Kiss of death, kiss of life, kiss of grace, kiss of the dragon…it really never matters which kind of kiss it is actually. Kissing is like one of the most profound exciting activities in the world, at least for me it is. Kissing to some might be an exchange of saliva in the worst of settings where-as in some cultures it is a formality like a greeting or hand shake. I would hate living in such a community. For them it may be innocent to kiss every Tom, Dick and Harry they meet but for me it has never been a day job for me. Imagine you start by first kissing your mum and dad then you later go on to kiss the hottest girl in town but it finally ends with you kissing the chief too cause he has called you to his office. Kissing is also an intimate expression of one’s personal affection for another or maybe being attracted.

Kissing is something holy. It is like Holy Grail for me. In fact I am so much into it that I believe kissing should be like breathing. Though it should be between two people but kissing is a passing over of affection and if you do like someone why not kiss in the shower, when she is feeding the hen, when she is seated in the toilet seat, before sex, after sex, after an argument, before an argument, in the middle of an argument, in the middle of a road, at the back of a moving vehicle and at the privacy of your bedroom. Kissing isn’t something that should be taken lightly at all. Just like sex, in fact it is way above sex’s pay grade because people kiss way more than they have sex unless you are in a rape relationship.

Kissing is intense and more heartfelt than anything even if it is just a peck as you leave or a smooch as you flee for your life because her father found you in her bedroom. It is a normal romantic gesture and though nobody should be judged for how they do it but this should be the easiest way to make anything romantic. It solves so many of my problems especially with girls. For example, imagine your girlfriend just bought you those Italian leather black loafers; the kind of shoes that are only seen by the greats. The fastest way to say thank you at that spot would to give her a long deep kiss like no other and you wouldn’t even have to say thank you. Don’t make kissing about you but about her.

Chics are suckers for words and open affection. Chics rarely expect to be kissed in public but if you want to seal your fate in the ‘diary of Jane’ then you just have to be a good kisser who has kissed her in front of her and your friends. That way she is quite sure that what you feel is real.

Please do not at all be a kisser without game. All you do is kiss her when it is just the two of you as if at the altar you will tell all the guests to close their eyes. Don’t do the same routine every day. Spice it up, make sure that she is always looking forward to kissing you and not just because you are a great kisser but because she doesn’t know how you will do it or where you will do it. Most of the time chics let guys lead the way so guys please make sure you treat that girl right even she ain’t the one. Kissing is the easiest thing to make romantic so no one can really say he is not creative enough. Like you can make a habit of kissing her every chance you get; it is kinda funny, weird but very cute. You can also have that special place where only two of you can go and it shouldn’t be bedroom or someone’s home but rather it should be a sweet place and there you can talk and kiss like nobody’s business.

But just in case some of you freaks have nothing then let me suggest a couple of things I would do:

  1. Kiss in the middle of the road on a rainy day.
  2. Kiss when you guys are as high as ever.
  3. Kiss her when she is sleeping.
  4. Kiss as you guys move rhythmically to a beat.
  5. Kiss on the ledge of a tall building or the roof.
  6. Kiss her when she thinks you are mad at her.
  7. Kiss her at the middle of a movie when she doesn’t even know what just got into you.
  8. Kiss her in front of her friends when they ask her who you are.
  9. Kiss her when she opens the door for you.
  10. Kiss her when the only thing she is wearing is her undies and her bra.


Then comes the big question, how to kiss? Well first, everybody believes they are great kissers. Why don’t you just ask the last person you kissed if you did great? Nobody likes a boring kisser; person who just puts their mouth out their for their partners to do what they want like they don’t have a role to play. Other people are just pathetic kissers; people who kiss like they are licking an icecream where the saliva is too much and the tongue is everywhere leave alone the fact that they be thinking that the lips are some lollipop. Finally, we have bad kissers; people who have potential to be great kissers but they miss small finesse marks here and there but they can be good kissers. Like any other sexual activity, kissing requires practice, research and perfection for it to be something that is sexual.


French kissing is in no way a bad thing (for those knuckle heads who do not know what French kissing is I would be glad to tell them that it involves long periods of major tongue use incorporated in a normal kiss). I am more of a lip kisser kind a guy with a sneak peak of tongue here and there which has been working for me this far. People should understand, like any sexual activity we must learn to read body language. All kisses should start from a base of slow but not intense lips which later leads to medium deep lip locking then after there we rely on our partners body language. Some girls for one may really enjoy the full packaged lip wrestling deal so for them go full-blown French while some will just enjoy the simplest of lip kissing. If you do something and she likes it then keep doing it but here, more often than not it relies in change of pace and style. This though applies for the one on one times but for the usual kiss then let it be wet but not too wet maybe just moist. It should be deep but only medium deep and it shouldn’t be long just short enough to see whether she likes it or not. Don’t be too over indulging but make sure to do it her way though don’t be afraid to try something and see how it works out for you.


Please remember everybody loves a good tease so don’t be shy to tease her every once in a while or be teased since it is actually a matter of who and the timing. Well that’s all I can say about kissing so go yee to the world and kiss till there be no more to kisseth.


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