I hate soaps. I did like them when I was a kid but when maturity caught up to me I just saw it as something I wouldn’t want to waste my time on because the story line will always be the same. It invokes women with punitive dreams of finding their own William Levies which is quite never gonna happen. I do not even think William Levy himself plays the exact same romantic role he plays in soap operas. Tele-novella as they are popularly known are not by any far interesting cause for one they diminish men to end up looking like some emotional sponges who cry the minute their emotions are over-whelming which I know is not true.

Let us live that jibber jabber alone. My recent love life has been a soap opera that should air soon. I do not know what to call it; maybe ‘My heart beats for Val’ or ‘What life took from me?.’ I really do not know what to call it but if you have suggestions please do write them on the comment box.

Well let me begin from January rather than go from the root of the matter. I had found my own peace in Emily. She was crazy hot, stupid sexy and fine sweet. I was enjoying myself but my dear readers unfortunately our star was not aware of the situation of the fine woman. This fine mama sita was all about wanting to settle down and she was quite hurt that I was loyal, we did crazy shit together but I did not at any time thought of making her my girlfriend officially. I was too comfortable in my comfort zone that I clearly did not see the big picture of what I already had in my grasp and so we split. Not like split, we just drifted though at times I feel too damn attached. This is the point in the soap that the first love of my life dies and that leaves me emotionally broken.

Being the star of the film, I go through months of depression and sorrow as I try to get back into the game and look for someone I can feel comfortable again. These are months but in the soap they will be like years of solitude and being a lone wolf. Definitely as time would tell, in the most awkward and unexpected events I would connect with someone when I least expect it. I actually now met this other hot tigress at a random hangout where she just stood out for me. I just kept staring at her the whole time and it was so unfortunate that I had to go to the country side and didn’t have much time to take her number but she actually did text me. That gave me time to vet her and kinda get to know her and I became fond of this slim girl who had my kind of appetite was quite sentimental and enjoyed everything I liked. We were more or less the same. This is actually part of the Tele-novella where my friends force me to go to a party and I end up connecting with a special girl who doesn’t even know she struck a nerve.

I was actually looking forward to going back to the city because of her. As soon as I was done with my activities, I sped away back home and booked the first ticket to val-ville. I actually liked her name and immediately I heard it I called her Vila just cause I liked it like that. I can’t really remember the details well but I knew I enjoyed my time with her. Waking up at the wee hours of the morning to go and take her down. Giving my homies excuses yet they didn’t know I would rather see her than chill with them. Truth be told she more often than not became the best part of my day. I even gave myself silly excuses of why I couldn’t start playing football for the campus yet while in real sense playing football would have deprived me of Val time which was a crucial part of my week. We had our moments, making memories with the little we could. I was so much enjoying myself with this perfect girl that I built my own bubble that only had her. For the first time in a long time I had someone I could vent to openly and break down walls that had been there. Yes, my dear readers I had found love at a hopeless place.

That is the part of the soap people enjoy when the two stars of the show who should end up together are having the time of their life. Making memories which just have viewers jealous of what they have. I was pretty sure people were jealous of what we had and so I did expect some bends here and there but I really did not expect it to have ended the way it did. Oops! Where are my manners? I am actually breaking the line of program and episodes.

Months down the line an incident occurs where I get drunk and she comes over. We have our own time then she leaves happy. The night passes over and as she comes in the morning she apparently goes with my phone to school and I am quite confident cause I don’t have anything to hide from her cause anyway I had promised to stay truthful to her and so I was confident but under immense pressure glass does break and metal will bend. Something happened that day, I do not know what exactly but the minute we started texting you could feel it. I would ask her what the problem was but she would say nothing. Val then becomes too cold like the kind of cold that would really kill anyone. She didn’t want to talk about it and the most likely of things I would have done in any normal situation was dump her the first chance I had but to be honest I liked this girl too much I couldn’t do it cause I needed her and she knew that. We took time off and I’m thinking that she is mad about the insensitive remarks(I never said these things with intention of hurting her. They were just those words that you completely want to come back into your mouth the minute they leave your lips.), which some were completely legit and she had the right to be mad but some were just being blown out of proportion as if I would just sit down and start diminishing my girlfriend in ways I know are wrong but that’s exactly what happened.

Time passed and the more we talked she just kept getting mad and it was killing me. I would ask her what was wrong and all she could say is , “Why should I tell you even talk to you if you do not know?” As if I am supposed to magically know what would be killing her. I became frustrated until the one night I get to know the reason (I remember this day, I first got super mad then I just laughed at the mediocrity of the fact). I supposedly cheated with a girl she did not like at all. I tried to fix that by telling her the truth (I did not cheat) but the more she had the truth the more she did not like it. The more she got pissed I got frustrated, so time went bye to the point she can’t stand me and when I get to see her and her pain I couldn’t really tell her anything. She hated me to the point I would get fifty people to text her to forgive me and she would call childish, I knew I needed a miracle for her to even believe me (I haven’t had that miracle yet but I see it coming). That ship sailed (her words) but that doesn’t mean I was going to take it lieing down. I needed justice even if I lost someone.

I went ahead to talk to people and then I had the chance to get the full picture. All Val had been told were fabricated lies but one (I told my homie I had slept with a girl just to get him off my back). The one I did accept was my problem but if I ask my Nigga about it he says he wouldn’t have told her cause he doesn’t stand to gain anything from it and he is a loyal friend. He knew I liked her so he swears by worlds ends that he did not at any one point tell her those things. I know Val wouldn’t lie to me so I’m really wondering why he did it. Then comes the other person, a girl to be precise. I am really shocked as to why she would go to say all those things and when I confront her she later denies yet I enjoy her company. I am completely left in a quagmire cause I do not understand why two among the people I thought were awesome friends be the one behind my demise yet they completely know I like my girlfriend.

This is the point of the Tele-novella where the so seemingly perfect relationship hits a rock bottom which is actually the evil plot of someone else. Well my niggah would be the childhood friend who really wants her and so will jump at any opportunity he gets to get her to himself even if it means staining my image(loyal friends are quite difficult to come bye). Only thing is that in this case I really wonder why my Nigga would do it yet he doesn’t want her in the way I think but nothing in this world is impossible so I will live it up to you my dear readers to judge for yourselves. Definitely, like in all those soaps there is always the evil villain woman who wants the macho man all for herself and would do anything to get him. She tells my girlfriend one thing and tells me others. In fact it is quite shocking when I hear stories of what she said and then she texts me to help out in any way she could plus I have made myself clear that I do not want her in any sexual way. I do not get what these people tend to gain by messing it up for me but this is a Tele-novella they always have hidden agendas so I will just sit down and wait.

Currently in the Tele-novella, Val and all our mutual friends plus her closest of friends are convinced that I cheated on a woman that I had really given my all in keeping her happy though I still needed some polishing here and there. I really cannot blame since I haven’t given them any evidence to make them believe me but my word but if I had the chance I would just have my Nigga, Val, the girl and myself in one room and clear it up. I want to sit down and tell her the truth but unfortunately for me I promised her I would leave the matter alone so it’s my patience I am really testing here. To be honest I do not see why I can’t fix all this and I see us getting back there cause it is the easiest thing to do but I have to get her to trust me. She ends up being most hurt here as with time she will start hating me and my only fear is as she heals she will get lost in the world as she gets to meet other better men.

She is on the other side thinking I cheated and covers her pain by bringing up things I really don’t see as things that would keep us apart and I’m here emotionally scorched, hopeful but scorched and I am also mad at her to some extent . For me to have trusted her and for her not to have given me even the slightest benefit of doubt yet she would rather give other people even some trust. I am also mad rather disappointed of how we spoke about truth and communication yet she let that rumor gnaw at her; she could have always told me about it the minute she found out and we could have fixed it then.

In this Tele-novella we are currently at the point where it seems like all hope is lost and we all are looking separate ways yet I keep apologizing for too long (though I don’t know if I can anymore). Maybe the truth will out in good time and we will get back together but maybe there is always the option that she will never find out the truth or she won’t believe it any way. The third option is my scariest; she finds out the truth but decides to leave it the way we are, battered and bruised. I really do not know what to expect next apparently the writer of this show has kept it from me.

If you read this, as childish as it may seem, I did not cheat. You don’t have to come back but the fact that in future you may never speak of me with much pride is quite disheartening. I have left it under God’s hands.

Now we go party from weekend back to weekend with my real friends, every day like a holiday from holiday back to holiday.

Stay tuned for more on my Tele-novella.


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