This is it

I liked this


meeh 4This is it..this is exactly what i wanted…actually what i needed…that last voice…that last action…that evident,undeniable sign…that annoying blow on my face telling me to wake up and smell the coffee…that motivating factor…ahem the motivating factor yeah right!lucky for you its sunday i will try my best to make this honest enough because we both know the reason your probably reading this is to get the honest juicy stuff…yeah so the motivation part true but not honest enough…lets replace it with pushing factor lol…dont diss atleast not yet i havent gotten to the wheelbarrow i need a push point.. At that exact moment you are torn apart between whether to do something or not then you look up to the heavens and your like ‘oh lord i need a sign’, even though you know it would not happen and even if it did you wouldnt see deep enough to know…

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