The last time I wrote anything Spain were still FIFA world champions,, so it’s been quite a while… But I bet my piece albeit rusty,still surpasses all these new dimwits who’ve been masquerading as bloggers/writers, Excuse my ego but it came with the name, lol… TGIS!!! Nope,,I’m not thanking God because it’s Saturday but rather because I’m single. I spent my Valentine’s in a hospital,I know, sad. I hoped to see this doctor I have a tiny crush on(nose lengthens)… Who am I kidding? If that’s what I’m going with.. the multi-verse(yes, that’s a thing… and it has nothing to do with songs)also tiny.
You see my blood pressure is higher than Wiz Khalifa so I have to have this occasional check ups… The fact that  I have a crush on my doctor does not help either if you catch my drift… hehe… That reminds me, the last time I did go for a check up she did tell me to get a girlfriend… Took me long enough but I did give it a try,,, I dated this older chick(and I’m not talking about texting and such shebang) for about a month. Soulmates I thought coz we had too much in common,,, before she broke my heart… Tore it I mean,since the heart is technically a muscle, but I digress!
Life goes on anyway,,, sometimes you mix things up and voila! you get a Manhattan,,, other times things don’t end up as pretty and you create some monstrosity such as The Manhattan project. C’est la vie… Someone I liked, still do, always have, loved that line. *sighs*… Seeing all these romantic pricks today inspired me to get out  of my cocoon and write this article… or maybe i might be WUI-ing(writing under the influence) Let’s just say my brain is in a rather creative state… I’m thinking in 4D,,, but then again,,, this might be a load of crap, I can’t tell… This being a day in which loyalty is put to the test, it is great to note that my BP remained faithful as it was still high and that is something to drink to… Salud…

<,︻╦̵̵̿╤─ ҉ – – – – – – –
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