People are soundly not either understanding how the world ticks or the complexity of life and if they are then they simply choose not to accept the simple logistics but it might also be the possibility that we are human. There are so many things that we have not understood but I will guarantee you all that the matrix of life has fate written all over it. Matrix in this situation will involve a string of code of 1’s and 0’s forming parallel vertical strings that only a particular machine can encode but in this case only life would know. These strings and instructions come from somewhere and are never written as they come they are a constant process that are already predetermined and it is in this way that, we can understand what fate truly is. If one is still code red in the understanding of this phenomenon then I would simply tell them that fate is a development of events beyond a person’s control.

Most of you would tend to argue that destiny and fate are one and the same thing. BULLSHIT. Destiny involves events that will NECESSARILY happen to a particular person or thing in the future. Destiny is just some confused jibberish talk that should cease to exist for it makes life to appear predictable. Destiny can go screw itself for all I care cause there is no way anyone would want to admit that it was their destiny to die a slave or be a plumber though it is easy for a spoilt brat to say it is destiny that they become the Dutch or Duchess of a particular place. There is no such thing as destiny; end of story and argument.

Fate is by far the most unpredictable but very volatile entity in the world that exists today. Fate can be related to a simple word as mathematics and it allows for probability to exist. Fate allows for one to choose between two roads which lead different paths but I would also end up arguing that it is quite unchangeable too since when we become doctors we can say that it was already planned before we were born. How everything one does leads to that particular goal or dream. Imagine some renowned footballer. How the moment he gets a chance to go to the field to play football with friends is the same the local coach is passing by and sees him at his best.

Fate though tied to a particular goal which may be confused for destiny is quite unpredictable but for me I salute yee fate. Fate makes sure that life is balanced. It always makes sure that the Libra scale is equal in terms of sins and forgiveness. Through fate, some scores are settled without any need for aggression. For example, someone might steal from you something that is quite valuable then in a month or so someone or even you would steal something from him. In fate’s eyes we are all equal thus if we were to sit down and scrutinize the situation then we would find out that the amount of good in our lives is proportionally equal to the amount of bad. This being said, I see no reason why so many people have to always be mad and saying that they are not meant for this world all because she might have been fired at work then she would also forget that she got the job in the first place and someone lost the chance or got fired.

People should stop blaming karma for doing her job. Nobody is out there trying to thank karma whenever she steps in and they get a promotion but it so easy for anyone to jump onto karma the minute they feel life has oppressed them beyond recognition. Life was never meant to be easy and personally I think fate don’t give a fuck with you. I have nothing against fate as from this year onwards, since I live strictly on a hakuna matata policy. Hey I might have lost someone, had a couple of backstabs, family issues etc but I don’t think that’s enough for me to plunge into sadness cause I want to make the most out of my life. With that said I take this time to say that I hold no grudge over anyone and all that have screwed me over all this years but doesn’t mean I trust you as I used to. I have no reason to feel dejected by the world and I will keep on smiling cause fate works its magic and nobody should go and give karma bullcrap if they aren’t paying her salary. We lose friends sometimes to gain better friends and maybe we make mistakes for us to learn some certain important life lessons. As much as sadness comes from a particular situation gone bad what would life be without taking risks and having problems. If there was no deforestation women like Waangari Maathai would never have stepped to stardom. If slavery wouldn’t be a part of the earlier century I don’t think basketball would have been such an awesome game without black men. That’s the beauty of life being unpredictable; the beauty of having fate.

Fate can be changed unlike destiny. If destiny was to exist then by far I think some people would feel even more bummed that no matter what you did or went to school or came from a filthy rich family they would end up being drunk bums on the side of the road who knew nothing of what the world was all about as they were lost in their own fantasies. In their own little dream lands. Fate on the hand fluctuates the possibilities of life thus life becomes one big ‘what if’. Hence, our failures in life and our losses can only be blamed on ourselves and only ourselves. There is no way anyone should hate on rich people as if you expect them to work their ass of and help you. Fate gives everyone an equal chance in life and thus goes the famous saying ‘expecting life to treat you fairly is like expecting a bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian’ hence due to fate people go from being rich to being poor and vice versa. If you want something done then it is only fair that you work hard and if you are trying and you apparently aren’t getting where you are supposed to be then my friend you are simply not giving your best.

Fate can be twisted and it can be changed. That’s why I can possibly reduce love to a matter of fate as well. As much as fate is unexpected and still expected it also strongly gives meaning to the fact that your fate is in your own hands hence where someone ends up is just but a splitting image of their efforts in playing the game that is fate. Time wasted crying and being bitter about how life has fucked u up could be used in accepting that life must go on and it is only for a reason. If you lose someone, just cry for one-month maximum and move on because something good might come from it all. So please no more hating on karma like she should waste her time always pleasing you. Let us build on the awesome entity that is fate and make the best out of the possibilities. Do not live fate on the grounds of not fair but rather on hakuna matata and what if.

I don’t know about you guys but I salute yee fate; go on with the good work.


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