Cleaning glass


meehSo what do we do now if i cant see through the glass walls you erected…clean them?!
So what do i use to clean them when you took the only piece of cloth i own…you offer me water?!
Water,took u less effort,less money…water aint the problem…the tears on my pillow are!
Find me a cloth…i say…find it yourself…he says…
Clouds build up…the rain comes falling…we are both unsheltered…with the bedraggled,befouled glass its hard to see which one of us is drowning
I know…ave heard lots of times…if theres ego in a relationship drop the e and go…naah not today the stars are shinning up on us…so i suck it up…i chuck my clothes and wipe the glass…but guess what the stain isnt on my side….

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