HER STORY: I am so single cause love is so damn hard to find.

I had the chance to interview one of my old friends on some sentimental matters maybe because I really did want to know. I did not get the chance to talk to her face to face but I comfortably settled for what technology has to offer thus it was by means of whatsapp. You growing interest as to why I would go ahead to interview her is the fact that she is such an awesome lady by far among the crème del a crème and yet she has been single for one year and twenty eight days which is quite shocking. She is hot by far but what makes it shocking is that there has been no man with the required skill set who had the balls to swipe her off her feet. In deed sorrowful; in fact the boys in her phonebook should all be lined up and then flogged one after the other. If she lets me, I will definitely flog them myself; I do know a thing or two about torture and utter pain.

Let me say why she is by far indeed and awesome woman. Like those rare collectible gems you would pick at the shore of the sea and would be dead serious to never find another one. She secretly lives by the motto I serve thus this by far baffles as why wouldn’t anyone want to keep a woman who would tend to your needs every single time. She will serve your sorry ass to bare back and beyond. She is a loving lady, susceptible, sympathetic, sensual, sexual, faithful, loyal, instinctive and charitable but she is also over-reactive and moody which is like a complete trend set for the perfect woman. Definitely if you doubt whether she loves all you have to do is set her up and if she over-reacts you would know that she be in love with you for days. She be like the jealous kind of girls but not too jealous if she sees you aint got hope on your side and so does her ass leave you. Trust me she has like one of those bikini popping asses but let me not tempted for baba mboga is not here to describe her physical attributes.

She is relaxed and deserves to be served as well as she would serve others. She is tidy, organized and clean but I also tend to think that she is quite misunderstood sometime. She is extremely fastidious and critical of the world. Some people think her standards are way too high to live up to which is true but I think she only expects of others what she would expect of herself making it only poetic justice on her part. When she expresses her criticism of something its more than likely because she must have analysed and summed up a situation correctly before acting out her thoughts. Some people might find this quite an annoying habit but others will never hesitate to involve her in their work. I personally value her expertise.

She makes a wonderful impression with her skillful insight and broad based knowledge. She is a most interesting person to hang out with and likes doing things properly, meticulously, and she takes pride in how well she does her work so much so she only enjoys perfection to the latter. She investigates things before diving in and once you have all the info required, you complete the task to the best of her ability. In her own mind there is no point in doing anything half-heartedly thus she would rather not do it at all and she will always be very clear on this though she can be persuaded which is quite difficult. I think she has a diary and/or a planner. She is cautious about everything from what to wear, what to do when faced with a problem to the type of person just right for her social or/and romantic life. She has a hawk eye and can spot an error a mile away.

Some people think she is shy and unassuming but this is only because you cautiously like to observe and analyse people and situations before jumping into conclusions. She by far loves living life to the fullest and will rarely enjoy settling for less. More so, she is a terrific dancer.

That is as much as I can say about her right now but ya’ll should know that she is a fantastic lady who deserves nothing but the crème del a crème of men in this world even if It means mixing a bit of trey songz and William levy; if that is what she wants then that is what she should get.

I asked her why she had been single for that long. Apparently men disappoint her as they always end up being after sex yet all she wants is a love that is as pure as white light. She is by far in search of the tall guy who is indeed very muscular and well built and should be an emo kind of guy or basically a guy who would love her for her and not come and change her values and virtues. She also wants to be tolerated because she has a super-friendly nature which leads to empty flirts here and there which would be very much be misunderstood or misread for a girl who is cheating or very easy. She wants a guy who would by far understand that and not bring too much fuss though she must also tone it down a little cause I fail to see anyone in this world who will let their girl flirt with some guy even if he knows very well that they have been friends for a very long time. It is not insecurity but probably male ego and dominance.

A must have for her is a tall man. So, if you know you ain’t taller than her then the minute you see her it would only be in your best interest to reduce yourself into a friend-zoned man before time flies and she does it for you. In fact you won’t even see it coming; you will be there driving on the boyfriend track and soon you will be relegated into the friend zone and worst thing there won’t be any benefits. I went on though to ask her why would it is so difficult for her to settle for less in the time being and she would confidently explain that at times she thinks that she is also too picky. She likes the macho man who is not after her kitty kat which is by far a paper dream but in the world we live in I would not be shocked at the possibility. She has the atomic uncontrollable nature of friend-zoning people and thus she ends up friend-zoning some awesome potential boyfriend candidates but the heart wants only what it wants and it can’t settle for intoxication like the liver. She is emotionally fragile thus she is easily broken and she has truly tried to settle for less but it went south for her and she was the one who ended up being hurt thus being single doesn’t sound so bad.

Though she goes ahead to say that she doesn’t enjoy being a single hot mama. She has friends who will take the slightest opportunity to rub it in her face of how their boyfriends be doing for them and more shit. Generically I also think she doesn’t enjoy being a single lady but she is neither desperate for a guy and only leaves her patience very desirable leave alone being remarkable. Basically, she wants what every girl, lady and woman wants but problem is she is the only one who seems unable to find a trustworthy guy. I bet there are guys who would have loved her to sleep but she also turned them down on the principle that she wouldn’t go on with something that she feels half-hearted about but I think she should learn to take risks; no risk no reward cause its better than just waiting there.

If she was to settle for less then she would go for an emotional guy rather than the tall muscular built man. I later went ahead to ask how she caters for her sexual needs yet she has been single for so long and we all know how one year couldn’t be an uneventful sexual year for her. Definitely she does have the occasional fwbs but normally if she feels sexually attracted to someone she will keep the feelings to herself and if she does develop some at the middle of those successful fwbs she will keep them to herself. This only proves that from time to time she does get her action to keep her going but it also speaks volumes that she can learn to love someone who she doesn’t have the spark for.

I then asked her to explain what love is to her; what she understood by the term love. She said that love is what we make of it. Love to her is an indescribable feeling which falls to the same feeling you have when you finally hit the toilet to unleash hell hounds after eating a bad burrito. She goes on to say that love is a deep feeling that can drive people insane and leads to humans doing some crazy things. It turns us into people we didn’t think existed. This is by far true though not detailed it is what it is and love is that capability to still feel the same way about someone even after you end up knowing they are not who they say they are. Again, she does eventually note that love, whether good or bad, hurts. She is afraid of going into a relationship with the many guys she turns down because she thinks she may be unable to reciprocate love if she doesn’t have feelings. She is also afraid that she doesn’t know exactly how to love with half her heart or love with caution which increases the chances of her being hurt and she by far fears emotionally pain and torment. “It takes me some time to get over someone completely so I just choose to lock out people to avoid the emotional struggle,” she said. I can by far relate to her words but one piece of advice to her and any other people, FUCK IT – you will never know until you try and when you fall off, try again cause life and love cannot always be a Cinderella fairy tale that you read out there and love can only be perfect because it is imperfect.

I think it is very awesome that she is taking her time though she is missing out a lot. We can only learn from our mistakes but not only our mistakes. I only feel that it is everybody’s right to find love be it induced or true love. She has tried and she has got hurt but I don’t see why she would want to wait another one year and 11 months to start looking for a boyfriend seriously. She should enjoy her life and go with the flow of things and sometimes it is quite awesome when we just kickback and go with the flow she might just might meet the right guy that way. She wants to be single because the men around her are very stupid but she is also being unfair to the ones who make an impact on her yet she chooses to turn them down because of the itty-bitty reasons that only make her as human as the next person to her.

Why isn’t baba mboga going for this girl?

Well for one this girl is by far one hot chic and at times I think she is way out of my league. Sometimes, maybe occasionally, I think about it but I greatly consider her as a confidante of mine, a good old friend, and some friendships are worth cherishing. I’m only human to be afraid that if I do try, I might end up fucking it up and then it would be no girl and no friend either so I would simply enjoy keeping it the way that it is, stealing a few couple of moments to make her laugh and bully those boys who come her way and enjoy the random flirting moments she innocently gives. It is the only awesome way to live.


Anyway; that is Shelmith’s story.



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