Women! Mysterious creatures, aye! Can’t live with them and neither can we live without them. For years, they have been regarded as the weaker gender that were discriminated and mistreated and I must agree to some extent it was true but to another extent, it is not. Over the years, though, the world with its numerous existing and upcoming female activists have sought to fight for women rights and in the process they have sought to blindly to follow and fight for what they term as ‘equality’. At the forefront, I quickly declare that if this is equality then I would rather be unequal. Frankly writing my dear reader, not being bias or a chauvinist, since I have established myself as a free mind and I am a tell-it-like-it-is niggah, I do not think that there is any world or realm where men and women will be equal but there is a world where women and men can have equal opportunities and that world was already existing before blind activists destroyed it. Please take note that there is also no place that I have stated that one gender is better than the other. In terms of religion we are all deemed equal in the eyes of our Almighty Father in heaven but then I think that we are equally different hence we are balanced as per nature i.e the fact that we are differently equipped with different fortitudes makes us dependable on each other thus very much equal hence no man is an island as we become undependably dependable.

Back to the matter at hand; the so called revolutionary movement for global equality has actually rendered men the weaker sex and thus in the long run the world has become more unequal than ever before. My argument being based on jurisdictions that cover my mother land Africa with strong references to Mama Kenya, men are now the weaker sex but I would rather refer to it as the less advantaged sex.

I strongly believe that before all this shinnanigans the world was already equal maybe not 100% but then was way better than now. Only outraged cultures denied women education with useless myths and cultural rules and it was only fit to change their mindsets. All this plus the atrocities of ignorant bastards but never the less, as much as women were being forced to stay at home and do house work boys’ options were only restricted to a bare minimum of being ‘men’ and going hunting. Both genders were being denied education though the child girl was slightly more oppressed but that is nature as if in the times we live in now women aren’t pampered and looked after like budding roses with boys always being given more freedom and that is how it will always be. But nooooo their needs were put on the scope and the media fueled the notion too much (and they still do) to the point it seemed like truly the female gender was being oppressed to the bone. Any woman who stood out and wanted to leave a mark on the world would be supported so vehemently as if they are the only ones who mattered. So much so that if Wangari Maathai was a dude do you think the world would have given him the same attention they did if he was battered and bruised in his attempt to safe guard mother nature.

So easy it has become for women to be propelled to new heights even those that do not deserve even the slightest of opportunities because they haven’t worked for it when out there are men whose wives have fled and men who lack even the slightest bit of grassroot education struggle to feed his seven children but nooo again the media only wants to place men as vile creatures who rape steal cheat and lie. The media has helped so much to tip the scale. Nobody ever denied any woman a job in fact it was equal for women to go for interviews after spending tedious hours to reach the standard education leves required but nooo women activists felt that they were denied jobs because of their gender yet there were already women who worked in top notch jobs earning bull salaries but now bosses are being forced to settle for less because they have to maintain equal standards ending up employing men and women who do not meet the levels they really need. If I am to be a boss one day then you all should know that my assessment of skills will be purely on talent and character thus if I end up employing only women or only men then please feel free to call the media to deem me sexually biased I will graciously accept the heat they throw at me but be careful cause once you get into an oven it only gets hotter. Women have had their heads way up their asses they started doing things that put them at risks all in a notion of proving that they can do what we do.

Unfortunately, all this crazy talk has in turn taken its toll in more ways than one as women have, with time, become a lesser representation of what the word woman actually stood for. Yes there may be a couple of women who are still loyal to their true nature of being strong even in the worst times. Women have become mentally incapable of standing and fighting alone yet this was their gusto characteristic that made them the more desirable. All men know there is nothing as sweet as hitting (by hitting I mean playing bedminton at their own private times ) a woman who is feminine but ego centric in all possible spheres possible. Women have become so vulnerable to the point the number of women who simple seek media attention to get their own way has increased. Nothing as sad as a woman who only gets pregnant for money or would fake being raped just for the spoils that come with media attention but people live in such a world and have their lips sealed but when a man motions a bill in parliament to abolish dowry then goes the women activists. Personally, paying dowry is bullcrap and should only be done voluntarily or because of customs but as a form of extortion is quite useless; wondering how women could be contented with the fact that they were bought rather than married at their own will. (Dowry argument closed.) It is so hard to find women who stand out with that special hard-head trait like Wangari Maathai who had the guts to walk out on President Moi with hips swinging like a boss cause she could not take any more nonsense; need I remind you that at the moment he was the most feared man in the country and no man I knew then could take such a risk to walk out on the bad man. Extremely feared he was but yet the likes of Martha Karua stood out in politics, a field that was spear headed by men, to convince both men and women to vote for her. Such women no longer exist cause women only see it fit to land in politics through women representative; a seat that actually just depletes our funds. If women were serious then I would expect them to go and gunner major seats like governors. A thought though, if we are so equal then why women representatives, they should either omit it or add men representatives cause we all have rights that need safe guarding.

The equality scale was ever so equal but then these punitive attempts to make it ‘right’ has turned a beautiful notion into a feminist country. Men with egos cannot speak out even when being oppressed because the world would term it as weakness yet everyday we get to hear about men who resulted into physical force on their women and how women were raped and I bet there are times that women go beyond the limit to push a man to the point he can lay his hand on her. I am not on any way supporting men who strike women but women should also know their limits being careful as to go on a rampage but not corner her man to the wall. You don’t just step on a cobra and expect yourself to walk free, a man blinded by rage has enough motive to kill you. Some men, in fact most men (I assume) never pose to harm their women and ladies know that and they term that for weakness and thus ladies push too hard forgetting that yes in the world men will be judged harshly and they entirely forget how God would deem the situation.

If this was the equality being sort where the easiest way to supremacy in politics or media is to have women as head topic hence giving one the pedal required to jump start an awesome career then it is just a shame. A complete and utter disappointment and lack of respect to the name woman. But all this is a mirage – the world has always been equal in my eyes.

Men and women must be dependable on each other not forgetting that no man is an island but if women feel that it isn’t then we need that rib back so that we can officially say we don’t owe each other anything and men should not seek to settle down with women who can help out. A woman’s place is not in the kitchen but its man’s side where she is meant to help out and guide the man who may not always see things her way and from time to time she should be allowed to be headstrong cause we all know if you give her a house she will always return a home. Women are also to play a big role in inducing that ego in him, that flame that pushes him on and moulds his character to what we are all used to. With this said men should forever remember that a family cannot be lead alone but together thus he should always give an ear to his wife with the ultimate choice his but taking into consideration all she has to say. All this being a symbolic representation of how the world should be. I am not saying that women should lock themselves in the shadows; women should rise to the top just as everyone else but they should not accept a path where they are viewed as a weak gender.


“This is a man’s world…this a maaaaaan’s world! But it would be nothing…NOTHING! Without a woman.”

James Brown

With all these said, I have stomped my foot down and with no regrets conclude that this world but most probably my own country is pulling wool over our eyes with a skimpy façade making it all equal yet the more they go on so does the scale plunges further into inequality. I may not be able to convince you all but even Rome started with a brick and trust me I clearly have female friends who agree with me completely, don’t you?


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