause time is money and I won’t waste it.



I know I just spewed enough game that will make any man change a marriage of bad sex with just one night of baba mboga foreplay and I didn’t even describe everything in full detail or vivid complexity just cause I would love to go back to that dream but if all I get to see her again then this will be all I will do besides I have already made it possible haven’t I.


Baba Mboga lives.


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