Communication is commonly known as the art of passing a message by the use of various methods ranging from telephone to fax machines but for me it is the use of words to describe a person’s current state of mind. Communication for me involves having your emotions well known vividly and if not vividly then at least they are known. It doesn’t have to involve telling each other secrets but rather it should be about making a smooth conversation between two people or various things. As I have come this far in my life I would like to make it aware that there are some people who have communication as their stronghold but in simpler terms, communication is not a problem for them. Other people think that communication has to involve talking but not necessarily because there are people who just yap you out of your skin and all they be saying is either non-sense or crap.

It is quite unfortunate when I say that of both genders ladies are quite awesome when it comes to communication but the minute they have problems or become emotionally scorched they end up doing very poor at communication. Communication involves making you known. In fact communication is among the easiest ways for someone to become understood. So many people go on in the world shouting out their lungs that they are never understood but actually that is nobody’s problem if you do not give anybody a chance to understand you. If you look at yourself at the mirror do you see a splitting image of yourself with an automatic manual on your forehead written “Manual on understanding me”. Thus if anyone needs to be understood then please communicate.

Then ladies, what is up with this unfortunate habit of yours where you get mad at someone then when they ask you about it, you go all “If you do not know what you did then why bother telling you”. That is just you being selfish. How the hell do you want anyone who genuinely do not know what they did wrong to know how to fix the situation if you do not tell them. Personally, I get pissed off, though not to alarming proportions, when a chic starts behaving funnily and when you ask them about it they just brush it off then some point in time they just attack you as if you knew anything. Then later when you tell them they are already deep in what they have been told that no matter what you tell them you do not know how they will take it. Please ladies we love you but you got to start talking about your problems when you have them. We might not fix them but at least we will have known.

Communication like any other thing is a gift that was handed to us in the form of thoughts and mouth. Mouth to make thoughts known. Communication, in any relationship whatsoever, be it manager and employee, boyfriend and girlfriend, wife and husband, parent and child and teacher and student, is the only way in which we can solve true problems though at some times violence proves to be an answer. Men on the other hand have and will always be poor communicators maybe because of their egos. Sometimes there will be people like me who are awesome at communication but even us belong to the loophole cause there are some situations we do not talk. Men’s ego turn them into emotional rocks possibly because they feel like if they talk they will be viewed as weak people and other myths.

Truth is, communication turns us into awesome people cause for one you will be able to understand something and work your way through or around it. I know at time it is very difficult to talk but just find someone you can vent to or someone you enjoy talking to and just like that make the first sentence your starter. Maybe some things are yours for keeps but when people ask you that question, “What’s up?” I think it would be awesome if you tell them and how it goes from there is up to you but this doesn’t in anyway make you viable to telling everybody. Just tell someone you are comfortable with but be sure that there are repercussions though like betrayal and everything else that usually makes humanity bad. The repercussions will always be there no matter what happens, just choose people who might have less carnage in their friend list. In order for us to make this world a better place we need to eradicate poverty, hunger and negligence but most of all we must make communication a part of our constitution no matter how much you feel like the introvert.

Communication is as easy as 1 2 3.


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