Block Of Earth: Blow to the Heart

Matters of the heart run deep

Broken Scissors

Recently I got into a rather sticky spot concerning matters of the heart. As usual like any other matter that strikes me to the core, I had to put it in writing. Immortalize my ideas rather than let them roam free and disappear among the fray that’s electrons in my head. So this is what I could filter from all the voices in my mind

I’m sitting here under the dim light,
I’ve got a pen under my chin,
To keep my head upright,
I can’t silence all the awful din,
Running through my mind,
But i can’t help but wonder,
When I’m old and gray,
What will I have to say,
Of my life to this day,
Then I remember You,
I never really understood,
What brought us together,
Maybe an act of fate,
But I’d rather not believe in such an obnoxious thing,
From here on forth,

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