Dear diary,

Today is a Wednesday. I just had like those one-hour sleep modes or maybe a powernap because I was up all night playing FIFA like my life depended on it. I was up all night to get lucky. Superstitious enough I was not in any way tired and there I was playing my FIFA again managing Southampton to the FA cup. Definitely, I was to interject somewhere and finally decide to go on with the supple day I had planned. Out of the bathroom, I was and with the towel, my body dripping wet I was at the very same mirror at the corridor hoping to brush my teeth calmly. There I was bare-chest in front of a mirror enjoying the view of God’s creation.

A man in the mirror holding a tooth brush in one hand and toothpaste in the other with one of those sexy morning shaggy hair. Fortunately, as I look at myself with awe I saw a 19-year-old 84 kg beast with the license not to kill who is about six feet tall. His muscular body tone has a semi flat semi blotted stomach which is covered for with a, if I must say, wonderful broad chest. The kind of chest that would make me cheat on myself with myself. The chest by far entirely matches the huge army cut arms. Though the physique, the guy is apparently a huggy bear all muscle but talk. It is not what people would call the dream body but it is a nice body thus makes me a broad frame of a man. Do not confuse me for someone unfit cause I am one athletic big bodied man my body is a generic inheritance from my father. I look at a man who was born on 13th December 1995 but he believes he was born on 12th with each half sharing the spoils of the two days. His star is Sagittarius.

As I stare at the man and he stares joyfully back at me his eyes apparently feel like a window to his soul making me a ghost rider of my generation. As I navigate through his eyes, into his soul and making an intuitive judge of his character I am quite flustered at my findings. He is quite the interesting man; all there brushing his teeth not so innocent though. Well I must confirm that I saw a man who is by far excited by what he has become in the span of 19 years. He has a genuine interest in getting to the truth and being a part of anybody and everybody’s environment but he apparently gets easily bored if the mental stimulation is missing even in relationships.

He is a man who has build a cocoon over himself and is not open to being hurt by stupid things or would rather not show it since the world has given him more than he can handle at times. Many people fail to understand where he is coming from though they are very quick to judge his character based on assumptions which by far he finds vaguely insulting. He is quite the serious person when it comes to relationships but he requires a ton of stimulation and variety to keep love alive. He loves to flirt and it usually leads to loads of problems. The flirty nature is because he is quite super friendly or so he believes and as much as people take it to be serious things for him it is just a simple normal gesture.

He secretly lives by the motto I expand which is strongly supported by the meticulous philosophy of ‘I am generous and loving to myself as well as others’. He is magnanimous, honest, expansive, generous, reckless, extroverted, proud, larger than life and very much free son of a gun. He is the S.O.B . He is a very positive, realistic, always jovial and very confident guy. Fortune and luck follow him around whether planned or not hence he will never mind to take risks when opportunity presents itself thus the almost cocky attitude is something that attracts people. He is very enthusiastic and it is quite contagious – people can’t help but feel the same way in his presence. He is a visionary thus his life objectives are colossal and at times people want to help him out but his arrows shoot much further than the eye can see.

He lives by the philosophy of biting more than he can chew and then he chews as fast as he can. At times people think that he is overly ambitious but it rarely changes his thinking. He is not at any point affected by peer pressure and believes that peer pressure is another sorry excuse for people getting away with decisions that they make and were aware when they were making them. He would always rather aim high and take on the adventure of life then get to the end of the road regretting that he didn’t have a good go at making his dreams come true.

He makes practical goals and will always settle for the next best thing. He sticks to promises he makes but his secret is that he makes promises he can live up to. He has that sense of timing. He calls on his gut feeling when he needs it cause he trust himself and his gut better than any other person. Personal growth and understanding is a key aspect of his personality thus he hates the idea of waltzing blindly through life without understanding or finding its meaning. He is quite the party animal but he has limits which once in a very very blue moon he crosses for the thrill. He is constantly looking for meaning in his life, trying to figure out what makes the world tick, planning and dreaming about how you can extract the maximum benefit from his time in the world. It is vitally important to him so he will go to great lengths to find what he is searching for. His totem being the centaur; half man half beast, his possibilities are endless.

He rarely takes no for an answer and he is a cup half full person than half empty but will always border between the two realms. He loves adventure and has a strong desire to travel and seek out new experiences thus he hopes to visit all habitable countries in the world to enjoy the diverse culture. The curiosity comes with a dose of restlessness though thus he sees sleep as a must and not an enjoyment of the sorts. He would rather live without sleep.

He enjoys freedom and will be at loggerheads with anyone tying him down no matter the kind of relationship that exists between them but sooner or later he has to balance this passion for independence with some responsibility and commitment. He is quite the dare devil who will be willing to take risks that do not show any sign of him walking out alive both physically nor theoretically. He is quite the gambler at life but he always ends up landing on his feet be it relationships or money; but when he loses, which happens from time to time, he takes it quite easily. He is quite light headed thus giving him room to always think out of the box which by far doesn’t go along with people around him, possibly because he is quite speaking the truth or it is pure human nature that would not allow them to go with what he says. He fairly borders between an optimistic nature and reality but only opts to be pessimistic when he is invoked to be normal in the eyes of those that surround him. He believes he will get it together again soon without much trouble. Though when he loses out on love he takes quite the time to heal and only as a wounded animal acts out.

His free nature, though his biggest asset could cause some difficulties. He will likely expect everyone he comes in contact with to give him the freedom he wants. At this point, I was quite pushed to gurgle some water in attempt to observing oral hygiene. Both hands holding onto the sink and my head tilted in an angle that makes me aware of my environment, I raise my eyes and only my eyes back to the vindictive man in the mirror.

He had that devil smile on him and I went on to read from his soul. Like a reporter, there I am reading him. People around him should learn that freedom is just absolutely a basic requirement for him. If not allowed to make choices about how he does his work then he won’t work at his best. He relies very much on himself; he has the sixth sense which is mostly seen in the decisions he makes. He also sees life as a challenge but also as a grand adventure in which one must play his part fearlessly. Nothing much will hold him back and even when the odd adversity arises, he will see it as a part of a learning curve and accepts it with a smile.

He very much enjoys sports and sees it as a way for him to lose tension and pass away stress. A way for him to clear his mind so that he can think things through. He hates stress but as a man who doesn’t feel indebted to share unless with those who have shown sovereign loyalty and awesome thinking capacity. He at times sits down for a very long time and just thinks; staring emptily at the roof or any object worth his time and thinks till he feels he can’t go beyond a certain level. He by far enjoys games which he will excel at every game set before him. He lives for games and that makes him the ultimate competitor be it a team game or solo event he will always play to win though he is never a sore loser. He will accept defeat, smile and instantly go back to the drawing board and strategizes. He has the disturbing urge to compete at anything and everything. Wherever he goes he brings the best out of people as he carries with himself a competitive edge and will downright tell u how to do it right or what to change.

He adapts to his environment thus can survive almost all conditions thrown his way with no question. He just takes it in and move on. He lives an all-smiling life thus it appears that nothing is ever serious for him, so he is judged? However, he sees no reason to be put down by the unfortunate condition of life thus he will smile and laugh at most problems though he will look for a solution. He does not pressure himself with life but he by far carries himself more like a born prince living a servant life.

He is not an angel though. He is quite the annoying guy always pestering here and there though for some reason it is quite hard to stay mad at him so they say. He is not the guy to get physical but he has a way with words which are not only sensual to the soul but if pushed to the wall he will be a dangerous viper that spits with no remorse but unfortunately this nature of his has rubbed off to a point he would attack some of his closest confidantes though unknowingly. He never means to hurt anybody though and his last notion will always be to result to violence. He argues a lot though he might be factual he will always look to oppose if he truly does feel the information is infringed. He is a rebellious man who will result to not following the rule of a king or leader if it infringes his beliefs and will sought to oppose it. He is quite the influential person; he is not the famous kind of person but he is fairly popular for different reasons all over. He has trust issues and he ends up pushing some people away but life for him has never been easy.

Then I lean back and run my fingers into my moist hair and puff my chest out then smile cockishly. As I look at the man he is by far definitely smiling cockishly but u see we are one and the same so I am also smiling in the same sadistic manner. I am the loyal guy with an unparalleled very much unique personality that interests and amazes a lot of people. I have an impeccable taste and a liking for art no matter what kind. My taste will always border the lines of fancy and classy. I do not go only for the beautiful hot kind of girl but I go for an absolutely fair lady. I have a dislike for utter immaturity and in no way will I stomach unloyalty but unfortunately for me I do not hold grudges nor live to hate. I enjoy the company of other humans which makes me an itsy bit vulnerable but I am quite the available person who will help out whenever possible. I put wisdom in front of knowledge though they are both at per with each other and my yearn for them is quite recommendable. So , if you ask me I am a relatively normal person who lives life as much as he can and all I ask is for friends who can enjoy and share with me all these memories. Don’t you think that is just but a fair request.


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