Strap yourself in,its going to be a wild ride,considering the changes we've seen in technology in the past year,I'm bracing myself for unprecedented growth when it comes to on-demand information and entertainment
86 years after the invention of sliced bread apple finally released the much awaited iphone 6,why lie,it never was a big deal to me(maybe coz i don't own it)but i don't believe it deserved the fuss it received..it looks like a samsung using ios8(iphone operating system)but that was one of 2014's climax monents so let's leave it at that.
Apple again at the same time managed to dissapoint me,i mean WTF happened to the apple TV???honestly I wasn't gonna buy it but it was supposed to be released by the end of 2014,rumour has it its the smartest tv so far,i also heard its got good gaming graphics,now that would be a sight to see plus i just wanna see how smart it is but am afraid of the price.Well,lemme be patient and wait for it maybe this will be the year..2014 also had the release of windows 8.1 and the android lollipop which is awesome stuff from google..you will love it once you see it i promise.
In my view 2014 was an average year so what shall we expect in 2015?well you'll have to wait for that in my next article as i give my predictions for the 2015 top trends in technology...

By Miqwi


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